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  1. End of May and goal was 4040 miles this year. Did a thousand. Need a thousand miles in June to get back on track. We will see!
  2. OUCH Maybe people of that ilk R&R the Heater Core through the console area instead of through the firewall so their "perfect unmolested original" STAYS that way. Unmolested. By the way, generally speaking, the main difference between the guy who works on his car on weekends and the 7 days a week guy: the weekend guy LIKES working on cars and looks forward to the difficult jobs. The 7 day a week guy wants and needs a day off. As far as the two way tape, well, it just SCREAMS "hack-job". Steve in Mass 9236
  3. You are correct! The 2+2 HO upgrade would have special cam, higher compression, etc. Cant picture the grill but that powertrain in a 1st gen would be a fn Gorilla.
  4. If there was a time tunnel back to 65 my money would be on a Catalina 2+2/421 3x2 with close ratio 4speed and 4:11 gears, 8 lug wheels a/c and pwr windows (it was available as a convertible, too, but would get a hardtop) About the same money as the Riv. Very good looking, notorious GM ride, lots of dashboard jewelry. That car today in very good driver quality would be out of my price range as a hobby. That's where Rivieras come in. They're generally not all hacked up.They are the better looking car. And the best bang for my buck today. There's also a comfort in knowing the ins and outs of a certain mark of vehicle. StEVE
  5. And when you buy it from an older California couple it can no longer be a one owner.
  6. I'm interested. Is that enough interest to post a price?
  7. Piece of metal strapping, bend it around a drill bit, shape it with a hammer, drill a hole for the screw
  8. I wouldn't spend 500 either. Buying new isn't what the essence of the hobby is about to me. I painted mine with 2 coats POR-15 and covered in vinyl. It only has to be solid enough to make it to the back window, Its not holding the car together LOL
  9. If the screws are THAT IMPORTANT to somebody for authentic look, one could cut the screws down and retain them from the backside of the tray. It really doesn't need to be held in place. Once the metal trim surrounds are placed back on it's not going to go anwhere. Those replacement trays are over 500 bucks between the unit itself, vinyl covering and shipping. I wouldn't want to be the one to miscalculate a hole.
  10. HAZ: the weatherstrip channel up by the drivers side hood it my computer screen or is that corner butchered up? Steve
  11. there's also the four seams at the corners of the trunk lid gutter
  12. 65VerdeGS low dollar approach: here's a template I made. I used it to fashion a doubled up aluminum roof flashing and covered it in vinyl. Drove 2 sheet metal screws where the rivets were. PM me your address I will cut a copy of the template to you if you are interested. Steve 9236
  13. WAY behind schedule with all the craziness, got a miles update...500 so far ...