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  1. One goof up in my video above. 3 ⅜ as a fraction is 3.375. Not 3.380 as quoted in the video. Initially I had grabbed a calculator. Unknown to me, it was a "Business Calculator" with only 2 decimal points. 3.375 was rounded up to 3.38. I trusted it, not knowing it was rounding up. Doh! Later using a proper, normal calculator to re-check...I was humiliated.
  2. I seem to recall someone telling me that their daughter went to Europe. Saw the German car in a museum there. So we have the Zust on Vancouver Island. The Protos in Germany. The Thomas is in Reno. Anyone heard tell of the De Dion?
  3. Related to my '38 Plymouth, here in the next video I show folks how to determine what you may have there in that old flathead engine you've had in storage forever. Is it worth salvaging and rebuilding? What do I actually have here to start working with? A few tips and tools for the average backyard mechanic to figure out a few things.
  4. I have a 1953 with a 265 and fluid drive M6 tranny. Your issue is certainly interesting. I am inclined to think electrical. Some ideas: What about distributor related issues? Your spark plug timing auto adjusts as the engine speeds up. This is done two ways I believe. Centrifugal weights, and vacuum advance. Vacuum taken from the intake manifold. If I can get this straight: when your engine is turned off, the spark timing point plate is retarded by a spring. This allows for a quick, back-fire free engine start up. Then at idle there is a lot of vacuum created in the intake ma
  5. This 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard 6, made in Canada has a heater. I cannot tell you if it was a bolt on addition at some point? Could likely have been.
  6. My older son (23 yrs old) earned a 4 year University degree. Then went on further to earn his CPA. (chartered professional accountant). He has no student debt. He worked summers and some part time jobs to pay for his education costs. He's not quite done his formal education, he will be done in 2021. He has zero interest in owning a vintage car. Actually any car. He owns one out of necessity only. Maybe because he specializes in finances and taxes? I don't know for sure. He has expressed his disgust at the total annual cost of ownership of vehicles. Annual insurance rates here for young driver
  7. Fall is here. The maiden year of my ‘38 is winding up. Its been a fantastic year with so many rewards, and much learning too. What a fantastic hobby. It took over 1500 miles of driving, listening to,and feeling the road in my car to come up with a name. One day a name just appeared. Marg. After my mother. She’s tough. She’s endured some hard times. She’s not young. Her lines and scars show her experience. They both get a second look once in a while. From Seniors mainly. Lol! She shall not be fully restored. She shall be maintained. She shall cruise with determination.
  8. As the weather cools and winter approaches here in Canada, I put my cars in the garage. I don't heat the garage, but they are enclosed and safe from all the elements. The cars are not totally dead. Just not easily drivable. I fire them up when the weather is decent. I back them out of the garage. One car has year round insurance on it. I'll take it out for a brief drive if there is no snow, and the streets are clean and dry. The other car, although not legal, I will probably go around the block here in my rural area once in a while. I rotate one 6V battery tender betw
  9. I read a pretty good book detailing the Great Race. The Thomas pretty much dominated the entire race. I enjoyed the read. It was an incomprehensible feat for its time. Amazing what those people and cars endured. The high water in Mongolia sounded unbelievable. Yet some how, by determination, hard work and a lot of luck too, they rounded the world. I went to the museum in Reno last year. I soaked up the sight of the Thomas. I am so glad I had read the book and had some idea what it went through. I’d wager countless people walk by, glance and carry on. Not having any idea of what thi
  10. Hi folks, a contact of mine saw this thread and asked for a little help posting here. His car has a significant history in British Columbia. This Canadian built 1911 McLaughlin Model 33 Touring car was the first automobile in Ashcroft in 1911. The original owner Issac (Ike) Leeman was Blacksmith and an undertaker in Ashcroft. At that time Ashcroft was a major hub in the interior of British Columbia. When Ike passed, the car was sold to the Burr family in the area. The car remained in the Lillooet and Hat Creek areas of BC for several years . In the early 1940's pl
  11. 201 engine? How long is your block? 23”? Compression test results? More gears may not improve much if engine is low on horsepower. Do you prefer stock? My ‘38 P6 has been fitted with the 25” long engine. A 1954 228 ci Dodge engine. I could go right up to a 265 ci size. It’ll bolt right in. The 228 in my P6 with 4:11 gears cruises well at 50 mph. 3 speed tranny, 3rd is 1:1. I’m hoping to install a 1949 251 engine. Mainly for improved torque on hills. I’m not really interested in driving faster than 50 mph in my ‘38.
