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  1. Looking for a 67-70 full size Power Brake Booster - Delco Moraine Thanks, Ray
  2. I’m reaching out to our vendors but want to cover all options. I’m looking for a decent rebuildable Delco Moraine Power Brake Booster from a full size 67-70 disc/drum. Thanks, Ray
  3. Thanks Tom I have to pull the box to fix leaking seals anyway.
  4. I’ve been working on my car lately and while removing the cable that goes from the horn relay to the starter, the solenoid end disintegrated. So after removing the starter I forgot to note the route the cable took when going past the steering box. A photo would be nice. Thanks, Ray
  5. And sometimes no matter how diligent to safety you are, bad things happen. This is a photo of my hanger early winter 1980. 2 ‘65 Rivieras - one owner cars with less than 50k ’40 Lincoln Mark 1 - on it’s way to the body shop the following week. ’55 Chris Craft 25’ Continental with twin Cadillac V8’s - one of two ever built The plane was at another airport for the winter. I didn’t restore another car after that.
  6. Springs are weak, changing to dual circuit disc/drum brakes with new lines, upgrade sway bar front/rear, and Bilstein shocks. I had a knock in the rear and didn’t see anything that was causing it until I pulled the shock. Shocks look to be NOS with 3k miles on them. Hard to tell if the damage was done when they were installed or before. South Cal car and nothing is rusted. All bolts still shiny when removed. I think I’ve a solution to the problem. Don’t want to go with replacing the mounts and the damage is only causing the problem of tearing the bushings up. Ordered a piece of thin walled SS tubing that will go over the bolt after I clean it up and fill the gouges in with JB Weld. Once completed it will show as original when the shocks are installed. And it beats watching the impeachment proceedings! Ray
  7. Started replacing and upgrading the suspension and brakes on my 63 Riviera. Pulled the rear shocks and found the lefthand side upper mount damaged. The bushing in the shock was egged shape from the damage. I’m going to replace all shocks with Bilsteins but need to fix this first. What are my options? From what I remember these mounts are welded and not sleeved as someone in the past thought it was. Ray
  8. Dyna beads? I use them on motorcycles and the truck industry uses them with good results. Will be using them when I replace the Tiger Paws.
  9. So looking at the 65 assembly, is it missing something? The 63 has a detent quadrant. Is that something that is not used on a 65 or is it not shown in the photo? I don’t want to get this unit if it is missing parts.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I have some more questions: Ed, have you installed your 2004R? Any problems or concerns if you have? Dave, would like to hear the same from your buddy. Rapon, I didn’t consider Gear Vendors until your post. Could you post more on your experience with the unit, your likes and dislikes? Gear Vendor doesn’t post a copy of their operation manual so I’ve nothing to go off of as to how it operates. Also how much modification did you have to do to get it to fit? Did it make much of a difference in MPG for you? A conversion to 2004R is looking to be somewhere in the $5k ball park what with getting one of the right rebuilders to set it up properly, the correct convertor, adapter kits, linkage, etc. Gear Vendor’s unit is about the cost of a rebuilt 2004R. A rebuilt ST400 probably $1500 and all of the other stuff to swap from a Dynaflow gets the price close to $5k. I’m looking to putting the best ‘upgrade’ in. TH400’s are a pretty tough unit and easy to rebuild. Seems to be a ton of them around. 2004R’s are getting hard to find and guys to rebuild them are thinning out too. I was leaning towards the 2004R but a ST400 with a Gear Vendor might be a good fit with a 2.52 ratio as apposed to 2.16.