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  1. I still don't have the private message icon on my screen.....all else is there.
  2. I have a private message but the private message icon at the top of the page is not there anymore so I can't read the message. Anybody know what's going on?
  3. Correction: They are actually located in Fort Worth!
  4. OK here is a pic of my dash. You will see in the pic that the right bezel appears a little higher. This is because the chrome horizontal trim just below the dash pad and the edge of the dash pad slopes downward as it approaches the door, giving the right pod more space between that pod and the horizontal metal trim. They raised the right pod a little to compensate for this. It would look even more noticeable if they had lowered it to match the left pod.
  5. Wow I guess I need to look at my carb again....my recollection was that it was a simple vacuum tee..... Good info Tom. I think I was confusing it with another car I worked on more recently.
  6. If your car didn't originally have finned aluminum valve covers and it has factory A/C, you will also need to source the correct top A/C bracket.
  7. It is just a 3/8 vacuum tee, nothing special about it. You could order online or buy from your local auto parts store.
  8. Just a heads up on battery prices currently. I had been using O'reilly flat top black batteries from Oreilly's for decades, but recently Oreilly's battery prices have gone to the moon. Recently I was quoted 225.00 plus tax for a group 75 Oreilly's battery with a two year warranty for my 95 Corvette. After much investigating and calling around, I found out that I could go down to the parts counter at my local GM dealer and buy a group 75 Delco with a 42 month warranty for 125.00 plus tax! Of course, that's what I have in my Corvette now, with appropriate repro stickers on the top that mimic a 95 model GM battery.
  9. My biggest gripe with HEI ignitions is that the spark is so hot that it burns out plug wires and ignition rotors. My Dad bought a new 79 Camaro and it had a plug wire with the spark jumping through the wire to the firewall when the car was 3 days old. Very common for the ignition rotor to get a hole burned through it with the spark jumping down the distributor shaft instead of out to the plug wires.
  10. There's no reason to put an HEI on a nailhead. They are too large, ugly to look at and are less reliable than a stock distributor with a Pertronix conversion kit installed. This is only my opinion of course........other opinions may vary.
  11. I've had two different sets of 225-75-15 tires on my car with no rubbing
  12. Every GTO ever made including the 2004-2006 models are rear wheel drive
  13. You don't have to remove the tank.....the metal tubes on the sending unit go all the way to the front of the tank and the hoses can be removed and replaced with the tank in the car. Be sure to ask for FUEL INJECTION fuel hose at your parts store as it is more alcohol resistant It sells for about 9.00 a foot versus regular fuel hose which is a lot cheaper. The cheap hose has a short life when used with alcohol fuel and is a fire hazard.
  14. The tranny rebuilder I've used for 40 years has told me that getting a switch pitch torque convertor is problematic , as is the drum and the pump which are different. Those three parts, along with the solenoid that is installed on the pump are the differences between an ST400 and a Turbo 400. I looked online and saw no listings for those crucial parts that are unique to the ST 400. I found old posts from twenty years ago with rebuilt switch pitch convertors for sale but nothing more recent than that.
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