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  1. The rubber bushings at the bottom of my front shocks were bad, so I replaced them with a pair of Napa OE Spectrum gas shocks. The first thing I noticed was the shaft diameter was way smaller. They also seem to collapse with very little pressure. The car now bounces, floats and bottoms out. I HATE it. What are some nice heavy duty front shocks that have worked out well for you all? has anyone tried these?
  2. Awesome Pat, thank you. I am going to check it out a little closer today.
  3. Hmm, what regulates the gauge from pegging or dropping all the way?
  4. The fuel gauge on my 65 is stuck on full. When I disconnect it and ground it at the sending unit, it does not go down. I have power at the sending unit wire. I thought the power to the sender would be a pulsating voltage. What I have is constant. I believe I need a new gauge in the dash. My question is.... Do I attack the gauge from behind the dash? Or can I pull the bezel and go from the front?
  5. Local car show... second show since I have owned it.
  6. Total guess, but maybe a reverb unit for speakers?
  7. Thank you all for the pictures and advise, there are some great looking booties out there. I think I will go with the original cardboard kit and do my own floor carpet.
  8. Looking to redo my trunk in my 65. Has anyone done their own without buying the kits? If so I would love to see them. Thinking of building my own.
  9. They need you to pay for my broken ones? Bummer, sorry you missed out. Kinda saw it coming, on my last shipment the price was at $235. I e-mailed to inquire. They said no we did not charge you more it is just a value invoice.
  10. Best of luck, Summit wanted to refund my money. I said no, I think it's a great price and a quality product I need the glass. I would order quick before they have had enough.
  11. #3 showed up today, and we have a winner. WOO HOO...
  12. I was thinking of using Permatex Right Stuff for adhesive. I have used it on weather strips moldings ect, it holds anything. It is a gasket sealer, but does it ever hold tight. Any thoughts?
  13. Good luck, looks a lot like mine, even the rear dent.
  14. I am wanting to replace the decal on my 65 401 325 horse engine. I have looked and see multiple decals stating 445, some say Riviera Wildcat, and some just say wildcat. Which is the correct one for my car. Also was the air cleaner painted Black?