  12. 1 minute later.....Ok what car is it that your cousin has for sale? 🙂 Or maybe it's a Harvard he's selling?
  13. @KLF...Thanks for the invite! I was planning on dropping by for a visit last week. With all the smoke I decided to change my plans. I hear you may have an old Mopar or two maybe. I'm certainly interested in all your cars. Looking in the VCC directory, between you and your brother, you could hold your own brass era car show! I'd love to see your Oakland and Model T's too if you still have them. I've never taken a real good look at one up close. You can count on hearing from me at some point. Thanks so much for the offer. Harvards...I worked on one many years ago. BCIT
  14. I am grateful to have lived in a time of excess and a-plenty. We had it all didn’t we. Unlimited opportunity. Guilt free natural resources and carbon output was unknown to practically everyone. Times are indeed changing. My old flatheads are sure not efficient. If an affordable electric conversion was readily available I’d consider it. My ‘38 rarely goes beyond 25 miles from home. An electric powertrain would appear adequate. If the car still appeared stock while driving by, even better. A conversion would have to be $10K or less, and able to be installed here at home myse
  15. Thanks for checking in @PFindlay and @Jeff Perkins / Mn. I am glad Jeff to hear that you might pick up a little thing or two from my little chronicles. These comments from you and many others are what help motivate me. I do like the idea of maybe teaching a new younger generation a few tips to help keep these old cars alive and on the road. Peter, I have used a digital red-dot laser thermometer before. I forgot about that! I will try it on my '38 and take some readings. Tonight I was out well past dark in a very rural, country area without any street lighting. No light of any k
  16. I recently rebuilt a 1935-38 3 speed tranny. Not sure if it there is much in there similar to your 32 PB, nor if I can help. However I am willing.
  17. More support for the 6V system:
  18. Both of our sons were married this summer. Both of them wanted both of my old cars in their photos. I loved the idea and was happy to accommodate them.
  19. For me it began with a green Mopar when I was 16. A 1976 Dodge Dart. Life carried on. While I was busy raising a family and paying the bills, I liked all sorts of cars. I knew I wanted to get into the old car hobby when the time was right. Fast forward thirty years. Today I own 2 old green Mopars. I'm inquisitive and want to learn. I'm frugal and like to save money. I am determined to do my own repairs and maintenance. I like teaching others and passing along knowledge. I like meeting and associating with people who are into the old car hobby. My old green Mopars check off a lot of the boxes
  20. I have added fuses where I can, to some electrical circuits in my old Mopar. It is positive ground, 6V. It's starts so well, you'd never know it was 6V. I often ask myself why would anyone care to convert these wonderful cars to 12V? 6V is just dandy for a lower compression, low RPM, long stroke, flathead 6 cylinder car. Getting back to fuses: I added a fuse for the horn, and 1 fuse for each headlight circuit. Both hi and low beam circuits each get their own relays and fuses. My accessory fog lights and cab heater blower motor also have their own fuses. All of these items have high
  21. It is sad to read about your situations down there in the US right now. I too live in a rural interface zone between the forest my residential areas. We have removed bushes and trees close to the house. Our home’s exterior is entirely covered in stucco. The roof is all clay baked tiles. I am hopeful these things will help make a difference someday, if needed. The thought of deciding what to take or leave behind is torture. A lifetime of memories and possessions. Alas if we have our health, our loved ones and Our friends we can pick up the pieces and rebuild. I tell myself its all jus
  22. Hoping the best for our fellow members here. Wildfires are terrible and know no boundaries. There’s often little to salvage after they pass through. Thinking of you all. Keith
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