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  1. My 66 Skylark Gran Sport was built in Flint. In Fact Itook factory delivery.
  2. In my experience NOS mean it has been returned to the dealer damaged.
  3. Should engine color be green on a non GS car? If so way remove and paint a motor on 7000 mi car?
  4. Thought road wheels started in 65
  5. One key for all locks on my 63. Also hood ornament is red. white and blue.
  6. 1966 Gran Sport Skylark order form header
  7. looks like a nice job on Headliner. I recently did this job, it was a man killer.
  8. Keep us informed as I see this in my future.
  9. Chasander

    Need Parts

    I see the insulators at Cars but not the spacer
  10. At the ROA nationals I well be looking for the spacer (2) that goes thru the insulators on the ends of the front bumper. (could invent something if unavailable). Could also use a upper passenger side drip rail molding that doesn't have dings. All for 63 Riviera.
  11. Did this job a couple of years ago, got the lines from inline tube in Mi. Had to reuse the tee on rear axle. I used steel lines.
  12. brake booster does not appear to be black
  13. Chasander

    63 silver headliner

    mine has a 2" mouse entrance