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  1. Winter rocker molding restoration project. Cool to see the original color under the black. Strip, straighten, sand, polish, prime paint..
  2. Oh , there she is...😎Chris, is that pic from Columbus when I first got it? 2010? Thanks for taking good care of it👍 Brian
  3. 937 south west Ohio
  4. Those go to your door jamb switch. The switch’s notoriously go bad. Someone probably disconnected them. Look up Wolfgang if you need the switches rebuilt.
  5. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload a video with the audio ✨🎄✨
  6. Charley, saw your car at the MCACN in ‘18. It’s incredible, congrats on the 10k, keep rolling 👍
  7. I’ve used evapo rust, and agree. It’s a great product 👍
  8. I have to say I love having one in my 65. I use it all the time, and keeps you from messing with the pricey, fragile, rare trunk lock cover emblem. As Gene stated above, there is a vacuum canister mounted low on the right side of the firewall.
  9. Ed, I had a 64 with reverb ad it was exactly as the picture you posted also. From everything I’ve found, the center switch/ space under the dash was for the rear defroster and read accessory
  10. Beautiful night tonight. Stopped by Hawthorn Hill for a photo. This was Orville Wright’s home from 1914 until his death in 1948. Oakwood (Dayton) Ohio.
  11. Thanks, Yes, accessory from Buick. They are pretty neat.
  12. We’ve got 2000 this year. We did 600 one week in September, so fun. Odometer rolled past 50k that week. Got to drive em! The previous owner put 6k on it from 1981-2019 😳
  13. Service manual will be your best friend here. There are some good diagrams in there.
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