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  1. I believe that the material was one produced as a moulded length...: Just now searched metro, cars, right stuff, clarks, steele to no avail Talking about the fabric in that window channel rear guide Any thoughts/solutions? TIA, Steve
  2. John ready to move forward my address and request for payment details by pm...Steve
  3. If anybody wants the drivers side for 45 inc shipping (USA 48) I'll buy the set ...any interested parties reply here or pm me I only want the passenger side (top piece in the top picture)..Steve9236
  4. DOUBLE DOWN: I'll see your 2020 and raise you. My personal goal will be 4040 miles. I'll dip into the piggy bank for gas money. Steve
  5. I'm curious to know what insurance company agreed to insure the vehicle for $374,000. If it were my car, I would lend the keys to Kevin Hart for a quick spin LOL
  6. There's nos on eBay right now I believe the seller is a long time roa member...I think 95 each
  7. I stuff clothesline in the #3 piston half way up the compression stroke
  8. Update: Have one being shipped priority Can't seem to delete post
  9. Need the machines surfaces shiny and smooth no polishing/rust removal Can reply here or Thanks, Steve 9236
  10. from a time standpoint it says "radial" on the side of that tire, don't think it was a picture taken in 63 but not a tire expert