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  1. Thank you, neither I or my wife liked the buttons. I think it looks cleaner without them.
  2. I have new veneer as well, starting on the front seats now. I think I am going to pull the rear upper back out. I think I can do better on the drivers upper.
  3. Got the carpeting done, rear seat, and package tray. I am not an upholstery guy, so not a professional job, but I think I can live with it.
  4. I just did mine today. The sequence I used was #1 package tray #2 side filler panels #3 seat back #4 lower cushion. I have not installed the speaker yet.
  5. Thank you Kevin, saves me a lot of trial and error.
  6. Getting ready to reinstall my back seat and I have forgotten the order in which it came out. Is it package tray first, seat back second, seat side filler trim third, then last speaker? Does any one know for sure? Pictures to follow later, the old girl is looking pretty good. Oh and this is a 65
  7. Made a little more progress today. floor pans sealed and coated with POR15
  8. Not trying to hijack this thread, but I am ready to start reassembling my interior. I cannot remember the sequence to install the rear seat and package tray. I know I could figure it out, but why do that when I can sit here in my chair and ask you? I am thinking Package tray, rear window moulding, seat back??
  9. Maybe this will help? I can get a better picture if needed