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  1. The rubber gripping toolbox drawer liner works better than spray can top for me. Kevin
  2. Your car is 55 years old. Listen to Tom and Bernie. Replacing brake lines and wheel cylinders is cheaper than collision repair Kevin
  3. I see 2 to 4 mpg change on my daily driver when they switch from summer to winter gas. Kevin
  4. I drove my '63 Riviera to Overland Park , 780 miles and Gettysburg, 530 miles. I got 11 to 13 mpg average and have got 14 mpg. The quality of the gasoline I think has a effect. I like to drive 75+ when I can safely. Kevin
  5. I know it's coming, but I'm not ready to look at pictures with snow yet. Kevin
  6. I use it to soak up the oil and keep the floor clean Kevin
  7. Looking at the picture above, I wonder if excess thread sealant effects the ground when cold. You touch a ground wire to hex on the sensor to check with key on. Kevin
  8. Looks like a plug for a battery tender. You can see the cord coming thru the grill. Kevin
  9. I changed to a 160 thermostat, thinking it would help run cooler. I finally realized that the thermostat is there to maintain a minimum operating temperature. After installing a temperature gauge I thought my car was running too warm on hot days. I would sometimes run 205 - 210 degrees. The Service manual says the hot light doesn't come on till after 240 degrees. The car was fine. The problem was in my head. Kevin
  10. There is a reason date codes were mandated. I think due to the changes in rubber compounds to get higher mileage, we don't see the deterioration for age like we use to. Kevin
  11. Look for a local auto parts store that still has books. Most chain stores don't know how to find parts if they aren't on their computer. Kevin
  12. After Ken first posted pictures of his tire failure I checked the dates on my 1961 pickup. They were 12 years old so I replaced them. The new tires ride smooth and peace of mind with new tires was worth it. Kevin
  13. When I was at Gettysburg I talked with Gene Guarnere about right side mirrors and he showed me a Riviera there that had a right side mirror that was slightly larger that would work better. He thought it was a Pontiac item.
  14. My right side mirror is mounted forward to match the driver's side. It looks nice but is useless. I think the only way you could see anything would be if it was mounted on the fender and that would look terrible.
  15. I forgot that you have air. Like Tom said your condenser would be damaged first so the screen would not help. Kevin
  16. Bob, you got me thinking it might be a good time to put a screen in front of the radiator to stop big bugs a debris out. Kevin
  17. I would go with repairing your current radiator. It's easy to damage a radiator when working under the hood by dropping something or leaning on it. The good thing with a brass radiator is it's easy to get repaired. I don't know if aluminum radiators can be fixed as easy.
  18. We can all see the reason Buick never made a more door Riviera. Kevin
  19. Good information. I was not aware of the difference between '63 and '65 on this trim. Kevin
  20. Try Gene Guarnere. His number is in the Riview. He had them made of steel. Kevin
  21. I have Toyo tires on my '63 and have the same brown staining problem. Lacquer thinner will cut it but would not recommend using it. Kevin
  22. Thanks Bob. I got my emblems today. Fit good and look great . Kevin
  23. Your cables may have been hooked up in the wrong location. They are color coded but with time the color may be gone. I have had mine off several times and the last time I got the cables wrong and was difficult to adjust rite. Thru trial and error I figured it out. Kevin
  24. People get confused when they find the chrome under the paint but to plate just the edge would be costly. Faster and cheaper to chrome the whole grill and paint after. Kevin
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