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  1. I recently had to remove the gas pedal in my 64' to replace the carpeting. Now, that the new carpet is in place, I reinstalled the two ball prongs with their base plate and pushed the base of the pedal back onto the prongs. Everything looks fine, but when I drive I now find that the pedal pops off the right ball prong if I don't center my foot on the gas pedal when pressing down on it. This happens mostly when switching from the brake pedal to the gas pedal and you tend to press on the left side of the gas pedal (which I believe most people do when quickly switching to acceleration from a s
  2. Thanks guys! The console is out of the car as we are replacing the carpeting so I will most likely take to paint jobber and see what they can do. Thanks again for your thoughts. 🙂
  3. Looking for a source for paint to touch-up a few scratches on my console. It has the green 610 Cloth interior. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Thanks John for your response! I did see that I could reverse the front u-brackets and also noticed the small hole on the rear but did not notice it lines up perfectly with the hole in the floor. Thanks for confirming that it does. If you drill the hole to 7/16" I assume that will be big enough to use the original bolts? Thanks. Walt T.
  5. I am a member of ROA and have a 64 Riv. I am wondering if the seats could be adjusted slightly back to give more leg room. I have the 4 way seat on drivers side. I have looked through the body manual but can't find anything. I looked through this forum and find others wishing they could do this, but no solution. Is there a way to do this without modifying the track or brackets? Thanks!
  6. Hi Telriv, Yes, I did find that screw and removed it. The console does move a little bit but not up enough to get at anything. Should I remove the heater vents on each side? Will that allow greater movement up?
  7. Hey gang, installing a new carpet in my 64 Riv and need to put the rear carpet under the console. I read that you don’t need to remove the entire console to do this, but just what do I need to “loosen” up to slide the carpet under it? Thanks!!
  8. Great Ideas guys! It allows those locations to be more useful for our modern day. Thanks for responding!
  9. I need to replace my corroded cigarette/cigar lighter for my 1964 Riviera for both the front and rear lighters. What is the correct replacement - A Rochester or Casco? I want to replace all the parts so I would also need the correct element too. Thank you!
  10. Thanks very much KongaMan! This gives me a place to start. But one thing, is it OK that the rubber adapters used in the control heads can be bypassed and the vacuum lines plugged directly into them?
  11. Hello fellow lovers of Rivieras, I am hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction as I try to figure out why neither of the dual stage vacuum diaphragms on my 64 Riviera do much, if anything! Here are things to note: I know it seems simple that there may be a lack of vacuum, but I have tested the storage "ball" in the engine compartment and it is keeping a strong solid vacuum. I have then tested the control head connections for both the Heater and A/C and they seem to be getting vacuum although I did not record the PSI. But when testing them back at th
  12. Well, I found one!! It seems that my search parameters we too restrictive, meaning when I took out the term "Guidematic" and replaced with "auto dimmer" I got a lot more results and was able to find a used one on Ebay. Ed, you're right in that there are a number of cars that used the same basic design for these things. If the connectors don't fit, I will just individually connect them. Thanks guys for your suggestions! Walt
  13. Thanks for the responses. Ed, I would love to see the other listings for the GuideMatic foot dimmer switch that you see. I must be missing something. I wish I had the original switch, but it was replaced with a non-GuideMatic one which has only 3 terminals. The GuideMatic has 4 terminals. The harness has all 4 wires with 3 wires grouped on one connector and 1 wire by itself which is the one not connected.
  14. Doug did not have anything and had no idea where to get one. I spent sometime on the internet today looking with no luck. So, if anyone from the ROA has any leads, I will be eternally grateful! Again, Ed, thanks for your help. Walt
  15. Hi Ed, Thank you for your response! I am a newbie to owning a Riviera so I did not know about the Buick Farm. I looked on their website but it's for a different year. Anyway, I will contact them. Thanks again for the lead. Walt
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