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  1. 1973 in high school. My first car was a 66 GT Fastback 289 4bbl with a 3 speed. Wish I had the car now. Paid $500 at the time. Sold it about a year later and the kid wrapped it around a pole. Yeah - a lot of great mustangs around at the time. Daily driver Shelby's and California Specials.
  2. Thanks!! What you describe is what the swaps around here have become. I go because you may run into that random old part mixed in with the rest. I don’t think blowing off a day of work and driving 5 hrs round trip is worth it.
  3. I appreciate the feedback from everyone. I was hoping to be able to attend a Swap Meet (going into withdrawal) but I don't need another Flea Market. Many of the CT swaps have turned into those too. Jay
  4. That’s my concern. I’m in CT and don’t want to waste the time if it’s just what you describe.
  5. I'm considering going to Englishtown next week. Never been so I was wondering if it's worth the trip for anyone looking for 30's vintage stuff. Or is it just a big Flea Market with little in the way of parts? Thanks
  6. Why does a trailer suggest it doesn’t run? Running cars get moved around on trailers all the time.
  7. Here's the info from the DB Club site. Thanks for the info hwellens!!!
  8. That's great info. Thanks!!!! What's interesting is the length is the same for all 24 - 27 body styles. The difference is the number of leaves and the Free Arch. That would imply that I could get mine arched to spec or am I over simplifying things?
  9. I've seen Eaton makes them but their website show 1910 then jumps to 1928 when you try to query what they make. If nothing shows up here I may pursue that further. Thanks
  10. I'm looking for a pair of rear leaf springs for a 25 Dodge Brothers roadster. These are 6 leaves with a tenth of 55 inches. I think they are unique to the roadster and coupe. If you have the long leaf that attaches to the shackles and it's 55" I'd be willing to buy just those. My roadster sits too high with whatever springs are currently under it. The main leaf is shorter and it has 7 leaves. Thanks for any help. Jay
  11. Here's a pic I pulled off the internet. It shows the jack and handle for a 35 Buick. I'm not saying this is correct but based on the handle clips it may be.
  12. It’s white faced. The one in the pics.
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