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  1. At this stage I have gone thru most of the suggestions offered. While cranking the en.gine the ROTOR dose turn ,the Points open and close, the gap is correct according to the manual. If the timming chain is broken or has jumped some notches should you still be able to get a spark? Many thanks for all your input it really helps, Bruce
  2. Iwill have to get back to you on the oil pressure etc It may be a few days before I can do some of the tests. Thanks again Bruce
  3. Terry, Thank you again for the iformation, it is important to look at all the options that could be the link to not having any spark Regards Bruce Watson
  4. T I thank you for your reply and good information. Reading between the lines, if the rotor does not move during the engine cranking the mechanical problem then could be the timming chain or other mechanical problems? Bruce
  5. My 47 Chrysler will not start, due to no spark. We have gone thru a lot of the electrical and do not see any thing out of order. My question is if the timiming chain is the problem (and this might be a stupid question) would there be no spark? Bruce
  6. NO, I am looking at the possibility of replacing the engine in my 1947 Chrysler Windsor 6 cylinder flat head. Bruce
  7. The topic was under parts wanted, The party I am looking for is a RERBUILT ENGINE for a 1947 Chrysler windsor 6 cylinder, Bruce
  8. Rebuilt engine for 1947 Chrysler Bruce
  9. Thank you very much for your remarks , I have made note & will follow up on your suggestions , Regards Bruce
  10. I have had some problems with the down shifting & finally sent my relay away and had it rebuilt. After re installing it , when I turned on the ignition the relay buzzes!! Can any body identify what the problem may be? Would appreciate your responses, Bruce Watson
  11. Dave, The relay seems to be called by different names Kick down relay Transmission relay But it controls the Fluid drive transmission/ I dont have a photo of it. Bruce
  12. I am having trouble with the feed relay on my 47 Chrysler. Is there any one that knows where I could have it rebuilt,, Thank you in advance for your replies Bruce
  13. Jack, thanks for getting back to me--- I am not to far from you, I live in Delta B.C. almost at the border of US & Canada. But at present we are not allowed to cross the border! If you could could get some one to undo the two bolts you could just mail it to me. Let me know what price you want and if it can be done? Regards Bruce Watson
  14. Terry , Thanks ever so much for the parts number, the 1113084 came up on the computer and showed a picture of the relay that I am looking for. The 1113105 is the interrupter switch. It appears a lot of the suppliers are asking for the pasrt numbers before they will get back to you. Much appreciated Bruce
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