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  1. Just did this job and it’s very doable. I reached in and put the speed nuts on with ratcheting box end with a string tied to it. Some of the nuts had to be drawn in to make the monogram fit tightly to the body. Line the sharp edge with tape to save your hand also a little dum dum on tip of finger to help start nut. Monogram has 7 post and bought from “oldbuickparts”.
  2. Run a tip cleaner into passage way in carb and found some carbon build up. Changed O ring and cover gasket. Choke pipe now very hot. Thanks for tips.
  3. The hot air pipe that suppose to move the choke to the vertical position is not getting hot. (The circuit through the exhaust manifold is intact) There is not vacuum present at the choke fitting. The piston under the cover moves freely and I’ve sprayed cleaner in the passage ways. How much vacuum should I be seeing and what to do next.
  4. I would ask guys “How come you only work 4 days a week?” They would answer back “because I can’t make it on 3”.
  5. My 63, silver cloud w/deluxe black interior and silver headliner has silver trim w/ chrome A’s built April.
  6. My 63 built April with Deluxe interior are painted.
  7. Some replacement cylinders from rock auto are metric.
  8. Had my Master Cylinder rebuilt recently by White Post restorations and they cautioned about using Dot 5 brake fluid. They said it will swell or soften some rubbers. It will void there warranty.
  9. Rivets are not unique to the Riviera, My 66 Skylark GS also have the cast iron drums riveted to the Hubs.
  10. Lens still clear after 56 years. Why are so many newer cars fogged just after 4-5 years.
  11. Gas seems to be coming out of vent hose. I am Using original gas cap. I recently had tank down. All connection have been checked.