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  1. My car had the original package tray when I got it. It was made of cardboard with no covering, it did have the vinyl strip you are talking about. I replaced mine with a fiberglass one from Clarks and had them add vinyl covering to it. It does not have the strip, but fits tight against the glass and looks nice
  2. I agree, once the joint is full of grease it has no where to go, If you grease it you bust the seals that keep the grease in. If the seals are broke it allows contaminates in and grease out. So in my opinion the joint has already failed at this point.
  3. I bought the ACC ones, here they are
  4. Took me a while to find this thread. Renewing it as I have had members interested in the beauty ring idea.
  5. Thanks Bernie, I have not tried that. My ozone generator will be here on Tuesday. If that doesn't do it, I will definitely be giving that a try.
  6. I have had the one wire unit in my Corvette for 14 years now. No fuss, no muss.
  7. Only thing left in my car that hasn't been changed are the headliner, door panels , and dash. Under the dash looks mint.
  8. I have had a bag of it that Adams polishes sells under the front seat for a year. My sense of smell was damaged a couple years ago. I smell it slightly (doesn't bother me) but my wife says it smells and so does my neighbor.
  9. i actually already tried one of these from Adams polishes, I don't feel like it helped in my case.
  10. the inside of my riviera has a old car smell, even though I have stripped the interior and redid it. I bought a ozone generator to try, but am concerned about some things I have read. I am hoping some of you have used one and can assist. My first concern is,... Some have said to cover anything metal as ozone can damage it. Really?? Also that it will discolor the spare tire and rubber. Really? I plan on running it for only 30 minutes at a time with days of air out time.. Anyone? I know used car lots use them.
  11. I used the Clarks tray with vinyl covering. The fit is great. The challenge is installing it with no mounting holes in the fiberglass. Here is how I installed it... First I used velcro across the back so I didn't need to drill holes there. In the back corners the last screw in the metal trim goes through the package tray at a strange angle, and is a pretty long screw. I drilled abut a 3/4 inch hole in that corner to mane installation of the screw easier. The trim covers that whole area anyway. I am pleased with the result.
  12. Try spraying some electric motor cleaner in the switch, and the aggressively work it on and off. Could be hard grease and copper filings from the contacts creating a electrical path. If so this will fix it.
  13. Yes I have been driving it. My seats sit high now as well, and I had broken springs that I repaired with these upholstery clamp doo hickeys. They kinda creak now, but so do I. I just replaced my fuel tank sending unit and now my gas gauge only read 3/4 when full. Found a broken strap on my old one. I soldered a new wire to it. Guess I will be pulling the tank again
  14. Bought mine from you, I can tell you the quality is excellent