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  1. Hello, The drivers side lower door hinge on my car pops when opening and closing. It sounds like the spring popping. I have tried lubricating with no success. I sprayed the area with purple clean to clean out the door jamb. The noise stopped for a couple days. I cleaned the hinge with a alcohol based brake cleaner and re-lubed it. The noise is still there. Any ideas short of replacing the hinge? It works well, just pops
  2. Yes very expensive, I am not familiar with the Mobil 1 or Valvoline products being recommended, But I have owned a auto repair shop for 42 years. I have seen the Joe Gibbs product in action. I validate its cost in a classic car by how often I actually have to change the oil. Once a year if that.
  3. Gotcha, I just mentioned because if done tastefully, you may not notice the alteration in the wire harness. As far as what year it was, I am of no help at all
  4. 1970 in Portland Oregon
  5. I use this except in the 10/30 weight
  6. You can jump terminals 1 and 4 and 2 and 3 at the regulator and run a internally regulated alternator.
  7. Got it Tom, just lagging behind on my behind.
  8. Thanks for the info Ed, I have seen that style of hub cap on other older vehicles, but don't believe I have ever seen that one before. I have however seen the Buick wheels with the extra holes. I will need to check mine out. Thanks for the info and for always helping out.
  9. Those will look great, I was to cheap to go that route. To many other things my car needs worse.
  10. Those look good, are they hub caps on the steel wheels? I have the original wheels for my car as well as the hub caps. But you are right Turbinator... those might look good
  11. Looks good, I ordered another set to put on my Riviera, so I could put the ones I tried back on my Vette. The new ones I got, are OK, but the chrome and quality of the ones I bought back around 2007 Are way superior. The new ones I bought were a little hard to put on. I ended up laying a towel down and with a hammer bending in slightly every other gripping finger of the ring. Then they installed a little easier. All in all I am satisfied, but boy are the ones on the Corvette better.
  12. Hey Doug, I saw these as well, and thought it was too good to be true. I wondered if the glass was thinner than the original. If you do research this please keep me updated as I need a new front glass as well.
  13. I named my Riviera Mack The Knife.... It was the song playing when the previous owner picked it up from the original owner. I liked the story and seems appropriate. So Mack the knife
  14. crowvet

    Rubber rejuvenation?

    Also eats paint, so be careful if you try this.