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  1. Can anyone use this? Make me any offer. Would rather not throw it out. Will ship anywhere via the mail.
  2. @Spinneyhillis Graham? And sick with cancer? This is terrible news. Spinney shares a wealth of knowledge here. Especially noted by the old Mopar enthusiasts. So much great advice given and knowledge shared. I suspect Spinney has paid his dues over a lifetime of wrenching on cars. The Mopar community here will be offering thoughts and prayers for Spinney and his/family. I am deeply saddened by this news as I have benefited greatly by his/her posts here.
  3. I cannot think of one new vehicle that I’d like to own. My truck situation: In 2018 I sold my 2009 Ram, that I bought new, and went backwards 11 years. I bought a 1998 Ram 2500 cummins. My wife gets a new car when i deem its needed. I stick with Hondas for her. Pretty good reputation for being dang reliable for many many miles. However...The entertainment system also controls the HVAC. All a large digital touch screen. That car will be going as soon as that system starts acting up. Its a 2017 year. The screen/computer system whatever the heck it is, was replaced under warranty once already in 2018. I don’t have a real good feeling about it. The cars I really enjoy? My “go-cart simple” old vintage cars. 1938 simplicity cranks me up! I don’t even check out or look at any new vehicles. Absolutely zero interest. Plastic crap.
  4. Thanks for your replies folks. The tranny came out as it had excessive counter shaft thrust washer wear. Symptoms were howling in 1st and 2nd gear. I rebuilt the tranny. The throwout bearing was also worn and is being replaced. From my perspective I am of the mindset that this is a hobby. I am reviewing an old tired mostly stock condition car. It will be a summer cruiser once in a while. Currently I am going over all the mechanical parts of the car. Making it safe and reliable. I enjoy wrenching on it as much as driving it. The clutch disc will be replaced. The pressure plate, maybe at another time. The car might see 300 miles in a year. Maybe. The tranny came out easily in about an hour. I am not concerned about removing it again in the the future if i need to get back into the clutch. I’m wrenching and trying to watch my costs. As you know it’s easy to throw $20K into a 4dr sedan. I’m trying to build a fun driver, rarely seen on the roads today. Without tossing to much money into the wind.
  5. Did they still have wood, covered roofs in ‘36?
  6. Hard to see all these good parts melted down. Hopefully someone will buy it to support their current car. In a recent example I bought a smaller sized lot of Moar parts for about $100. So far it’s saved me about $250 from buying new parts I needed. I’ve only used 3 things! Plenty more potential savings ahead.
  7. Mopar 9 ¼” , 10 spline clutch disc used on L6 engines with manual 3 speed from at least ‘37 to ‘55. Does anyone know what the wear specs are on the friction material thicknesses? Measuring both sides, as installed on a disc, I mic’d up 0.2907”. Wondering if there is a way to tell approx % worn? Or minimum spec? Thx.
  8. Yes! In a parts lot I bought in Oct I found a good looking clutch assembly. I’d like to clean up and use the disc. All springs are sound. Facing material on the removed disc that was in my Plymouth (and seemed to function fine) measured .2896”. Spare found disc measures 0.2907. A difference of 0.0011”. I have not been able to find a wear spec for these clutch discs. Anyone know? Thx.
  9. I completed the survey. I didn’t see much that would expose any privacy. Car prices stabilizing and in many cases falling? Seems to be so in many examples. What I’m seeing is great deals on earlier restored cars, compared to restoring one yourself. When someone sells a restored car, most often they are not trying to make a living at it. When a local car guy sells his restored car privately, often good deals are out there. NOS or reproduction parts for old cars to fix up and restore yourself? Prices just keep jacking up year after year. These parts sellers are most often making a living at it. So as their cost of living goes up, parts prices too goes up. It always has been this way, always will. It seems so easy to spend $25K restoring an old car. Then have to sell it in 10 years for $10K. I see deals just like this every day. Maybe it’s the guy too old to get under his baby any more. The cool old guy neighbor, selling his home to down size. The guy that is splitting up with his wife. These poor guys selling their cars are not trying to make a living at it. Maybe they restored and got to enjoy their cars and drive them for years. It makes sense to buy one of these run-of-the-mill mass-produced, restored vintage cars. Restoring an old mass produced car from scratch? Ya gotta love the hobby! You may very likely be a gear head. Someone who truly loves grease under their fingernails and in their hair. That’s me. I pour hours and hours into my 1938 4dr sedan. Hardly desirable. Yet I’m happy as a peach.
  10. I owned a 1968 Beetle back in about 1990. I was broke and in trade school. It was in a poor state of repair however it just kept going. It got me back and forth to school everyday. About a 1 hour commute each way. At times I wished I had I kept it. It would have been a fun restoration over the years. But, marriage young family and bills take priority. Today I re-entered the old car hobby with a couple of old Mopars. I am happy and proud to drive them. The Beetle is iconic, however for some reason I don’t get real excited about driving one. Pretty bland but certainly a reliable, proven, people mover car.
  11. 2 large bolts & 2 hoses. Power thru a switch. Some ducting if wanted. Thant’s about it.
  12. My 38 Plymouth (Canadian build) heater is seen here.
  13. @neil morseI am pleased you are following along and checking in. It makes it more fun to know there are a few folks reading along. This week the hunt is on for a 9 ¼” clutch disc. Mine has 2 broken springs. The flywheel and pressure plate appear quite good. Strong tension. No hot spots. So the old girl gets a new throw out bearing and a new disc only. Married up with my rebuilt tranny, she’ll be great! Be a while likely before a clutch disc arrives. In the mean time I’ll install new motor mounts. After reassembly and test drive, the next project I’d like to tackle? The diff! I’ve never rebuilt a diff either. Seems to me there’s no better car to learn on than this simple ‘38 Plymouth. Might as well get it done. I will enjoy the confidence on future driving trips. Having gone thru everything, I’ll be headed on longer trips without a care. My bench today as seen here:
  14. Great work @LarryA. Doing it right is the best way. Enjoy driving that car.