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  1. The only information I have on the difference between the 2 options at Summit is what I posted above, which is the design of the logo. I did not get into too much detail about the logo design as it was not my concern. As for the thickness, there was a previous thread on this forum which indicated replacement windshields are generally thinner than the originals. I ordered the cheaper of the 2 windshields and will report back when I receive it. Since it is being shipped directly from the manufacturer, I don't expect to receive it until the end of the month at best. Also, if you are going to order the cheaper windshield, Summit offers free shipping on orders over $99. I needed a couple of other items which put me over the $100 and I received free shipping. Please note, the additional shipping charge for large items is still charged. Doug
  2. I checked with Summit on the difference between the 2 options. They indicated the difference was in the logo. The $96 version has an older style LOF logo and the $125 version has a generic spray on LOF logo. The glass is the same. As for thickness, when I was researching options I searched this forum and found a comment that replacement windshields you can buy today are thinner, which needs to be considered when installing. I am going to place an order for the windshield, as this is cheaper than any of the other vendors I spoke to. I will wait until I can phone in the order, as I am interested to see how they can ship this for 9.99 without it showing up at my house broken. Doug
  3. I have been getting estimates on new windshields and stumbled upon these listed at Summit Racing. I was surprised to find these on their site. The prices looked good too. I am not sure what the difference is between the two choices. I am going to call them to find out. Figured I would post this in case anyone else was looking for a new windshield. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pkc-400043595/overview/year/1965/make/buick/model/riviera https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pkc-400043594/overview/year/1965/make/buick/model/riviera Doug
  4. Thanks Tom Just what I needed
  5. I am going to start cleaning up my parking lights. What part of the grills get painted. I can tell that the section between the 2 top bars gets painted (circled in yellow in the picture). Does anything else get painted? There are 2 other spots that look like they might have been painted, but it might just be dirt which won't wash off. I have added red arrows pointing to them in the pictures. They are where the bars meet the main part of the grill and the top of the grill. Thanks Doug
  6. The back all looks silver. If I remove the silver I get to the color?
  7. Is there any way to restore the color of the trunk lock emblem? The red section of mine is no longer red. Thanks Doug
  8. I understand the quarter window regulator spring should have some tension. When I removed the motor the regulator arm snapped into a loose position. When I reinstalled the motor, I spun the arm so there would be tension on the spring throughout the full range of motion of the window. If I did not set it with this amount of preload, the spring would fall off the regulator at the one end of the motion. When I run the motor fully up and down I can hear the spring moving. It is quite noisy. Did I preload the spring with too much tension? Thanks Doug
  9. Thank Bill Found this on Steele's site. https://www.steelerubber.com/flexible-run-channel-kit-70-1886-62 I assume this is for the channel for the front of the window. Is this the material for the channel supporting the rear of the window? https://www.steelerubber.com/run-channel-mohair-liner-70-2863-58 Thanks
  10. Anyone have a source for the felt in the window channels for a 65? I did some searching online, but I must be using the wrong name. Thanks Doug
  11. Thanks all Jumping to both terminals didn’t work. That is how I started. Running a wire from the negative battery terminal to the case and a wire from the positive terminal to one of the terminals on the motor worked. Switching to the other terminal on the motor worked in the other direction.
  12. I have all of the window regulators and motors removed from my '65. They were all removed when I purchased the car. I have disassembled and cleaned out all of the old grease from the motor. The spin freely by hand. I would like to test the motors before reinstalling. I assumed I could connect to a car battery and they should operate, but it is not working. There are two connections on the motor. Is there a proper order to connect? Do I connect both to the battery or one to ground? Thanks Doug
  13. I did not properly label this last picture, but I am guessing that I was trying to show myself where the spring attaches to the clamshell. Maybe someone who's car is together can confirm.