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  1. I am looking for information on parts for my transmission on my fluid drive car--- I am having leaking problems on the front of the transmission, can anyone advise me on info of parts that may be needed and where to buy? Bruce
  2. I would like to thank everyone who have put forward there information on the starting problem on my 47 Chrysler. I did fill the carb bowl as suggested left it for 12 hours, and if it was stuck it isn't now? The next thing was to take the fuel pump out & make sure the that it is connecting on to the lob as it should be. I tried starting the car but still no luck. more than half way down undrer the car I had to replace a bad section of gas line with the rubber gas line. I took the line apart and put one end in a 1 gal gas can and started the car . My thoughts are that the rubber gas line
  3. I want to thank all who were good enough to help me with the ongoing problem, I have some questions if the float was stuck would that interfere with the fuel pump having zero suction? What in the carb would have an effect on the fuel pump not delivering fuel? I haven't checked to see if the engine compression is low or 0 would that also have an effect on the fuel pump? If the timing chain is not operating would that have an effect on the fuel pump? I am asking all these questions because, it may give me a direction to go to. I have followed up on the different suggestions and at this s
  4. For some time I have worked on getting my car started/ It is not drawing fuel from the tank, I have replaced the fuel pump and it has made no difference/ I tried using a one gall fuel tank, & dropping a line into that , thinking there may be something going on in the gas tank. there is zero suction. On the electrical side there is spark & the car will start if I put gas in the carb. The car will run until the fuel i put into the carb is gone. I am not sure what else to try. Frustrated Bruce
  5. Thanks Bud, I could not have had a better explanation of the gas tank connections. Now that I have exhausted all other options of the fuel system it becomes obvious that the pump will have to come out. Many thanks Bruce
  6. Can anybody tell me about a check valve in the gas tank & if it could get stuck and not allow fuel from the tank. Would there be a way of resolving the problem? Bruce
  7. Thanks Rusty, So, would that prevent the fuel from draining back to the tank? I was on line a while ago about a fuel pump problems & after checking all the areas you mentioned it comes down to the fact that the pump is the culprit. Many thanks for your help, Bruce
  8. I have a 1947 Chrysler Windsor, my question is--- Does the mechanical fuel pump have a check valve like the more modern cars have? Bruce
  9. Matt, Thank you very much for your reply, I checked on line with the supplier before I put out the question to the Chrysler club, as it was important that I have a draw thru pump but the answer that came back didn't make that point clear. Failing using the P60430 6 volt pump, do you know of any that would give me the 4 to 6 PSI or close to that spec with the draw thru system. Again thanks for your help. Bruce Watson
  10. I want to add a electric Fuel pump for starting purposes. I have selected a Model P60430 6 Volt Carter 4 to 6 PSI . Have anyone had any experience with this pump? Bruce
  11. Rusty, checking the fuel pressure at the carb it shows less than 2 Lbs when only the electric pump is on. The mechanical pump shows around the same just slightly less than 2 lbs but the car wont start. I have tried priming the carb but it will only start for a second until the gas is used up that was used to prime it. The only filter on the line from the gas tank is on the electric fuel pump which I took apart this am & it is as clean as could be. If the diaphragm in the mechanical pump has failed because of the ethanol additive in the gas, would that also not allow the electric pump to
  12. M-MMAN, In your second paragraph you mention the electric pump sends fuel to the mechanical pump & I have to assume from there the Mechanical pump takes over & pumps the fuel to the carb. So the electric pump in essence does not fill the carb bowl is that correct? Bruce
  13. Dale, Thank you very much for your information , I wanted to get a new cable but I didn't want to take the old one out until I had the new one in my hand. Thanks again Bruce
  14. I (as Usual ) am confused with the use of an electric fuel pump to fill the carb. I have an electric fuel pump added in line but unless its plumbed correctly it only brings it up to the Mechanical fuel pump---- Am I correct ? Bruce
  15. Good Morning,, I have a 1947 Chrysler Windsor & Would like to know the length of the Positive Ground Cable ? Because it goes under the Generator it is hard to get the exact Measurement. Bruce
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