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  1. Yes. That place has been hit up and personally visited a few times over the years. I've also tried Fat Fender Relics, and they didn't have anything either. You are correct. it has rolled under edges for the clips. I like the idea of forming from a strip that has the right curve for the body, that's probably the best way to approach this.
  2. This is a formed stainless strip moulding. Making it out of chromed solid brass would probably be the "easiest" but the shine would differ between it and the door trim that it continues from. And making all new trim out of solid stock would probably be crazy expensive. I have considered the bead roller forming method. It would have to be a multi step process to get the right triple peaked profile. The trim is only about 5/8" wide. Getting the proper gentle curve and twist along the rear body line would be challenging. I might try the welding multiple straight sections t
  3. I am missing one length of stainless trim for my 1938 Chrysler convertible (rear body side) and this trim is one year only, and specific to coupes and convertibles. Not having had any luck in finding a replacement after years of searching, I am now wondering if it would be possible to fabricate what is missing. I have the other side as a mirror image pattern. I also have many extra pieces of trim from sedans that are way too short and the wrong curvature (most segments are straight, from doors), which I could weld together to get the proper length, but forming the correct contour would be my
  4. I have some extra 1932 parts bumpers for my DL, so I will try to have a look next time I rummage through the barn, but it might be a while.
  5. Perfect. just gave them a call. Looks like they can help me out on sill plates.
  6. That transmission won't work with a 6-cylinder car, unfortunately. but i might have to see if i need it for my 1938 Chrysler coupe.
  7. Does anyone have a 1936-1939 rumble seat coupe that could take photos of what could be a drain trough at the bottom of the deck lid opening?
  8. If you could look into getting some details from your brother's car, that would be super helpful. I have a regular coupe seat I am planning on modifying, but I need pictures and dimensions of the bottom of the seat, the seat cushion, the slider rails, etc. Thanks!
  9. Bringing this back to the top in the hopes that someone might have leads or extra parts.
  10. I'm bringing this back to the top. I am still in need of the parts above if anyone has any leads.
  11. Seeing as I am still actively searching for a transmission myself with this wanted ad, it probably would have been more appropriate for you to start your own topic on this, or just deal through private messages. Thanks.
  12. Hi Dave, Unfortunately, that's all different, but I also don't need those parts, as those areas are still good on my car. Thanks though. Rej
  13. If you get a chance to get some information to me when you get a change, it would e much appreciated! Thanks!
  14. The above lead didn't pan out... so I'm still on the search for an overdrive trans.
  15. I am looking for the following parts for a 1938 Chrysler Imperial convertible coupe (C19): - Complete front seat assembly, including adjusters/slides, or very detailed photographs and dimensions of same from someone's car. The seat appears to be the same on 1937 and 1938 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler convertible coupes, possibly 1939 Plymouth convertible coupe as well. My car is missing the entire front seat assembly, so any leads or information would be appreciated; - Rumble seat bottom cushion assembly (or detailed dimensions and photos as mine is missing); (same poss
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