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  1. I got no time for the likes of Rumsfeld.
  2. Hello gents, I'm writing from Columbus instead of Tampa, as I'm up north for a couple of months visiting friends and family and working for clients up here. Columbus is a great town, and getting bigger and busier like every place else it seems. My question tonight is about Vintage Air Systems for use in the Riviera, specifically my '63. I have seen several of these units lately in a variety of cars from a '67 C10 Pickup, to today's sighting in a '67 Healey 3000. My questions are: Do they work well? Are they easy enough to install that a layman can do it? (By layman I mean a guy who has a high degree of mechanical skill and troubleshooting talent, but not a lick of AC experience). Can the original Riv ductwork and controls be adapted? Tampa is great from Nov. 1st to June 1st, but it's hotter than shit in June-Oct, so the AC is a must. I would be glad to hear your stories of the Vintage Air products, and particularly which set-up is right for the Riviera. Finally, I bought yet another car today, a 1967 Chrysler Newport 2-door hardtop. I stole the car, and it is really nice. Some sorting will need to be done of course, but that should be fun, and, there's a Mopar section to this website so hopefully those guys will be as helpful as you chaps here in the Riv section. Amazingly, the '67 Newport coupe is actually longer than the '63 Riviera....The Riv is 17 feet 3 inches (correct me if that's wrong), and the Newport comes in at an even 18 feet! It's a 2-door! Insane. Oh, and some research on the interweb told me that the slab-sided Chryslers were designed by a guy who left Ford after designing the '61 Continental. Cheers from Buckeye-land Rich
  3. Thanks Keiser for the useful info. I appreciate all the comments and the help.
  4. Thanks for the info fellas, I plan to pick the car up tomorrow morning, and take it to my buddy's shop for some cleaning and maybe try to figure out the electrical issue. My whiz-kid friend is on a motorcycle trip to the BMW gathering, so it may not be until next weekend when he can help me sort that electrical problem. But it will be fun to clean the car up and get myself familiar with it. I still can't find the camera.... Rich
  5. Can somebody tell me where the Newport Custom fits in to the Chrysler lineup in '67? I assume the Imperial was the top-dog model, and the New Yorker was below the Imperial. Was the Newport the entry car for Chrysler? What did the "Custom" designation include? Was the Newport Custom better equipped than the Monaco (which I know was a Dodge)? Just trying to educate myself about Mopars. Thanks! Rich
  6. Many thanks for your post Craig. The plan is to have the owner locate the title, then tow the car to a friend's shop here in Columbus so I can start to sort through it. I may need some stuff while I'm up here in Ohio, so I'll be sure to give you a call. Come August I will probably trailer the car down to Tampa, and will need stuff once I start working on it down there. Thanks again for the post, I really appreciate the interest and support. Rich PS, I do not have one of those infernal I-phones, and don't care if I ever do. SO, when I locate my digital camera, I'll get some photos of the car and post them. Thanks again.
  7. Hey Jack, I bought the car. The guy just couldn't keep it any more, he had some health issues. He said he had started it just last week, but there wasn't anything at the key...no crank. He had put a voltage regulator and coil on it recently, and it did start and run, but there appears to be some electrical gremlin he hasn't found yet. We agreed on $1250. The interior is quite nice, except for the driver's seat back. The body seems pretty solid, and the underside looked decent from what I could see. Floors and quarters look good, and rockers too. So, I'll tow it down to the shop this weekend and see if we can get the old 383 running. If I can find my camera I'll post some photos. Cheers, Rich
  8. Thanks Jack. I could see that the Newport would be a good complement to my Riviera...big floaty Detroit cars. I plan to leave a note on the car this evening, so I'll let you know if anything comes of it. Thanks again from Columbus, Rich (from Tampa) If olive oil comes from olives, and vegetable oil comes from vegetables, where does baby oil come from?
  9. Hello Mopar fans, I normally post with the Riviera group (I just bought a '63 Riv on March 1st, and after a 27-year dormancy, It's on the road again!). It's a "rolling restoration", and my wife and I are loving it. But I do have an affliction, so now I have my eye on a '67 Newport Custom that has been basically sitting on the street, not really moving much, and I want it. I come up from Florida to Ohio in the summers, and this red '67 Newport has been sitting on the street for at least 2 years. It changes position, and has good plates, but the tires are low and I'm thinking of leaving a note on the car to see if the owner would sell. I can't detect much (if any) rust on the body panels. One spot on the black vinyl roof is bubbling. The car is red, not sure if it's a factory color. Interior is nice. But it's just sitting on a busy street (amazing it hasn't been hit yet), and it just seems like the owner has no good place to keep it. Anyhow, the car really has my interest, so I'd ask you fellows for any advice about this model. I've owned a half-dozen A-body Darts, and my Dad had a '66 Monaco, but I have no experience with the Newport. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
  10. Thanks Bernie, tell me more about removing the dash cover...... Rich
  11. Thanks Bill and Gary, and everyone else who posted about the LED bulbs. I got busy so I'm just now responding. Next question....how difficult is it to change out the dash/ gauge bulbs? I assume it involves what I call "dash yoga", which has you contorting on the floor of the car whilst trying to locate something under the dash and then you get a Charley Horse. At least a couple of times recently I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to get out from under there! If there's an easy way I'd like to know...
  12. Thanks Gary, can you possibly post a full list of the bulb numbers you used? Thanks for the help, Rich
  13. Hi again, work is progressing well on my '63 Teal Mist. Thanks to all who have responded to my posts, the knowledge and advice has been extremely helpful and most appreciated. Today I had the car in the muffler shop, and they were removing the exhaust pipes from the two downpipes running rearward. It turns out that one of the flanges on one downpipe was broken, and had been patched together. So, a new replacement manifold is the next part to order. BUT, clearly visible inside the pipe near the flange was a butterfly valve, which was obviously corroded shut a long time ago. Apparently the last guy to touch the pipe cut about half of the butterfly out to keep the exhaust flow going. SO, the questions are.......what was the function of this butterfly valve?; and at this point is it necessary?; and is this a part that can be sourced and replaced? I plan to get a new exhaust manifold, so I don't know if that new/old manifold will include this valve. Thanks gents, Rich
  14. Terrible Ted? The Motor City Madman? I guess this club will accept anyone.