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  1. I’m interested in the crank hole cover for my 96 coupe. Can you message me ? Thanks. Jay
  2. I agree with the clean clean clean. I meant to mention that. It's extremely important. Bare metal cleaned with wax/grease remover.
  3. I'm not a welder so I'm not the right person to tell you what you're doing wrong. I have had good luck with my MIG using these settings. And my gas is regulated to 30 CFH. It works for me. Good luck Jay
  4. .40" sounds pretty wide. I basically had the width of a thin Dremel cutoff wheel which is probably 1/16". The voltage and feed need to be set properly. I practiced with some sheet metal strips until I was happy with the welds. Looking at your clamps did you mean .04" they look pretty thin.
  5. I used 20 gauge to repair my 25 roadster and it was much easier to work with than the 18 gauge. It butt welded to the existing nicely using a gas MIG setup.
  6. The Crosley “dashboard” radio is a good score. $250 - $400 range.
  7. Here are some pics of my 31 model 96 for comparison.
  8. The hubcap looks 30 or 31. I believe 32 had a double bar on the left side of the "B". They match my 31 model 96 and as stated earlier they are 19". I'm guessing that the axles are 30 and 31 large series (60, 80, 90).
  9. What size tires are on them. Smaller series had 18” while the larger series had 19”.
  10. Here's a labor of love. We have 1932 roadster Buick with stock straight 8 motor this car needs total restoration the engine turns over and look like it should run the doors are missing the vin shows this car to be rare as the Buick club guys say apparently they made 450 cars and only 5/6 are on Buick registry and this car is the 450 th car made so it is the last Buick roadster made this car is a 1932 Buick model 66c look up info on this b4 u contact will try to get more pictures have a lot of spare parts 973 in 919 New Jersey 37 61 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/635621634062042?ref=saved&referral_code=null
  11. I had a set done by Stutzman a few years back. Excellent work and reasonable price.
  12. Jeff - My sentiments exactly. I agree 100% with comment #1 and I too am a garage warrior. I thought that was what this hobby is all about. Jay
  13. Agreed. There were about 1500 Model 91's built in 1934 and they are recognized as full classics by CCCA. The sedans you are most likely seeing are the 40 and 50 series models.
  14. 1973 in high school. My first car was a 66 GT Fastback 289 4bbl with a 3 speed. Wish I had the car now. Paid $500 at the time. Sold it about a year later and the kid wrapped it around a pole. Yeah - a lot of great mustangs around at the time. Daily driver Shelby's and California Specials.
  15. Thanks!! What you describe is what the swaps around here have become. I go because you may run into that random old part mixed in with the rest. I don’t think blowing off a day of work and driving 5 hrs round trip is worth it.
  16. I appreciate the feedback from everyone. I was hoping to be able to attend a Swap Meet (going into withdrawal) but I don't need another Flea Market. Many of the CT swaps have turned into those too. Jay
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