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  1. Is the tank full of crud? If so maybe the cork float is buried in it. Otherwise the entire mechanism should lift out.
  2. The reason I thought they were BB is I got them when I purchased a AA some years back. There was this set and another set of Dually fenders. The duallys had factory stenciling inside stating 33/34 Ford and the wheelbase. They were roughly the same size as these singles. If anyone can help identify what they fit I'd appreciate it.
  3. You can slide it in on a slight angle but will need to straighten it out as much as possible to get it to slide in place. There is almost no clearance to drop down behind the crossmember. It's tight. The front tube will slide in and there is a plate that hold it in place. Hopefully you have it. There's about an in to inch and a half between the front of the engine and the front vertical of the crossmember. The pics are dark but I hope they help.
  4. They say it shouldn't be done that way but I installed mine from the front just as you describe. Be careful that it is lined up straight and the pilot shaft will not bind the bearing. I assume the radiator is off as there rally isn't a lot of wiggle room. Good luck.
  5. I buy a lot from Tom and Cindy. Didn't think to ask them.
  6. Thanks for the response. I do have one which is rusted and seized. If I have to I can soak it and free it up. Maybe you can verify which side this is for. I'm thinking drivers side as the bracket would need to fold backwards. Making the other side is an option but I don't have equipment to make the bends on such thick steel. Hopefully someone has something laying around. The roadster and coupe both had trunks so these aren't unique to roadster only.
  7. Anyone have the arms or maybe an old rusty beat up trunk lid with the arms still attached?
  8. According to the Buick Master Parts list there is Flywheel Ring listed. Part # 154698 which fits 1929 6 cal, 1930 series 40,50,60 and 1931 series 60,80,90 Oh - and the list price on that is $3.75.
  9. I'm looking for a set (or singles) of 1924 and 1925 Dodge Brothers trunk support arms. These are riveted to the trunk and body and keep the trunk up when opened. Anyone with some lying around or attached to that rusted out trunk I'd be interested. Thanks Jay
  10. The flash makes it look brighter than it is.
  11. I cheated and sprayed it with a color that looks like galvanized.