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  1. Thanks all. I have a list of items I need, besides the R emblem, so I will reach out to Gene.
  2. Does anyone reproduce the R emblem that mounts on the door panel for a '65 with standard interior. When I bought my car they were missing. I can't seem to find them on any vendors websites. Thanks Doug
  3. Thanks all. I did not have a trunk divider, which made it difficult to determine where the wiring passed into the trunk. The pictures really helped. Doug
  4. Thanks all. I have all the wiring. I just can’t figure out where it passes into the trunk. Do I just snake it under or to the side of the trunk divider or is there a special way to pass it into the trunk?
  5. I am working through restoring and reinstalling the interior on my '65 and had a few random questions I could not answer by searching. What path does the interior wiring on the floor take into the trunk? Does it just squeeze between the wheel well and the trunk divider? When I pulled my gauge cluster there was a seal which is installed in the half-circle where the steering column fits (see picture). Anyone no where a new seal can be purchased? I need to replace the AC duct hoses. They are 1 3/4" and 2 3/4" in diameter. Anyone no where new hoses can be purchased? Every vendor I have found has different sizes. Thanks
  6. I just started the install of my package tray from Clarks. You should be able to see the center hole for the screws under the rear window from inside the trunk (there are three screws). I laid my package tray in place and drilled out the center hole from the trunk using a long bit. Once I had the center hole I measured and made new holes for the two remaining screws, from the inside of the car, so they looked evenly spaced and at the same level. I was not overly concerned with using the original holes for the two outside screws. The screws from the Mr G's kit are shown in the attached pic Hope that helps Doug
  7. Thanks Bill Not sure how I missed that in my headliner searches.
  8. Going to begin installing a new headliner in my '65. When I purchased the car the interior was made up of parts from two different cars with many parts in boxes. I have two questions regarding the install: The front and back edges of the headliner is stapled to thin wood strips. I am missing some sections of wood strips. I am going to make some pieces to replace what is missing. What holds the wood strips to the car? The instructions in the body manual state that the headliner should be held on around the doors and quarter windows with a plastic retainer. I do not have any plastic retainers. The instructions read: "11. Install plastic retainer along pinchweld flange of door and quarter window opening." Does anyone know of an alternative for the retainers or whether glue will be enough? Thanks Doug
  9. Thanks Tom Mine are long gone. I will grab some plastic body push pins to act as a replacement.
  10. I have what you’re describing to hold the conduit to the door. Is that right? Are they the same?
  11. I have the hardware to attach the ends of the conduit to the door and jamb, but what goes in the holes the length of the conduit to keep it closed. Thanks Doug
  12. Gene, I received your package. Thanks again for sending me the part I needed. Attached are pictures of the mirror control assembled so others can see how the parts come together. Doug
  13. Thanks Tom Yes, I need the thick ring I circled in the prior post. I’ll get a better picture of what I have. I believe I have everything in Gene’s picture.
  14. Much appreciated Gene. I will send you my address. Just to confirm, I have circled the part I’m missing in the attached picture. That’s a spring clip?
  15. Thanks Gene I tried what you explained, but can’t see how the ring hooks the handle. I found the attached picture online. It shows a second ring which I’m guessing is the part I’m missing. Now I just need to find that second ring.