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  1. Bob, sounds like you have been busy. When we get done with social distancing we should have a lot of trouble free driving with our Rivieras. Stay safe Kevin
  2. With no car cruises for now, I keep looking to fix things that aren't broke on the Riviera. I changed the flexible brake hoses and found the dates on the old ones were January of 1983. One less thing to worry about. Kevin
  3. Gene, it looks like your boredom pictures are paying off. Keep posting. Kevin
  4. Gene is that you on the cover of Car Review? Kevin
  5. In times like this we all need a good laugh. Kevin
  6. Ok, but what do you do tomorrow? I only see 12 beers.
  7. Yes the gas is cheap but it's been 3 weeks since I bought any and another month before will need to.
  8. I can remember that I checked the oil level every time I got gas. Chevrolets usually got 800-900 miles to a quart. The first car that I had that didn't need to add oil between oil changes was a 1973 Olds. Kevin
  9. I was looking forward to Kalamazoo but cancelling is the right thing to do. It would be easy to wait and see. Leaders make the tough decisions that aren't always popular.
  10. Would a local auto glass repair shop be able to help? Kevin
  11. I have had senders leak at the top crimp. They are not expensive but hang on to your receipt, you may go thru a few before you get a good one. Kevin
  12. I can't open your pictures. With out seeing the pictures I would take a good look at the water manifold and see if the o-ring failed. Kevin
  13. I am looking at the picture or your interior. What happened to the ac and heater controls? Your car looks great.