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  1. Some replacement cylinders from rock auto are metric.
  2. Had my Master Cylinder rebuilt recently by White Post restorations and they cautioned about using Dot 5 brake fluid. They said it will swell or soften some rubbers. It will void there warranty.
  3. Rivets are not unique to the Riviera, My 66 Skylark GS also have the cast iron drums riveted to the Hubs.
  4. Lens still clear after 56 years. Why are so many newer cars fogged just after 4-5 years.
  5. Gas seems to be coming out of vent hose. I am Using original gas cap. I recently had tank down. All connection have been checked.
  6. I'm paying close attention to your AC journey as I will be doing this shortly(fixing AC)
  7. Wife was following me and said liquid was coming out by license plate. Must be Gas tank vent. My tank was on the full side. Have anyone else had this happen and is there a solution
  8. Bottom line Bob. Will you have AC when you pull into Gettysburg?
  9. Thank you. Didn't even have to take nut off completely., but created another challenge. How to get my ratchet out of the bottom of the cowl?