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  1. When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the glass, and I stop and I turn with the caulk and lay another pass. Then I get to the bottom and I do it again yeah, yeah yeah.
  2. Did mine about a year ago. you all wont be sorry.
  3. For sale in Salem Oregon, not mine just passing it on https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1448510908827367/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general
  4. crowvet

    No Kickdown

    I just ran jumper wires from the switch through the window inside the car, and touched them together while driving. My problem was the upper unit. I don't remember what wires I jumped, but as I recall it wasn't hard to figure out from a wiring diagram
  5. Oh Geeze, Way more hours then it should have took. I did paint the frames as well. I easily have 5 hours into each cushion, maybe more. The mats were from an ebay supplier, they are awesome. The price was right as well. I could find the link if you are interested?
  6. I did mine from Clarks, Not perfect, but I drive it. Most of the wrinkles have relaxed and smoothed out since then. I also left the buttons off on purpose. I like the look better, and imo they are prone to fail and dirt collectors.
  7. Not sure what my air cleaner is off of, but it fits the Edelbrock perfectly. I t was on it when I bought the car. I put the decal on it.
  8. Fuses no, LED's actually pull way less amperage. I only did my interior so turn signals were not an issue for me. I pulled the gauge bezels for the large Gauges. Pulled the clock, pulled the center console wood grained pieces. Tech tip.... use a rattle can paint cap and press it over the clock bezel. Push and turn. Clock comes right out.
  9. You wont be disappointed.
  10. I put mine back on without the spring, and just let it tuck down alongside the lower seat cushion.
  11. looks great, been there done that.
  12. Zip ties, side cuts, screwdrivers, pliers, black tape, kneeling blanket, blue paper towels, 1/4 inch drive socket set, hand full of basic wrenches, crescent wrench, liquid wrench, small electrical terminal end kit, crimping tool, spare set of belts, booster pack for longer trips, small assortment of fuses and hose clamps,rubber gloves,tube of waterless hand cleaner, And what Tom said. Maybe a small trailer to haul it all as well? Seriously it will all fit in a small box. I use a small trunk organizer
  13. The wire may have been loose for a long time and was creating heat at the switch? I think maybe it is proof that God loves Rivi's . He let the wire fall all the way off before there was a fire LOL Maybe the wire got knocked off removing the air filter. If it was loose it wouldn't take much.
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