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  1. Someone on eBay sells them. Can’t remember who but they sell them for different makes. Ray
  2. Haven’t driven it yet, still working on drive shaft setup. Hoping to run it sometime next week. I don’t see anything major being a problem with my setup. Engine has been run in, others have done 700R4/4L60E trans conversions, AC and Cruise Control are pretty much a plug and play thing these days. Biggest concern is EMI issues with the Sniper EFI. I’ve done some shielding of the wire harness as a precaution but my placement of the coil and closeness of the wiring harness to the distributor might dictate more shielding. I believe that Rostra is Dakota Digital’s cruise control. With e
  3. Price of parts for Sniper EFI is the same for everyone unless you have friends in high places. All work has been done at home myself with common tools and a lot of elbow grease. Only things I’ve farmed out are the transmission, rebuild of steering box, booster, master cylinder resleeved, and welding. Would have done the engine myself but didn’t feel comfortable with machine shops in my area so it went to a trusted builder I’ve know for 40 years. All of their work is done in house. I hadn’t addressed the throttle rod height when the photo was taken. Here is my solution for short thro
  4. Doing the veneer from scratch is my last resort. Doing that isn’t a problem for me but after everyday of working on this since February, I’m ready to look for shortcuts and get it done. I still have this to restore. Ray
  5. CARS only shows for 64-65 Rivieras. I’ve waited 2 months for parts from them and would hate to go through that again. But will ask them when I’ve run out over options. Ray
  6. My Sniper install is as clean as could be done with a 4L60E transmission that needs a TPS remotely mounted, and a cable for the Rostra cruise control. The bracket for the cables had to be widen by 1/2” due to our Nailheads using the inner mount holes. Ray
  7. Yes, Bob Scanlan‘S last advert was in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue. I’m going to reach out to him but still if someone knows of another source for wood veneers please let me know. Ray
  8. Started the process of ordering new interior parts for my car with Clarks. While discussing what they needed from me they informed me that they are not able to supply the wood inserts. They sourced these from someone and that has now gone away. They also said that they don't have a source at this time. I looked at the Owner’s club website and if my memory hasn't completely failed me there use to be sources for the inserts, there are none now. Does anyone know who still makes inserts? Ray
  9. Vintage Air part number is 63016-VUL. I did a bit more than what’s needed to fit these into the vent. A little trial and error sanding should allow them to fit just fine. Ray
  10. This should give you the ability to look at differential/rpm/transmission ratios http://www.csgnetwork.com/multirpmcalc.html
  11. I have just finished doing a Vintage Air Gen 4 install in my 63. Here are the caveats I had. 1. If you have the means to pull the engine, it is a lot easier to do the job. I can send you a pattern for the firewall blank. 2. Placement of the evaporator unit can be a challenge. By flipping the front bracket upside down and rebending the bracket to sit flush on the unit, it gives yuo the ability to bend the bottom up to the valance for securing to the dash. This doesn’t effect functionality. To gain clearance for the ac and heater hoses I had to center the floor vents over the cen
  12. This is an amazing car! No rust, no dents, undercoated from the factory and other than a minor Battery acid fix, no repairs have been done to body. Was a south California car. It sat on a Buick dealership’s showroom floor for about 20 years. I have checked all of the wiring harnesses and have found very little wrong. Some engine wires where brittle, replaced, and a repair to the fuse block was poorly done in the past, also repaired. Could not see any reason to do anything else other then rewrap the engine harness and leave it at that. Sometimes I get lucky! Ray
  13. Resolved. The harness is for the Guide-Matic. Shop Manual shows Gray, Violet, Black, and Red to the connector. Apparently they substituted Yellow for Gray. The Red connector goes to the Guide-Matic foot switch. Was able to verify end to end continuity and I’m now comfortable enough to obsess on something else. Thanks for everyone’s input. Ray
  14. Dakota Digital SLX-40-2 will give you temp, pressure, volts and one other pressure or fuel level. Doesn’t alert you to an issue. The door does close completely with one modification to the rib on underside of door if putting Cruise Control in. If not no modifications needed to the door. Ray
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