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  1. from a time standpoint it says "radial" on the side of that tire, don't think it was a picture taken in 63 but not a tire expert
  2. If not mentioned before there is a rubber bushing in the linkage/shaft that plays a part in this too Right inside the union at the cottor pin in the picture Steve
  3. turn signals/blower/radio all work off the accessory from your ignition switch check for harness plug melting/warpage the taillights are on their own line may be a two pronged problem, I would undo the access panel under the ignition switch and start from there
  4. My biggest critique would be the sellers ebay feedback...there's a lot of strikes that look well deserved
  5. Nobody takes better care of my money business than me
  6. gungeey

    `64 Riviera amp light

    check belt tension
  7. gungeey

    First Gen Riv Bumpers

    I'm no 1st gen expert but its called a "blade" upper front, a "plate" for lower front and a "plate" in the rear. Bumpers have "bumper bolts". Might have a couple screws loose but No
  8. Coat hanger with a piece of sponge twisted on the a big Q-Tip
  9. gungeey

    Oh no, body rot!! :(

    Andrew wear a mask when cleaning up that debris and try no to kick it up too much, that's a mouse nest I can smell the urine from here. It will make you sick.
  10. Is the quartz movement powers by car battery or it's own battery ?
  11. gungeey

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    85% is a pretty steep figure, but pick ups lease great. SImply put, lease monthly payment is derived from MSRP- discounts/factory incentives- RESIDUAL. How much do 3 yr old pickups with 30-40k miles sell for at lease end? A LOT! They have a very strong residual. How are typical factory incentives on pick ups? Again, A LOT! Leasing keeps the factory running! Lease a pick up and you have a customer again in three years, keeping the turnstyle turning...Steve
  12. gungeey

    House with 6 car garage. Retired Auto dealer home.

    Joe I might be interested in the detached 2nd floor apartment and the three garages underneath if the ultimate purchasers decided to rent cheap
  13. gungeey

    Markup In The Automobile Business

    Bob, was actually posing the question to the original poster, with all that said sounds like you would be a delightful customer. Your dentist is free to say "no" to your discount request, or maybe he's not the best dentist or maybe he cuts corners when it comes to instrument cleaning.. He may well be just a real nice guy... Other dentists might not need the work, have a tuition bill to pay for etc All these come into play in the world of retail and services rendered I wonder if your Hardware store owner/bbeach house owner thinks of people wanting discounts as "Ming"? LOL
  14. gungeey

    Markup In The Automobile Business

    I sell cars: My experience: A ) A "Great deal" is a matter of perception B ) The people that pay the least are least satisfied with their experience and purchase C) People aren't satisfied with TruCar "Exceptional Pricing", they want to be the new benchmark D ) If you don't want to dicker, well, sticker is quicker... Finally, do you go to the dentist or a restaurant and negotiate a price? Why not? Steve
  15. If the belt is not tight nothing else matters Tha;t's where to start The battery should read 12.6-7 cold Running should read 13.7 minimum Steve