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  1. That is an unnecessary thing to do........never heard of anyone doing that. That being said, you could grease it if you won't hurt anything I would use engine assembly lube if you are going to do it.
  2. What you need to do to solve your problem is NOT tighten the screws down all the way! If you do this, the horn bar will have more travel and will honk from both sides of the bar. I have a repro bar and with the screws tightened all the way down it won't honk or even move at all. I backed off on the screws about a turn and all is well. The screws have tension on them and they will not fall out if you loosen them up a little.
  3. Notice that the green Riviera in the photos has had the R I V I E R A letters removed from the front of the hood.....what a huge improvement! I hate those letters........they clutter up a beautiful front end design.
  4. Silicone fluid is purple.......DOT 3 is honey colored....very easy to tell the difference. also DOT 3 has a distinctive odor when smelling it. Silicone fluid has no odor.
  5. Surely there is some of the original paint on the car somewhere in the hidden areas where you can determine the color?
  6. One thing you want to watch out for when you assemble the engine is the funky giant metal pie pan intake manifold gasket. If you don't put a bead of silicone around each water coolant passageway on either side of the metal gasket, you will get coolant in your oil or an external coolant leak or both. Ask me how I know! Also, only use the Fel Pro rubber valve cover gaskets, not the cork ones or you will have leaking valve cover gaskets two years later. Again, ask me how I know!
  7. The Olds 403 is a great engine! I have a 79 Trans Am Firebird with the 403 with automatic transmission and a 2:73 rear axle with posi. In '79, if you got the 4 speed trans you got the 400 Pontiac V-8 rated at 220 horsepower and a 3:23 posi rear axle. The 403 was rated at 185 horsepower. Prior to owning the 79 T/A I have now, I owned a 79 400 4 speed T/A for many years. All the car magazines both back in 79 and today imply that the 403 is a slug. The problem is they never had a test done where they pitted the two engines against each other in a drag race, nor did they ever drag test a 403 car. Not only does the 403 have 3 more cubes than the Pontiac v-8, it has WAY more torque than the 400. I took my stock 400 four speed to the track many times and the best it could do was 15.95 in the quarter mile. Later when I bought my 403 car, I took it to the track expecting mid 16's. With the 2:73 axle it runs 15.40's all day long! Add to this the fact that the 403 gets way better gas mileage than the 400 Pontiac mill. The 403 doesn't need any performance mods..... it hauls ass in stock form. I tried several times to get High Performance Pontiac magazine to do a drag test between my car and a stock 400 4 speed T/A. They never would agree to do it because I think they were afraid of what they might find out about the 400 Pontiac motor. They were afraid that the results would not fit the narrative. As if all this wasn't enough, the Pontiac 400 was not available in California because it would not pass their emission standards like the 403 easily did!
  8. I read an interesting article in an early 80's car magazine I was looking at the other day that had been tucked away in my attic. It seems that back in 65, a car magazine pitted a base 65 Riviera with a 401 against a 65 GS Riviera in a drag race to see how much quicker the GS was. In their test, the GS outran the base Riviera but it took the entire quarter mile to do it. The 401 jumped out in front at the start and it took a tad over a 1/4 mile for the GS to catch and pass the 401 car. Several passes were made with the same result each time. My theory is that the 3.42 rear axle was holding the GS back. With all that torque the higher ratio rear end is faster.
  9. Use the AC44s plug. I'm in the car repair business for 44 years and we've seen a lot of instances of Champion plugs having the bottom end of the plug come disassembled with the porcelain shield around the electrode coming apart and falling down. I have seen defective AC plugs every once in a great great while but it is extremely rare. My favorite plugs other than the AC plugs are Autolites. They are economical to buy and I've never seen a defective one ever. I use these in Chrysler and Ford products. I use NGK in the Asian brands with no problems. When customers ask me about Champion plugs I tell them I wouldn't put them in my lawnmower, let alone my car.
  10. Good old Barn is the man! (As Andy Taylor used to say)
  11. Call a wrecking yard...they have a hollander interchange manual that will tell them what cars have the same wiper arms.