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  1. Bob did that job twice, hopefully no more. That lineage you have pictured looks like it’s for clutch pedal, might be able to utilize that on my 66. Where did you find that?
  2. Bob same thing happened to me, I think it was an internal check valve, sent it back to Booster Dewey and he repaired, no charge. It had also been about three years with very little driving. Have fun getting push rod off the brake pedal.
  3. Found it Bob. Great bedtime reading.
  4. You look to be about 30 in that picture. That must make you about 87 years old. Oh and where are the suspenders.
  5. Bob Stemm is parting out a 63. His number listed in used part section of review.
  6. On the AC units the angle of the tubing is very slightly different causing the return line to hit the tank. (From Jim) BFH and a brass bar to slightly dent the tank allowed it to fit.
  7. Weren’t all four horns a matched tone?
  8. Dakota Digital # ODYR-40-2/SLX-40-2 ,2 1/16 Dia .is a multifunction gauge W/alarm set points. Looks like what I’m looking for. Gets a bit $$$ after adding transducers. Looks like it may fit in clock location.
  9. I’ve been looking for a digital gauge that could be mounted under the ash tray door. I would like the readout to be able to cycle between oil, temp, and maybe amps with preset alarms. Has anyone seen one like this.
  10. Mine sort of did this. Found ground wire on distributor base sometimes making contact.
  11. The Assembly manual specification should tell us with full tank, 2 passenger, cooler in trunk full of beer.
  12. I’m thinking wheel well moldings. surprised no one on forum has assembly manual.
  13. What is the factory ride height dimension for a 63, maybe from an assembly manual. By the way Does anyone own an assembly manual ? That would be great to have.
  14. Precision radio in New York as 2 month wait time. Apparently because of the the covet everyone is having their radios worked on.
  15. I’m thinking cover the cardboard with vinyl and living some extra vinyl to turn in ward.
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