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  1. Does anyone have for sale a set of those brittle lower seat trim pieces that wrap around the power seat for a 65 Riviera?
  2. I'm looking to replace my clamshell headlight motor, and from what I gather i have two options. A refurbished motor. Or a custom motor made by Paul Duran in California. Has anyone had any experience with using Pauls motors? Or any recommendations as to which motor I should go with. Nima
  3. A fellow ROA member (who wishes to remain retired from making any more haha) was kind enough to make these incredible custom wood inserts for my 65 Riviera. The fitment, quality, and look exceeded my expectations. I thought it was worth sharing with my fellow Riviera enthusiasts. I'm truly thankful and I couldn't be happier. And even more happy for making a great friend in the process. Nima
  4. I plan on restoring my headliner, survivors, doorpanels, and possibly new seat covers. I'm leaning towards using Corvair (mostly because I try to support small businesses) but I would like to know if anyone has any opinion on these two companies, or any others that supply interiors for Rivieras? I'm looking for the highest quality product available.
  5. Now I just have to find some steel wheels for these to go on. Anyone know of a good source for some steel wheels? And what's the factory correct size for a 65 Riviera?
  6. Nice find! You literally bought the last two about 2 minutes before I was going to buy them. I was so disappointed at the time. But somehow by an amazing stoke of luck 4 NOS (still in the box!) showed up on ebay the very next day. And this time I didn't hesitate.
  7. I decided to reach out to J&R to see if I can have the drums restored.
  8. Interesting! I had no idea there were different sizes. What size were the rally wheels from 65-67?
  9. Has anyone installed these on their 65 Riv while keeping the stock Buick 15" Rally wheel? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wil-140-13028/year/1965/make/buick/model/riviera I'm thinking about purchasing a set however some of the reviews state that they don't fit, while others say that they fit fine with the stock 15" wheels.
  10. Tom, You may have saved me on this one. Knowing myself I would have taken the rubber mallet directly to the cap without even considering a strategy like yours. Thank you for the sound advice, I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. I appreciate all the responses! I ended up finding an unused set (still in the original box!) on ebay. Even though it was much more than I ever anticipated on spending I just couldn't pass it up. Thanks guys
  12. Looking for a good/great se of wire hubcaps with spinners. Please message me if you have one.
  13. Looking for a good/great quality set of original Buck Riviera wire hubcaps with spinners for sale. If anyone has one, please message me.
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