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  1. You mentioned it acted up from one season, or time of year, from another. Might I suggest it could be a fuel problem? In our climate in Texas, the gasoline formula changes seasonally. Sometimes in the carb days of yore engines would vapor lock in spring because the fuel blended for the cooler weather (more violitile- lower vapor pressure point) would boil off in the lines and or the carb bowl because of the higher temperatures at that time of year. Good luck with your problem.
  2. Indeed. Deserves at the least a mention at the annual Darwin Awards banquet.
  3. This is a common problem with these abs systems. Find a competent shop with a scan tool that can sequence (exercise) the abs system. This is necessary to eleminate all the air. I bought a suburban, well maintained and cared for, the neighbor I got it from said it has always had a low pedal. They tell me thats normal on these trucks. After getting the system bled with a scanner it was better- not as soft but still kinda low pedal. Harking back to oldentimes I put a good tight shoe adjustment on the rear drums and that improved the pedal height a bunch. It wasnt a high firm pedal but it was a pretty high firm pedal. Something I could live with, so to speak.
  4. Very nice. By the way that appears to be a very rare Tiffany ashtray. Quite valuable. But I suppose you could say its now full of potential.
  5. A digital brake controller. Either OFF or ON.
  6. Good for you! And the beat goes on?
  7. Is that a gm part number ? duhhh read the comments! Sorry......but my unconscience mind is sorting it now......
  8. Wher is Gus and the model garage hen we need him?
  9. Greetings. May I suggest a youtube channel which might give you a place to check. This person is a former ford dealership tech who has set up his own repair shop. He seems to be well versed in fords especially some of the quirks of modern models. You might search his channel for a solution. The channel is " fordtechmakuloco" . Or possibly search youtube globally for coolant leak( insert your engine here). Good luck and happy motoring!
  10. Ahhh.... it should buff out. This one cleaned up nicely.
  11. Seen pickup truck sill plates similar to these........
  12. Try this.