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  1. Thanks all i figured the replacements would work. Just thought it best to confirm first.
  2. Anyone know a good source for a new transmission vacuum modulator for my '65. Everything I see online does not look like what I currently have. I have the original BR transmission. Thanks
  3. kdml

    Clarks Mats

    Must have been my eyes. Thanks I might have to pickup a set of these. Price looks good too.
  4. kdml

    Clarks Mats

    Thanks Bill Those look nice and I like the Buick logo. My old eyes may be deceiving me, but your picture looks like you modified the mat where it fits around the gas pedal - correct.
  5. Not to take this thread off track, but is crimping the return line the proper way to check fuel pressure? I have a fuel pressure gauge mounted between the fuel filter and carb on my '65. At idle the needle bounces around close to zero (see 1st pic). When I crimp the return line pressure increases (see 2nd pic). Is this not the proper place to mount a fuel pressure gauge? The car does not feel like it's starving for fuel with the return line uncrimped. Thanks Doug
  6. Back to the topic at hand. Anyone have any better indicators of value for project cars? I will take something current or something older. Thanks Doug
  7. Yes, I’m in VT and VT does not require titles on cars over a certain age. I only required a bill of sale to register the car.
  8. Agreed I’ve already paid the tax based on the NADA value for that very reason. After almost 11 years I was not going to allow a few hundred dollars stand between me and driving the car.
  9. Thanks Turbinator. I spoke to two people at the DMV prior to registering the car. The rules are pretty clear: "Tax is due at the time of registration and/or title at a percentage of the purchase price or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) clean trade-in value, whichever is greater, minus value of trade-in vehicle or any other allowable credit." The problem is that the rules were not designed for my situation and I would like to call them out on it; regardless of whether I win or not. I am just looking for some evidence of values to make my
  10. I understand the condition is not the same as it was in 2009; however, this is a sales tax and the car was sold for a lower amount. I understand why they are requiring a comparison to NADA as they don't want people to complete a bill of sale for lower then what they paid to reduce the tax owed. I don't agree with the comparison to property taxes. Property taxes are an ongoing tax you pay annually, as compared to a one time purchase tax. When I bought my house I had to pay a one time sales tax at the time I closed on the house and continue to pay property taxes each year, based
  11. I've looked at some of the previous threads discussing values, but I have a somewhat unique question. I originally purchased my 65 Riviera in 2009, for $3,500, as a non-running project needing a complete restoration. I did not register it as I was not going to pay annual registration fees for something which was going to take me years to finish. Now that I completed the restoration, my state required me to pay taxes based on the greater of the purchase price or NADA value of the car (low NADA value is 10,300). I argued with them that I paid much less for the car and not even t
  12. kdml

    Clarks Mats

    Thanks Turbinator. Just what I was looking for. Doug
  13. kdml

    Clarks Mats

    Turbinator, if you could provide pictures of the drivers side Clark’s mat that would be great. I don’t plan on showing the car. I’m with KongaMan, I prefer to spend that time driving it. I’d love to have no mats, but it’s easier to pull them out to clean then it is to remove and clean the carpets 😛. The carpeted mats are appealing as they blend into the carpet, as if there are no mats. Thanks Doug
  14. Here’s a pic of the light attached
  15. kdml

    Clarks Mats

    What is the bottom of the mat made of...velcro? Thanks for the feedback. I would have thought fit would be more of an issue. I would never have thought sticking to the carpet would have been an issue. Maybe I will stick with the repro rubber mats. Where did you purchase your set?
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