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  1. Whoever the source is, they are a wholesaler, probably somebody like Dynacorn, who reproduces various GM parts for all the vendors out there.
  2. Jim, I've had ACC carpet in my GTO for 30 years and it still looks beautiful. Their loop carpet is very nice, the only issue I've seen with it is the center hump being too large, but that wouldn't be an issue on your Riviera due to the console being there so you can cut some out of the hump if need be. The center hump in the rear floorboards is always fine, it is the front seat hump that is too large. I've used their carpet on several customer's cars with nice results.....their carpet is very good about not unraveling and holds it color well year after year.
  3. I was looking at the available colors online at the ACC website and to my eye their medium saddle carpet looks just like the original carpet sample in the previous post.
  4. The Legendary mats are nice looking but are thin and lightweight...the CARS mats are the best......but I think there is a much larger color availability on the Legendary mats. As previously stated, everything OPGI sells is sourced from someone else and sold at an inflated markup price. They have never tooled up to make anything for our Rivieras....everything in their catalog is available somewhere else for considerably less money with cheaper shipping.
  5. There is only one source for automobile carpet.........Auto Custom Carpets or ACC for short. Go to their website and request a sample of the available colors, choose the best match and order it....it comes molded to fit the floor pan, but it won't fit as nicely as the original carpet did...but that is the only choice you have. Usually the fit is fine other than the center hump is too large, but if your car has a center console you can cut out a section under the console to make the hump smaller. They only seem to have one center hump size, and I believe they must have used a sch
  6. I see problems in both of them.....Two years ago a guy had paid someone to install an MSD box on a 2003 Silverado with a 5.3 liter LS motor. After wiring everything up, the installer cranked it up and it was only firing on the right bank, all 4 driver's side cylinders had no spark. After going over all the wiring for a couple of hours, he concluded that the MSD box must be bad, so he ordered another one and the same thing happened again. At this point he gave up and the truck wound up at my place. I checked the wiring and determined that it HAD to be the MSD box, so I order
  7. I've never seen a photo of the two cars side by side.....the Riviera is so much better looking it's like comparing a model T to a Ferrari.
  8. If the car was in my shop i would put a smoke machine on the intake and verify where the vacuum leak is coming from.....it certainly sounds like you might have one......You might want to check out the pcv valve and make sure it isn't gummed up and causing a vacuum leak....if that's OK i'd recommend doing a smoke test.
  9. In my experience, a mystery intermittent leak like that is a loose hose clamp. Tighten all your hose clamps and see if the problem goes away.
  10. In my repair shop I've seen a lot of MSD ignition systems have problems and lose spark when they are almost new and have only a few thousand miles on them. In my experience, I wouldn't trust an MSD ignition to get me to the county line. I've got one in my shop right now on a 40 Ford Pickup street rod that is dead with 3,000 miles on it. Also, most Auto Supplies have a Pertronix on the shelf but take at least 24 hours or longer to come up with an MSD part.
  11. Leaving the key on with the engine off can destroy the Pertronix unit resulting in no spark i.e. you get stranded. Last weekend I found out I had been driving my 65 Riviera with a stuck voltage regulator and a charging system putting out 18 volts and boiling acid out of the battery. The Pertronix did not fry out on me which I find to be amazing.
  12. I've had Pertronix conversions in all my old cars for decades never a problem. On the other hand over the years I was stranded by bad points and condensor several times....once had to sleep in my GTO overnight by the side of the road due to bad points and condensor that were 1 week old. the one thing to remember with Pertronix is never turn the key on without starting the engine.
  13. I ran into something on my 65 Riviera last Friday that I had never run across before in 45 years in the Auto Repair business. Last Friday night I was prepping my Riviera for a drive to a car show on Saturday morning that would be a 160 mile round trip. I hadn't driven it that far in several years, so I took it out and drove it Friday night for a few miles to make sure everything was OK.......it was not! When I got back I opened the hood and I smelled battery acid.....my 1 year old battery was boiling acid out the vents and I could hear it bubbling inside the case. I h
  14. Thank you Tom T! He sent me two 2 inch caps off a 60's Buick and they fit perfectly....problem solved!
  15. Yes, I believe it is the same paint on all three.
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