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  1. Seen a couple with cracks both were behind the starter.
  2. Bob one hose on the modulator is of a larger dia. Is that the one that goes to the STV?
  3. Try a local alternator, starter or motor shop. If it’s a armature or brush problem they should be able to handle it.
  4. I believe this is the cover for 1st gen seat track.
  5. Chasander

    64 Riv

    I worked at “The Buick” in 1965 and we didn’t get a week off between the Holidays. Looking at old pay stub period ending 1/3/65 l had 24 straight time hours. So 3 days of production that week.
  6. My wife’s mother worked at Ternstedt in the early sixties. It was on Coldwater road maybe two miles north of the Buick complex. I think at that time it was a stand alone GM Division.
  7. Bob did that job twice, hopefully no more. That lineage you have pictured looks like it’s for clutch pedal, might be able to utilize that on my 66. Where did you find that?
  8. Bob same thing happened to me, I think it was an internal check valve, sent it back to Booster Dewey and he repaired, no charge. It had also been about three years with very little driving. Have fun getting push rod off the brake pedal.
  9. Found it Bob. Great bedtime reading.
  10. You look to be about 30 in that picture. That must make you about 87 years old. Oh and where are the suspenders.
  11. Bob Stemm is parting out a 63. His number listed in used part section of review.
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