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  1. Added a tiny bit more bling... and yes I see my beauty ring needs centered.
  2. That was enjoyable, great job WOW.... PS nice color choice . Same as my car.
  3. I bought a trunk organizer, there is a pouch that it fits in well. the organizer also contains other supplies I like to have on hand.
  4. Pretty cool, ..................but those tires on the Batmobile have got to be the greasiest looking tire BLECH I have ever seen.
  5. It looks like it just landed... There is intelligent life here, it's just a bit harder to find now days.
  6. If your car is already broke in, you are probably fine with the oil you run, Having said that, your engine has a flat tappet design lifter/cam set up. Back in the day of these engines the oils were blended with the proper additives. Not so much now days. For that reason I run Joe Gibbs high zinc formula 10/30. It can't hurt right? Plus when I got my car one lifter would tick on start up for about 30 seconds. After changing to the high zinc formula, that has gone away.
  7. What color is it now? Mine is the original paint. Pretty faded out. I have shiny "patina"= to cheap to repaint so convince yourself that the chips and wear look cool.
  8. Thank you Bernie,It is called Sahara mist. the roll of my door doesn't quite match the roll of the quarter panel. No one sees it but me, but it bugs me. I am sure the car came from the factory that way. Although I don't necessarily like edge molding, I think it does take my eye away from it.
  9. WOW, Here in Oregon, we had someone running up and down i5 shooting cars. They finally caught him, it was a UPS semi truck driver
  10. So I was reading this post and was curious what my car would look like with the edge guards. I bought 49 feet of door edge guard on ebay for $14 and studied the originals. Here is my 10 minute door guard install. I really doubt the average person could tell the difference. Not sure if I like it or not. If not I can pull it off, no harm no foul as Barrett Jackson would say.
  11. Folks, we may have a winner
  12. My car does not have A/C and the radio sucks, Now what? Mine seals up well enough that I don't have any water leaks, but yeah my passenger window probably needs to come up just a hair as well. When rolling it up you would swear it is going to go to the inside of the rear window vertical seal, but it always clears and rolls into place.
  13. You might try driving with masking tape over the seam of the stainless to eliminate that possibility?
  14. This subject has probably been covered, but I am wondering... I have been around and have owned and drove many classic cars. I have my Riviera to the point where I an confident I don't have wind leakage around my windows, but yet I hear a certain amount of wind noise when driving. I can hear it in every old car I have driven. Is it just the design of the body, or windows Is it the rear view mirror or wing windows? Do you think it is possible to remove all wind noise from old cars? Has anyone succeeded on their Riviera?
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