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  1. Shots from the weekend and the new tach.
  2. 71GS

    Shout out!!

    Couldn’t agree more. Mine work great too. Quality and fast turnaround 👍
  3. Thats awesome David 👍
  4. Hey Dave, personally i’d have your original core recored by an old school local radiator shop. Would be better than anything you could buy new and would fit correctly in my opinion. I’ve worked on a lot of cars too, and I agree, definitely the most difficult car I’ve torn into. I had the entire interior out of mine over the winter, I have no idea how they assembled these on the line. Totally worth it though. Great cars. There is a great article on the ROA website about heatercore replacement from inside and outside the firewall. Check it out and join if you haven’t already.
  5. Stock wire caps with 2” dropped springs. I also want a couple sets to change things up from time to time.
  6. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Welcome
  7. Hey Ed, yeah I bought the one tom t had. I will send my original to Dewey at some point. I was just trying to get it back on the road ASAP. Should have it back together this weekend. Thanks.
  8. Great looking car, congrats and welcome.
  9. Thanks Jim, that’s the one I asked about in the second post up top. Performance online, Installation is straight forward enough, how do you like it? Work well?
  10. The initial question was where to find a replacement booster. My existing booster is bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. A little bit.....turquoise mist though 😎
  12. *****CAR SOLD TODAY. ***** SOLD IN ONE DAY, WOW My friend Bob Slusser is assisting his friend with the sale of his 70. See many additional images and info on his post on the cars for sale thread at v8buick.com. Copy and paste photos link https://www.flickr.com/photos/17586947@N08/albums/72157715294712098Exterior: This car was recently disassembled and professionally refinished in 2014 by Hausfeld Classics LLC in Springboro Ohio. Restoration took over two years and 1,000 hours labor to complete. The paint and bodywork are exceptional using PPG BC/CC BLACK. The trim
  13. Well, FYI. the rockauto “quality built B1339” doesn’t even fit the car. The spread on the mount studs is 1/4 too wide to go thru the firewall. Nice 👍 oh and the MC studs were kinda wonky too. One was bent upward and one downward. Real “quality” product. Lol Junk is boxed up and ready to go back. 🤬 Tom T, I sent ya a dm about the one you have. Brian
  14. I agree but they were 6 weeks out, summers going fast. Rock auto was the only place that I could actually find one available ( thanks to Jim) I'm definitely keeping my original to send to Dewey sometime
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