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  1. Has anyone tried putting a check valve in the vent line to prevent the gas surge from happening? Kevin
  2. I had to repaint my motor after changing the water pump. The motor was green so I figured it was time to go back to silver. If I do this again I think it would be easier to pull the motor
  3. Merry Christmas Bob. Is your clock set to turbinator time? Looks good, your new wheels look great also. Kevin
  4. It sounds like you may need to check the strainer on the sending unit in the tank and the steel gas line. If you get dirt in the check valves on the pump it won't work. Kevin
  5. Looks great Bob. The tri shield fits good. Kevin
  6. I had this problem with my 1963, single master cylinder. When it was warm the brakes would stick. I changed the master cylinder and the problem went away. I see you have already replaced the cylinder, maybe it's bad. Try tapping on the master when it sticks to see if it will release. Kevin
  7. I hope that your wife doesn't read the forum, otherwise it may be your parts that are available. Just kidding. Kevin
  8. In 1963 a driver's side mirror was optional. Since the mid '70s most all cars have passenger side mirrors. When we don't see one it looks like something is missing. If you like the look, do it.
  9. Jim Cannon wrote a article about mid year changes in 1963 for the Riview. It tells us there was a change in mirror location. My car has the later forward location and the passenger was mounted to match. If I had the earlier location, I might have better visibility. At this point I don't want to make new holes to move the mirror. Kevin
  10. My mirror is mounted like the one's in your picture. It's a remote mirror. I can't see anything unless I lean way over. That's why I said it's useless
  11. I have a right side mirror on my '63. It's a remote mirror, looks nice from the outside, but useless. Even if I stuck a convex mirror on it , I still would not be able to see anything. It was on the car when I bought it. It's just eye candy, serves no purpose.
  12. Thank you for sharing. I was going to wait till spring to replace the tires on my 1961 pickup. New tires are going on tomorrow. They are 14 years old. Kevin
  13. Looks good. I noticed your fan shroud is like mine. Don't see many like that.
  14. I have one '63 wire hubcap that has a emblem like the one pictured on the right. The spinner is held on with 3 screws. What I thought was odd is the spokes were aluminum not stainless.