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  1. Hi George. Thanks for the note. Can you email a photo or two, please? Is the wheel a solid disc or does it have cutouts in it? That will determine the year. Thanks! Tom
  2. Hello firetruckdoc! And any others with Willys parts - STILL searching for any parts, whatsoever! Send a PM or please email me??? Thank you.
  3. Looking to purchase ANY '35-'36 or early 1937 Willys Pickup Truck or Panel Delivery "specific" sheet metal!!!!!! Body parts from the "rear" of the Passenger Cab and back. Also want Fenders; Hood Side Panels, Grille Panel and Panel between the front frame horns. Leads appreciated. Thank you very much for your help in locating any of these parts.
  4. Hi Dwight: Could you email me a list of the parts you have for sale with Prices, Photos? & Condition? Thanks! Tom
  5. Now that you've ordered those two modeling books - you can do a "Roger" on that 1934 Chevy Master!!! Scratch build it - bigger is better & easier, isn't it???
  6. Hi Pat - should have asked earlier - being that you found a 1933 Coupe rear Garnish Molding; was there any other Window Moldings or other parts available? I need the little round covers for the '33 Moldings & any other wood brackets & braces etc. that I can find. Thanks again - keep up the stellar work! (when does the 1/12 scale model '34 Master Coupe work start?).
  7. When I locate the proper 1934 Master Coupe Rear Window Molding - we'll have to engineer a swap there, Pat!!!!
  8. Roger - why I posted that Pat didn't need any "book" to build a model of his '34 Chevy Master - was simply the _______ restoration job that he performed on his car!!! Look at the readership on your thread here & the rest of the "Restoration Forum" alone! The amount of "learning" we have all done - just by reading these posts alone - is indescribable!!! I read the occasional "model" magazine myself & always pick up some info no matter what it is that I read. Absolutely, all can benefit from reading - why it's a core subject in school!! So my comment was "tongue in cheek" or something? F
  9. Your talent, perseverance, ability & dedication continue to astound, amaze & leave my vocabulary somewhat lacking necessary words to tell you how _________ you're progressing with this project, Roger!!!
  10. I replied to this ad - duh! Tend to not check dates. Other "guests" have placed ads for _______ & hubcaps, for example. One guy had photos of a beautiful Hubcap collection, sold off a few to an AACA member or two & hasn't been heard from again! Said he was having computer, telephone & other issues but would be in touch. Ya, right. I'm still looking for the Willys 77 (& International Metro) Hubcaps - guess I don't have to get too excited when I see the next post with those collection photos ..........................................
  11. Could you mount the fire extinguisher on the passenger side kick panel, Pat? Maybe using the Velcro system, as well.
  12. Nice touch to finish off the Chevy Pat! You could use a temporary mount in the cabin - possibly for when you're driving the car? Accessibility? Here's hoping you never have to use it - but knowing it's there will provide peace of mind, I'm sure. Enjoy the "Master Craftsmanship"!
  13. Such a unit would be available "commercially" so you could check out a probuilt & supplied unit for some ideas? Whether locally, via brochures or the Internet, I'd think.
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