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  1. KongaMan

    Repro dash advice '64

    I don't know that was a section on the dash. However, there was a section on stretching and gluing vinyl over a complex curved surface (the wheel wells). I figure that the technique and material used there may well be applicable in other areas. I also figure that a couple of yards of vinyl is a whole lot less than what JustDashes charges -- and you learn something and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, to boot.
  2. KongaMan


    Chicks + tats = shrinkage.
  3. KongaMan

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Compared to a tranny rebuild, wouldn't you consider this to be good news? And I don't know (and it's none of my business), but I would hope that the discount you got on the purchase for the presumptive blown transmission will more than cover this repair. For a low budget fix, try a couple of wraps of Teflon tape around the splines and shove it back together.
  4. KongaMan

    Repro dash advice '64

    There's a thread elsewhere on this site wherein a fellow applies vinyl over the curved wheel wells of a 58 Caballero. Perhaps those posts might be instructive for those who wish to recover a dash.
  5. KongaMan

    Repro dash advice '64

    Armor-all is just brutal on so many levels. The gloss is only one.
  6. KongaMan

    Repro dash advice '64

    The best solution is to buy a car that doesn't need all this work. It will be cheaper in the long run and more valuable from the jump.
  7. In a perverse way, you dissuaded me from buying one then. Ya see, you posted the picture of the crate yours came in, and it was "Where the hell am I going to put that until I get a chance to install the windshield?"
  8. KongaMan

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Sounds like a good idea. At the least, you’ll know if there are any chunks in there.
  9. KongaMan

    Something old found in the desert...

    No idea what's fair or what I'd use it for -- but I'd buy it if it were cheap enough.
  10. KongaMan

    Are you a BCA member?

    Sounds to me like you both enjoy it. As an alternative, consider the guy who sends in his dues every year but never reads the Bugle.
  11. KongaMan

    BOD Candidates

    In this case, they left the trails open for equestrian use, so it clearly wasn't a question of trail preservation. Moreover, significant trail maintenance was performed by the same bikers they summarily excluded, even though -- your misconceptions notwithstanding -- it was not their activities which necessitated the work. No, this was catering to the equestrian lobby to have essentially private trails for their use. And that's the relevant lesson here: it was the job of the board to serve the many rather than the few, and they got it exactly backwards.
  12. KongaMan

    BOD Candidates

    The point is that any representative democracy (club, government, etc.) is at risk of having those selected to represent the entirety of the club/public/whatever deciding that they are no longer beholden to the whole of those whom they represent, but rather to a select few.
  13. KongaMan

    BOD Candidates

    We had a similar situation here with a local parks board. They were debating closing some trails to mountain bikes. The announcement of their decision went something like this: "Although over 90% of the feedback we received from the public was opposed to closing these trails, we are proceeding with the closures in order to preserve our vision for the parks."
  14. Makes sense. The traditional market (i.e. old white guys) is becoming actuarially ominous, and they are either getting their affairs in order or their heirs/estates are disposing of unwanted goods. IOW, a potential buyer has a greater selection from which to choose, which means more downward pressure on the price.
  15. This really is a screaming deal for what is generally acknowledged as being a superior product. When I priced the same windshield (Pilkington DW629) from ProSource, it was $400 ($250 for the glass, $150 for freight). This will set you back less than $120 delivered. Be sure to add something cheap to your cart (e.g. a PCV valve) so the total >= $99. That will get you free shipping, which saves you $20 over the cost of buying just the windshield.