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  1. I replaced the water pump housing/timing chain cover. New timing chain while I was in there. Installed a 4 core champion radiator. Runs good. Looking for electric cooling fan recommendations? I also need to install a water temp gauge, temp sensor for cooling fan, and the HOT light sensor. Can I just install a "CROSS" in the water port with the "HOT" sensor to run the others?
  2. 64 Riviera. So....In my infinite brilliance. Replaced the timing chain, cover, water pump. Went to reinstall the harmonic balancer and the keyway is worn. Im not so much worried about the pulley boss although it might affect balance slightly. Of course it it reassembled now. The key is slightly worn and of course I didnt address it while it was off. Think I can run it as is? How would I even try to fix it? Weld it up and recut the keyway?
  3. Thank you everyone for the input. Just gotta fork over the $325 for the new timing cover. Was hoping to avoid it. But "best laid plans". Just will delay things a bit.
  4. This is the water block behind the water pump.What do you suggest to fix the pitting? Jb weld? haha. Does a new part replacement for this exist and if it does what is it called? Thanks, Josh and Garett Robertson
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