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  1. Is there a stopcock on the bottom of the tank? If there is, use it. Often. I was once 5’ away from a 20 gallon tank that exploded from internal rust. Damaged almost everything in the vicinity except me. I doubt I’d be that lucky again.
  2. Once you get that high blower problem fixed, you could run an auxiliary AC vent down through the floor to pump cold air through those tubes.
  3. New condenser, new hoses, new drier... At some point, the prudent decision is to fix the original R12 system. Change doesn't always equal improvement.
  4. IIRC, that violates the terms of the PayPal user agreement. eBay is phasing out PayPal as the primary payment method. They have already announced (and some sellers have adopted) a new selling program which doesn't currently offer PayPal as a payment choice.
  5. You're overthinking this. Just remove the nut and pull the drum. One might suspect that the drum is riveted to the hub because aluminum is soft. There's always some slop when fitting a drum over studs, and the holes would egg out. Drums and hubs are replaced as an assembly. Only front drums are AL. If you're new to this car (and it sounds like you are), you should probably take this opportunity to do a comprehensive R&R of the braking system. At a minimum: turn the drums (only if necessary, and removing as little material as possible), replace the hoses, inspect and repair/replace the wheel cylinders, flush and bleed the system. If you're really ambitious, you can upgrade the master to a dual cylinder.
  6. Can't answer that specific question, but I can tell you that it won't haul a 63 Buick. Nor will their dollies fit (in case you were thinking about towing it that way).
  7. How are you going to put the rivets back in without pulling the hub? How are you going to put the rivets back in at all? You don't need to remove seals and bearings to check the brakes. That's only if you're having them turned (or replacing the bearings). Otherwise, it's dust cap, cotter pin, nut, then pull the drum.
  8. Get the biggest one you can. When you’re sliding the new radiator in, put a piece of cardboard in front of the fan. But I have to ask: how does a radiator wear out? Is it plugged or leaking?
  9. It’s not. It can be under certain circumstances (e.g. if the intent is to encourage harassment or provoke violence), but posting that Gomez Adams lives at 1313 Mockingbird Lane isn’t going to land you in the clink. Think about it: this forum would be full of criminals for making posts like “Bob Jones can rebuild your speedo. He works out of his house in Walla Walla. You can call him at (666) 555-1212.”
  10. Concur. IMHO, 39 is a big step back from 38, and Buick didn't get their groove back until the mid-50s. Design seems to work like that, though; it comes in waves. It's just that not everyone agrees on when the peaks and troughs are.
  11. Depends on what's wrong with it. If it's bearings or seals, it's cheap enough to DIY.
  12. I had a 70 Olds Delta 88 with a 455. Best engine I've ever had in a car. I used to haul trailers all over the country with that thing. It was nothing to go through the Appalachians with cruise set on 70 and not slow down.