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  1. Is it a Riviera or is it a '48 Tucker?
  2. My blue wheel is original and has a crack... part of the charm of a survivor... I have some other parts which are NOS.. that are not original to my car and I have been debating putting them on such as: rear window defogger and electric antenna.... I want to keep the car as original as possible, at least as far as the options it originally came with. I have someone interested in both of those. What are those pieces worth? Thanks!
  3. For those who love classic cars, this is a great show. June 3-4, 2017. Here are a couple of links which provide more information....
  4. No one said anything about the 65 headlights.... really?? Or the clock..... I would love to see a modern day version of the 65... with updated suspension, fuel injection, 25+MPG with the 65 styling... the styling was (still is) incredible..
  5. This was our first attendance at an ROA annual... we were blown away with how friendly everyone is and how helpful. Being the only 65 where we live it is a challenge to see how the car should be.. I learned so many things in two days... and saw some really beautiful cars from all the years. It was the longest road tip this car has seen in likely 30 years and it was smooth all the way - 825 total miles... about 13MPG.. We had a really good time... thanks to all who were on the organizing team! It was a great event! Congrats to all the winners! The McFadden's from Bright's Grove, Ontario
  6. In the attached photo I have outlined in red and yellow exhaust tubes.. ...The yellow one goes to a vacuum (2nd photo) near the distributor... The red circle, where does it go, if anywhere? I think this setup is a Carter 4 Barrel. Thanks much!
  7. Thanks gentlemen - very helpful as always!
  8. This piece protects the headlight linkages in the front of the wheel wells.... when I had the car painted the guy lost the bolts that hold each one of these in place. There is one of these pieces for each side of the car. The nuts are welded onto the frame (or assembly where these fasten to). Does anyone know where I can source these bolts. (Or what they look like) Thanks much!
  9. I've seen this car at a local show and it looks nice, but you would have to look closely like any other car. Canadian $$ so it might be worth a look. Good luck!
  10. U-joints? Mine creaked in reverse.... annoying screech you're describing
  11. My Carb choke does not work properly.... is it the coil, and if yes, are they easy to source.... it stalls 2-3 times backing out of the garage... would be nice to get that resolved... Thanks!
  12. I use some CLR on a Cue Tip every spring and it works great... cleans the points without filing them down down. Cheers!