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  1. Update: Have one being shipped priority Can't seem to delete post
  2. Need the machines surfaces shiny and smooth no polishing/rust removal Can reply here or Thanks, Steve 9236
  3. from a time standpoint it says "radial" on the side of that tire, don't think it was a picture taken in 63 but not a tire expert
  4. If not mentioned before there is a rubber bushing in the linkage/shaft that plays a part in this too Right inside the union at the cottor pin in the picture Steve
  5. turn signals/blower/radio all work off the accessory from your ignition switch check for harness plug melting/warpage the taillights are on their own line may be a two pronged problem, I would undo the access panel under the ignition switch and start from there
  6. My biggest critique would be the sellers ebay feedback...there's a lot of strikes that look well deserved
  7. Nobody takes better care of my money business than me
  8. I'm no 1st gen expert but its called a "blade" upper front, a "plate" for lower front and a "plate" in the rear. Bumpers have "bumper bolts". Might have a couple screws loose but No
  9. Coat hanger with a piece of sponge twisted on the a big Q-Tip
  10. Andrew wear a mask when cleaning up that debris and try no to kick it up too much, that's a mouse nest I can smell the urine from here. It will make you sick.
  11. Is the quartz movement powers by car battery or it's own battery ?
  12. 85% is a pretty steep figure, but pick ups lease great. SImply put, lease monthly payment is derived from MSRP- discounts/factory incentives- RESIDUAL. How much do 3 yr old pickups with 30-40k miles sell for at lease end? A LOT! They have a very strong residual. How are typical factory incentives on pick ups? Again, A LOT! Leasing keeps the factory running! Lease a pick up and you have a customer again in three years, keeping the turnstyle turning...Steve
  13. Joe I might be interested in the detached 2nd floor apartment and the three garages underneath if the ultimate purchasers decided to rent cheap