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  1. So looking at the 65 assembly, is it missing something? The 63 has a detent quadrant. Is that something that is not used on a 65 or is it not shown in the photo? I don’t want to get this unit if it is missing parts.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I have some more questions: Ed, have you installed your 2004R? Any problems or concerns if you have? Dave, would like to hear the same from your buddy. Rapon, I didn’t consider Gear Vendors until your post. Could you post more on your experience with the unit, your likes and dislikes? Gear Vendor doesn’t post a copy of their operation manual so I’ve nothing to go off of as to how it operates. Also how much modification did you have to do to get it to fit? Did it make much of a difference in MPG for you? A conversion to 2004R is looking to be somewhere in the $5k ball park what with getting one of the right rebuilders to set it up properly, the correct convertor, adapter kits, linkage, etc. Gear Vendor’s unit is about the cost of a rebuilt 2004R. A rebuilt ST400 probably $1500 and all of the other stuff to swap from a Dynaflow gets the price close to $5k. I’m looking to putting the best ‘upgrade’ in. TH400’s are a pretty tough unit and easy to rebuild. Seems to be a ton of them around. 2004R’s are getting hard to find and guys to rebuild them are thinning out too. I was leaning towards the 2004R but a ST400 with a Gear Vendor might be a good fit with a 2.52 ratio as apposed to 2.16.
  3. Well I’ve been doing my homework and before I commit to buying parts, I wanted to reach out to the community for feedback from anyone that’s done an overdrive transmisssion conversion using a 3.23 differential. I’ve had opinions voiced that a final drive ratio of 2.16 might be too low and present the problem of lugging at highway speeds. I would think Nailheads having such high torque at low rpms, that it wouldn’t be a problem. I don't know the answer to this so I’m looking for some realtime experience. Ray
  4. Thanks for the replies. Tom T doesn’t do that type of conversion and I’ll reach out to Buck.
  5. I have an unmolested spare driveshaft from a 63. Will be back home this coming Tuesday and will post photos then. Ray
  6. Looking to see if anyone does a conversion to the GM HEI module in an original small body distributor other than Dave Ray in Nevada. He had his hand get bit by a spider is out of commission. No telling if or when he’ll be able to do conversions again. Ray
  7. Ed’s idea looks good to me. Where did you source them from? Just picked up a pair of 6” rims from the repair shop and they came back “as new”! Turbinator Bob had the rims and I want to thank him for them. I’m waiting on a disc conversion kit and sway bars from Fatbuick Tony to start replacing everything on the brake system except for the rear wheel cylinders. Hoping to have all of the brake/suspension/steering systems updated by spring. Even though the car sat inside for almost 20 years, some of the rubber parts need attention so I’m doing everything at one time. Ray
  8. Question, what is the best tool available today to remove our precious hubcaps without damaging them? I’ve looked at the stuff readily listed but not sure what would be the best to get. Don’t want to keep using a very large screwdriver unless that it is the best solution. Ray