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  1. Well, that sucks. I had similar happen to me this summer, I decided to convert back to points. A little more maintenance involved, but if if points set up doesn't work it was my own doing, or lack of doing, as opposed to being at an electronic products whim. Start with pulling a plug wire and hold close to the plug (almost touching), have someone else crank... see if there is a spark. Go on pertronix website they have a troubleshooting chart for your module. Steve
  2. Daryle, I believe that is the incorrect carpet: the stirrup for seat track should have carpet butted up against it. Also, the seam for the front carpet should run from the fisher tag on the sill plate to the seat adjuster. Also, I don't believe there were finish plates on the track ends on a manual seat, either. Below is for sure original
  3. Not done yet! I may go over depending on when the heavy snow starts hitting
  4. 300 miles short of 4040...my goal
  5. Detroit Diesel paint...close enough for me. The last recore was in 1984. This should do it for me.
  6. OK.. the pump has been in, thought I would get the radiator recored as long as it was out ( I was planning to have it done over the winter as there was a little slight seepage and it was slightly buckling on the sides , I was promised quick turnaround etc etc) This is becoming a rich mans hobby$$$$$ anyway will buckle this up and be driving again this w/e..
  7. They are used on boat propellers
  8. theres a rubber bushing in the joint of the accelerator rods, right where the switch is. if its missing or distorted the switch wont work. If its there and looks good you may need a manual tweak. The switch should click with the lightest touch of your accelerator pedal
  9. i got aftermarket glass in my 2014 lincoln, they could not calibrate the electronics afterwards and sent it to the dealer. To diagnose it the dealership made insurance put factory glass in. 500 first windshield 3000 second windshield.
  10. Well, you have a little time to catch up.. I have about 500 miles to go before I hit my 4040 mile goal, just hit a snag. Heard a little pig squealing coming out of the engine compartment this week, has a bit of time to take a look and found a case of water pumpus failure-itis.. Got the pump out in about 2 hours, now I wait for the mailman. Will reinstall the original fuel pump that I rebuilt as long as it's staring me in the face, too. Take advantage of your free time Ben!
  11. I would talk to the builder, see what he thinks. hopefully just a flaw in the casting.
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