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  1. Adjusting the windows on my 65. When the side window is completely closed, where should the glass land against the weatherstrip. Cross-section of the weatherstrip shows two slotted areas where the glass could seat (see picture). Should the glass seat against the slot bordered by the large section of weatherstrip (#1 in the picture) or should the glass seat between the two smaller sections of weatherstrip (#2 in the picture). Thanks
  2. Never mind. I found a set for sale online which had the same plates, so they appear to be factory.
  3. I’m going to install the door strikers after painting my 65. There are two plates that go between the striker and the pillar (see picture). They look to hold the striker from sliding on the pillar. Are these factory? I couldn’t find them in a diagram in the body manual. Thanks Doug
  4. I installed the windshield today. The 5/16 ribbon appeared to work well. Attached is a picture of how the upper trim looks with the windshield installed. It's almost flush with the body. The only spot where I was not entirely pleased with the install is the two lower corners of the windshield, where the glass curves. It was hard to get the glass to contact the ribbon well. It was if the ribbon needed to be bigger in this section or the curve in the glass was not aligned well to the curve in the pinch weld. It's tough to see in the picture I attached, but the contact with the ribbon in the center of the picture is not as wide as the sections to the left and right. I tried a heat gun to soften the nearby ribbon to get it to compress further, with no luck. I will probably add some sealer in the corners to ensure there are no leaks in the future. Thanks Doug
  5. I responded to my other thread as well... Summit did not ask me to ship the broken windshields back. They told me I could dispose of them. Actually, after the first broken windshield, they did not even ask for pictures. I spoke with Summit on the phone after the second windshield and asked them if they could contact the manufacturer to see if they could adjust the packaging. They said they would. After the third windshield I asked if they spoke to the manufacturer and they said it would not do any good and they would just ship another one. Doug
  6. Thanks David I dry fit the glass today without the ribbon, which gave me a good indication as to where I needed to position the ribbon sealer. Turns out, it needed to be positioned on the inside edge of the pinch weld. The setting blocks were the right height for the rear window, but were too tall for the windshield; I had to cut them down. I bought the 5/16 round bead ribbon sealer as discussed in previous threads on windshield install. Hopefully, the windshield will sit at the right level. Summit did not need me to ship the broken windshields back. They just told me to dispose of them. Doug
  7. Nevermind I should have read the box for the ribbon sealer, before posting. It says right on the box to “start seal on bottom of side pillar. Line up sealer even with edge of pinch weld.”
  8. I am preparing to install my new windshield. I bought the 3M ribbon sealer, as discussed in some earlier threads. For those who have done this before, how close to the inside edge of the pinch weld, at the top and bottom of the windshield, do you position the ribbon sealer? I mocked up a small piece in the attached pictures. Do you install as close to the inside edge as possible or center on the pinch weld? Also, I have the same question about where it should sit on the A-pillar...close to inside edge or centered? I am thinking close to the inside edge for the A-pillar as I don't believe the windshield is wide enough to make contact if I center it. Finally, where should I position the seam where the two ends of the ribbon sealer meet? Thanks Doug
  9. Assuming you’re asking about a first gen. The back bumper is off my 65. Rearmost brace looks to be about 1.25” from bottom of floor pan to bottom of brace; over the body mount. Let me know if this is what you needed Doug
  10. I had looked at Clarks. Their catalog shows the part, but when you enter the part number it indicates it's discontinued. I will call James. I have purchased parts from him in the past. I did not see the lens on his website. I hadn't tried eBay. Thanks
  11. Does anyone have a source for a new license plate lamp lens for my '65? I see Cars has a listing for a lens for a 68-72 Riviera. In the picture it looks like what is on my car now, but I cannot tell how it really compares. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=11371 Thanks Doug
  12. I’m pleased to announce that I have finally received an intact windshield on the 4th attempt. So, if you’re not in a rush, Summit is a good deal. Doug
  13. Strike two.... Second windshield arrived in worse shape than the first. Summit is sending a third and did not even ask for pictures this time. They are also going to contact Pilkington to discuss their shipping methods. I am on year 10 building this car, so I am glad I am not in a rush. Alex, have you received yours?