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  1. Clark Corvair corrected the problem after they sent the wrong ones
  2. Try hereCustom billet grilles and winches. Call 727 871 5966, new port richey,fl.
  3. Besides being used to seal rubber covers on electrical connections, dielectric grease also prevents corrosion when applied directly to metal connectors. Though it works well for this purpose, it can sometimes cause a connection to stop working if not all of the grease is pushed out of the way between the points of contact inside the connector. from geek web site.
  4. thanks thought there would be more ties on that line then one.
  5. Isn't 71 thru 76 considered the same generation? (Same motor, wheel base)
  6. Where was their marketing people on the 7th gen car. One of guys who serviced cars in the executive garage saw a proto type of one on display for the brass and commented that it looked like a Mercury cougar. He was severely scolded and transferred to a different area the next day. (I worked at “The Buick” for 35 years”. ) Chuck
  7. While discussing routings, please show original way1/4 “ gas line returns in engine bay and how it is tied. (No grammar police please)
  8. I tried out for the choir in 7th grade, the director said maybe tennis would be a better choice.
  9. I have a 63 with AM and rear speaker only. The volume was noisy and I had it cleaned but soon was scratchy again. Thanks for all the replies. Currently using FM converter mounted in ash tray. It passes but not the most desirable.
  10. Looking for opinions and recommendations on after market radios. Retrosound verses Custom autosound. I had my orginal AM radio in my 66 GS converted to FM stereo by Antique Auto Sound and was very much dissatisfied, so conversion is not an option.
  11. Almost sure we built all models in Flint for 1965.
  12. I keep a set of 1978 bias ply tires around just in case I need a extra point or so.
  13. My 66 Skylark Gran Sport was built in Flint. In Fact Itook factory delivery.