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  1. I’m just a little curious about the door Alignment. Both doors are open in all pics and it seems like there may be some top to bottom fitment issues. Could just be the pics but doesn’t look right to me.
  2. Front fender mounted signal lights and dual tail lights isn't original for 31.
  3. This might help. I found this out on Facebook Marketplace. It looks to me like the saddles are angled straight out f the mounting holes. The saddles must be built large enough to allow the bows to sit in them at an angle. You be the judge.
  4. No offense but I think your cap is a creation by some individual. The 90 series for 31 and 32 had the radiator cap with the 8. I believe the flying lady for Buick came out in 33 as an optional radiator cap but didn't have the 8. Yours looks like someone cut off the tail on an 8 cap and added the flying lady.
  5. Looks like my DB expert wasn't. Anyway they should work for me.
  6. Here's a set that I picked up in Hershey a few years back. They were tagged as DB Roadster and the guy I bought them from verified that. I don't know what kind of expert he was but these are going on my 25 Roadster. They are marked 498. Jay
  7. This might help. It's an original filter.
  8. I believe you had the choice of the 2 engines. 292 or 312.
  9. Get them excited early. This is my grand daughter's favorite car in the whole world. 😀
  10. There's a chrome trim piece along the bottom edge.
  11. The one on the left is off my 25 roadster. The one on the right is off a 27 business sedan. Look to be identical. Jay
  12. Is that a 34 or 35. I thought 35 was the first year for downdraft carb on the 40 series.
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