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  1. Dealers absolutely do like to have these stripped out models on hand and for more than a few reasons A) Ads in newspaper with the lowest priced riviera When someone wants a big discount they pull out this no frills option to shut them up C) Dealers swap inventory on a regular basis so they get swap the cheap car for a lot more packaged car of their choice D) Use the base car as a demo driver and upsell more equipment There's always someone in the market for the "best deal", especially in the world of Buick. Buick customers throw nickels around like manhole cove
  2. i was off by a little as I tried to take the picture at 77mph lol
  3. Loren check your messages I can use it Steve
  4. try pushing from the top instead of pulling from the bottom
  5. HI David, Everybody has their own set of eyes. My eyes: I see a set of four note horns worth maybe 3-500 if they are working and the harness is intact Other than that you are selling a project that needs: Engine gone thru 2500 Transmission gone thru 1000 Extensive sheet metal work 1000 Paint 3000 Interior 2500 Exhaust 800 Brakes/lines 600 Add another 2000-3000 tires, sandblasting, recore radiator and a shitload of surprises and other stuff needed for peace of mind Still have brightwork to consider... This a
  6. Choke operation? Another mind game: What will the experienced help find? And who cares to take a shot at the correct determination? I'm thinking improperly function choke.
  7. Bars Leak Oil Seal Oil Burning & Leak Repair? That sounds like quite the advertising campaign... I'm sure you didn't pour it into the gas tank did you? Did you bang the distributor? Put plug wires on wrong? The list is almost endless without more details PS these motors do burn oil how much you talking?
  8. Im stumped as it looks like the valley cover is silver also
  9. It should be green like the rest, that is a factory cast iron intake, 63 engines were silver It looks like green overspray in some areas..hard to tell. Odd that it's set up like that. See that bolt holding down the gooseneck at the end of the radiator hose> on the ledge right behind there is the engine number, what does it read?
  10. Cool car anything in your documentation that might address why the intake is silver? Curious.. STeve
  11. Putty and paint make a car what it aint There's been quite a sum of money spent and its not even close to over yet as there's a lot of steel rebirth needed on the bottom half I think the seller was treated VERY fairly.
  12. GMC Truck Show today in Hatfield MA They made me practice social distancing haha Popped off another 200 smiles the past 4 days
  13. Owner willing to sell. Promising complete projects considered. Thank you SteveBCA41591
  14. The challenge= 4040 miles in 2020 Started at 75099 Hit today: 77098 Still optimistic
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