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  1. Corvette America sells a dye called medium saddle, that is pretty dang close
  2. Your engine compartment is gorgeous, what a transformation. Thanks for the comparison
  3. Hello everyone, I am getting ready to replace the power steering pump on my 65. I would like to repaint the pump and brackets while it is apart. My questions are as follows. #1 were the brackets black or engine color? #2 Was the pump black or engine color? #3 My engine is sort of a light blue color, I see some engines look green and some look blue. What is the correct color? Also my pump works fine, just leaking at seals, anyone have luck with just a seal kit?
  4. Looks clean, congrats on your purchase. Everyone here is very helpful when you need help.
  5. LOL, That is pretty sound advice. I bought the Riviera, to be more of a driver. The Corvette, I finished it 14 years ago. Frame off all original. I restored to the point, that there is noting left to do to it. I needed something else to play with, so here i am with my popping hinge.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. My hinge pins and bushings are tight. I do believe I see the issue though. I will try to describe. The Arm, that the spring is attached to is held in place, and pivots off of what appears to be a large pin/ rivet. As the spring stretches the arm is moving toward the outside of the car as if the hole in the arm is elongated. As the spring pulls tight or shortens, it is letting the arm pop back against the Pin/rivet. Ideas???
  7. Hello, The drivers side lower door hinge on my car pops when opening and closing. It sounds like the spring popping. I have tried lubricating with no success. I sprayed the area with purple clean to clean out the door jamb. The noise stopped for a couple days. I cleaned the hinge with a alcohol based brake cleaner and re-lubed it. The noise is still there. Any ideas short of replacing the hinge? It works well, just pops
  8. Yes very expensive, I am not familiar with the Mobil 1 or Valvoline products being recommended, But I have owned a auto repair shop for 42 years. I have seen the Joe Gibbs product in action. I validate its cost in a classic car by how often I actually have to change the oil. Once a year if that.
  9. Gotcha, I just mentioned because if done tastefully, you may not notice the alteration in the wire harness. As far as what year it was, I am of no help at all
  10. 1970 in Portland Oregon
  11. I use this except in the 10/30 weight
  12. You can jump terminals 1 and 4 and 2 and 3 at the regulator and run a internally regulated alternator.