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  1. I saw your boat tail at Overland Park. What a great car. How many Rivieria's do you have?
  2. The gears are easy to change. Just make sure you test them before you put the door skin back on. I had to loosen the screws holding the case together because I had a little bind on the motor.
  3. You can't swap left to right, right to left. The teeth are cut so when you are at the end of travel on the gear the vent window is in the closed position.
  4. The gears are made left and right, the teeth are not cut all the way around .
  5. I think the next thing to fail is going to be the pole because of too much weight.
  6. I use cotton balls soaked with pepermint oil to keep mice out of the car. In the spring the peppermint smell goes away. The mothball smell never goes away.
  7. White walls can't fix ugly.
  8. I was able to see This car at Overland Park. I could not stop looking at the great interior, if I did I would have noticed the bottom of the car is just as good. Kevin
  9. kegart

    64 Turbine

    Is this one of the caps you got at Overland Park?
  10. kegart

    64 Turbine

    Looks great Bob. Kevin
  11. Looks better than the original.
  12. Very nice car. Engine compartment well detailed.
  13. After driving to ROA meet and back from Michigan, I would recomend a car with air and cruise control. The seats in my '63 were just fine. My right leg got tired and 90 + degress was a little warm.
  14. Great article on your car Winston. I was able to see it at Overland at Overland Park. The car looks even better than the pictures. Met alot of great people. Saw alot of great cars. Kevin