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  1. I also think the center of the road wheel will interfere with the cap. It sticks out pretty far.
  2. DShoes, I believe what you are asking is if the wire caps will go on your road wheels. I do not think that will work. What you need is a set of the plain steel wheels that any of the hub caps were used on. In other words , you need a set of steel wheels and the wire caps you prefer. Not sure on a price. Hope this helps clarify.
  3. That’s a great illustration of it. Thanks Ed👍
  4. Should be a K X coded block with matching serial #. On the front rail in front of the valley pan.
  5. Picked up a cracked “wood” wheel & had it turned into this. I’d like to think Bill Mitchell would approve 😎
  6. I absolutely love you car. I’ve been thinking about turbines since I saw that pic on Instagram. Hope ‘21 will be better for you and everyone 👍 Brian
  7. Ed. 🤣 they were nice with rechromed spinners. He’s a great guy. Helped me with a couple things I needed.
  8. Looking great Ken! That’s going to be a beautiful car. Ed, I was at Steve Lorenzen’s a couple weeks ago, he’s got a set of those GS hub caps on the wall in his basement. Not sure if they’re for sale but you might ask if your interested. Brian.
  9. I believe that is correct
  10. 64rivvy, I just did these in my 65 last winter. I’m positive mine were like your first pic. Also positive they were original. To make it a little easier, I used a black felt with an adhesive backing. Works great, my vent “balls” had no grooves that I remember. Not sure what Ed means unless the earlier ones are different than the 65. Good luck, it’s nice when they aren’t loose anymore 👍 Brian
  11. The OPG mats are from Cars. I have a set and cars is molded in the bottom. They are well made, nice and heavy. I heard the ones from legendary were for the A body/skylark, and somewhat smaller. My .02
  12. Glad to be done with these,but happy with the results.
  13. Winter rocker molding restoration project. Cool to see the original color under the black. Strip, straighten, sand, polish, prime paint..
  14. Oh , there she is...😎Chris, is that pic from Columbus when I first got it? 2010? Thanks for taking good care of it👍 Brian
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