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  1. Looking for a nice pair of fenderskirt for 1976 Buick Electra!!???
  2. Thank you all for sharing these informations. After few researchs one of the Riviera owners says that 15inch supremes with 7inch width with standard offset will fit without any modifications Still looking for more informations Ali
  3. Hello there, Looking to buy new wheels for my 1964 Buick Riviera What is the maximum size i can go with and what is the best supreme size you recommend? I have the wheel cab cover but unfortunately i dont have the factory steel wheel
  4. Thank you for your reply, i need complete one with all original ends The one i have is useless abd not the original one,. If you have complete one with all its end let me know
  5. Hello everyone Im looking for a 1964 buick riviera 425 nailhead wire harness (engine compartment) or full wiring for the car Anyone can help?
  6. Actully you changed my mind on buying a new carburetor, now im looking for an AVS carburetor, can you give me some carburetor number or a link from ebay so i can buy it direct,,,, in my country they dont rebuild the carbs,,, they keep changing it
  7. Hey guys, Planing to get a new carburetor, found that edelbrock has a new generation called (AVS 2) Did anyone tried this carburetor on 1964 buick riviera? What is your recomanded carburator and which size do you prefer? Currently im using edelbrock 650CFM Ali
  8. Do you think it will fit correctly without any modifications?
  9. Thank you Seafoam and Barney, Actully i live in Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and the streets are designed for off road vehicles ? so now i think im going with the stock wheels better than fixing the rims every few days ?
  10. Looks beautiful in these wheels Thank you for your reply Still looking for more answers
  11. Hey guys, Thinking of buying new wheels for my 1964 Buick Riviera and woundring what is the biggest size i can go with??!! Found us mags 20*8 front 20*9.5 rear Do you guys think they will fit without any modifications?? Ali
  12. Yes i am Ali H mmm Yes sure its good information i can give them maybe we can fix the issue. sorry didnt reply to your email i was busy handling some problimes. Thank you so much Ed Regards, Ali