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  1. My 63 has factory air, but no tinted side glass, you would think they would go together.
  2. My 63 is without tilt, and as dealer installed manual mirror in the back position.
  3. Not sure what there for. I would think these are for parts only.
  4. Parts from varies years going to trash. Breaks my heart to trash anything some one might need.
  5. There’s a person in Brighton Mi. That as a Dress up kit in the box, part number 981151 (from 66 parts manual) it contains alum valve cover. I think the chromed valve covers were listed in the 65 parts manual, even though there pictured in the 66 accessory manual.
  6. Bill silver interior-very sharp
  7. Ed if this is the part I can send it to you
  8. There was a 425 on Face book listed April 11. Think it was riviera group
  9. Still don’t have April may
  10. 401 425 engine distributor has 4 90 degree connectors, to passenger side bank of cylinders, and 4 straight connectors, to drivers side bank. I was wondering if he had found a part number with this configuration or was making wires from bulk lengths.
  11. Tom whats the model number on the “Taylor Spiro Pro wires “you use or do you buy in bulk. They make a lot of wires for different cars, but not for our engines.
  12. Seems like I can remember that bracket on the left getting in the way when I was removing fuel pump.
  13. Seen a couple with cracks both were behind the starter.
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