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  1. Thanks James for filling a supply void that truly needed filling! My order is in for a full veneer set. Ray
  2. They were still doing the trays when I got everything “interior” from them in November. Get extra vinyl if you are going to match the side pieces going between the rear seats and side panels. I’m going to do the panel between both rear seats also. Shipping was pretty steep, enough that I made a 3 day trip, stopping at BestOfferCounts in PA for parts, Clarks in MA, and then up to Maine for a bunch of lobsters. Still cheaper than having all the parts shipped, other than the lobsters! Ray
  3. From my recent observations the only wood panel kits available are for 65 cars now. The other sources have gone away. If anyone knows of a current source for 63 and 64, please let us know. Ray
  4. I had Clarks do “everything” interior for my 63 back in November. They no longer have a source for wood panels, but I was able to get everything else from them. The one thing that I had to send to them was my sun visors, they were the longer ones that they don't have a replacement for and the originals had to be recovered. Another observation was that my carpet and rear window tray colors weren’t available either so they had to be substituted. Ray
  5. 3/4” both ends https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dac-80418 they also make one that steps down from 3/4” on short 90* end to 5/8” on the long end Ray
  6. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_405_407&products_id=7194 As the original ones. Count the number of holes. You will need more than one set.
  7. https://www.inlinetube.com/products/inl15253 1955-81 GM Transmission Cooler Line Rubber Clamp Insulators 2pc SKU:INL15253
  8. I bought these recently. Will get you their source shortly. Ray
  9. Oops your right! You said December and I was thinking December 1963. Mine has Cruise, Cornering lights, Wonderbar AM, Tilt wheel, wire hubcaps on 6” wide rims. Also is a factory undercoated car from California. Console is sitting on the side as I’m finishing up on upgrades being done. Radio was changed out because the Vintage Air AC took up too much space to fit back in. Its the only thing that keeps the interior from looking original. Ray
  10. Winston are you sure about the resistance wire stopping at the firewall? The wire coming from the ignition switch was the same color code and cover material looked to be the same. Just saying as in my case it doesn't matter now. My ignition system is aftermarket electronic now and doesn’t use resistance wire. What I need to do is make sure that the power is not interrupted when you start the engine. What I’m trying to verify is that Voltage is still applied to the gauge cluster when in the ‘Start’ position is what I’m looking for. I’ve added a multipurpose gauge and want to make sur
  11. Mine must be another irregular first year. Speedo 140 MPH, ribbed dash panel, spare up in the hump area, and build date second week of April. Firewall is black and booster has the indent too. Could it being a ‘Deluxe’ interior have anything to do with this? Ray
  12. I purchased a tank and sender from James at BestOfferCounts. Both are very good quality and great service from him. There was no rubber on the straps from the factory but I put them on mine. You should also add a ground wire if you use the rubber. If you can’t source the sender and have an AC car I can sell you mine. It is new, I went a different direction on my car. Ray
  13. I’m looking for clarification for ignition switch and coil wires. If I’m not having a senior moment when you turn the ignition switch to ‘Start’ the black wire puts 12 volts to the coil and when it is in ‘On’ it is at 8-9 volts or whatever through the resistance wire. Being the ‘Start’ wire and the resistance wire are connected at the same terminal when the ignition switch is in ‘Start’ there is still voltage going back through the resistance wire and going to the gauge cluster but at the lower voltage. I believe I’m over thinking how I need to wire for modern technology,
  14. Someone on eBay sells them. Can’t remember who but they sell them for different makes. Ray
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