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  1. Siamese pairing. Coolant does not flow between all adjacent cylinders. Font of block, and rear of block allow for coolant to cross flow form left side of block to right. Also between cyls 2&3 and 4&5. However between cylinders 1&2, 3&4, and 5&6, that is not so. Coolant does not cross flow. Those cylinders are closer together. So off set con-rods are necessary. See pic and look at the different spacing between cylinder pairs. My understanding is this siamese design also leads to some hotter spots in the engine. Some valves may run hotter than others. I suspect this is why
  2. Thanks for all the info folks. Good to know. I'm not sure what I want yet. I am pretty sure it'll be a Mopar product. At this point I am learning more about the mechanical updates and when they were introduced.
  3. I am contemplating another old car purchase. My oldest car currently is a 1938 Plymouth. I am interested in going back further. I think I like to be able to comfortably drive at 35-40 mph and feel stable. Max 40 mph is good enough for around here, town cruising. Yet I don’t want it to feel like its strung-out zinging along, laboring at 40. For reference my 1938 is quite comfortable at 50. What year would virtually all Mopar cars have centrifugal spark advance? About what era was vacuum advance pretty much a basic standard on all Mopar cars? I h
  4. Computers and smart phones have altered my attention span. My brain has been programmed to constantly seek fresh new information to read. I scan web sites like this one probably too often. I am always seeking new, interesting information connected to the old car hobby. Printed magazines attract me but fail to keep me engaged. I lose interest and head back the internet. So much information on the net. Within 30 seconds of reading printed material I start to wander. Looking for something else to read. I know I’m not alone....
  5. Born in 1971, I sometimes feel I missed some of the earlier, legacy eras. Not much I can do about that. Lol. With reference to automobiles my earliest memories would be mid-70's. My parents cars. I remember going to a car lot to pick up a slightly used large blue 4 door Pontiac. It was a massive boat with tons of room in the back seat for my brother and I. I remember it seemed to float down the roads with power steering and brakes. Probably a Parisienne. Before the Pontiac Dad had a '74-5 Dart with a 318. I know I travelled in it but have no actual memory of it. Fast forwar
  6. @Rlasker3 Great score there. Nice little car. Simple, easy little car to work on. Someone had money to burn. They ordered a radio, and the clock! I'm happy to help with questions or any advise wanted. I own a 38 and a 53, both Mopars. There is plenty of help here on this forum. Many experienced members who helped me along as well when I was new to old Mopars. Keith
  7. Block and parts sent to the machine shop about 2 weeks ago. Waiting...In the mean time I continue to tinker away at more projects. A little update here:
  8. Really cool project. Great work. A great display of dedication and determination. Thanks for sharing it here. A great piece of history, preserved.
  9. Are you restoring your Ply? Or building a decent driver? I had a friend build me a glove box knob. He turned down some stainless steel and made a nice knob for my average driver, 38 Ply. Could share a pic if wanted, for ideas.
  10. Click, click no start?....I enjoy the simple hydrometer test before I begin any further electrical troubleshooting. https://deepcyclebatterystore.com/use-battery-hydrometer/
  11. I use Spotify on my smart phone. I set up my own set lists. A simple bluetooth amp connected to my cell phone. 50W per side stereo cranks out whatever I like. Simple. Easy. Effective. I go back to the 50's and up to the most modern music that I like. From Patsy Cline to Death Punch. I can mix up whatever I want to hear. It's fantastic. I like rock and some country. Mosty older outlaw Waylon period country. J Cash. Beach Boys. Van Halen. Even Glen Miller sometimes, when I am "In The Mood". Sure melts away any stress after a week of earning a living. Crazy how small and simple a system can be.
  12. Yes this weekend the weather has been fine. Sunny and mild. Spring has arrived. I took my ‘53 Chrysler out and about today running errands. I think felt a little change in my attitude yesterday. I drive my old cars at any opportunity. They aren’t show cars. They are mainly my regular drivers. I do avoid foul weather and they are parked in my garage. I have completely lost any interest in modern cars. Ugly. Boring. Plastic. Computers on wheels. A great day includes dwell meter and a vacuum gauge followed by a drive.
  13. Hey Ian, thanks for an update on the brake adjustment tool. Glad it worked out. I shipped the tool to you last May. It's from Canada! Lol. Good work on the restoration. Cheers Mate.
  14. Drilling and tapping the hole for my bourdon tube temperature gauge.
  15. I own a 1953 265 ci 6 cylinder Windsor Deluxe. Fluid torque drive with M6 semi-auto tranny. I have not towed a trailer with it, I'm sure it would, but it won't perform very well. I'd wager any hills would really slow you down. I agree a V8 would be better fow towing. I am rebuilding a different 1953 flat 6 Mopar engine now. I wouldn't call it a cheap rebuild. Parts and machining, if I do all the tear down rebuild labor it looks like it may cost me about $3800 -$4,000 or so, US funds. Not including addressing the generator, water pump, carb, starter. I am not done yet. I will keep a tally.
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