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  1. Seafoam65


    Wow.....I,ve seen that episode quite a few times and had never noticed this.......I'll watch for it next time.
  2. Seafoam65

    Repro dash advice '64

    True, but it can be a lot of fun to fix up a car that needs some work, unless it is too far gone to mess with. Those 1500.00 Rivieras can wind up costing you 60 K or more along with 3,000 hours of your time. After having gone through several frame off restorations, if I bought another car it would have to need nothing at all or very little at I get older time and money become more precious. When I was a kid I used to restore cars that were too far gone to mess with because I didn't know any better and those cars were all I could afford.
  3. Seafoam65

    Repro dash advice '64

    Charges depend on the dash design. On a 69 GTO where the whole dash is the pad, not just the top, it runs 900.00. I would think the Riviera dash pad would be considerably less......If you call them up they can give you a quote. Turnaround time is usually about three or four weeks. I would be curious if they can source the correct pin point vinyl. The dash toppers and the OPGI dash pad both have a Madrid grain, not the pinpoint. Here's a pic of the dash they did on my 69 GTO. They stripped down my original dash to the metal frame and put on new foam and vinyl.......ten years later it still looks fantastic...
  4. I don't understand the turquoise car...........It has the wrong center caps on the wheels, the dumb pinstripe down the side, and the right headlamp visor rod is out of adjustment......all things that could be fixed in about five minutes and you can't fix these before running through Barrett Jackson? Hello McFly! This is akin to competing at the Miss America pageant and wearing no makeup.
  5. Seafoam65

    Repro dash advice '64

    What i always do when I need a dash pad for a car I'm working on is send it off to Just Dashes and get it stripped down to the metal frame and recovered with new foam and vinyl. They aren't cheap, but the finished product is worth every penny.and you still have your original dash frame so you know it's going to fit perfectly.
  6. Wow, the maroon car has a Stant Lever-cap which is known for hitting and denting the sheet metal on the hood! Hello McFly!
  7. My car was starting to look like the pics of the white one 43 years ago which resulted in the repaint in lacquer that the car has now. Flint put about one coat of paint on these cars when they were built. My Dad's 65 he bought new was rusting through the paint in spots when it was five years old.
  8. In my experience, most shops are not real good about getting the steering wheel perfectly straight. Be sure to tell them that the wheel has to be straight when you take it in if you decide not to adjust it yourself. If you want to just leave it one tooth over on the steering shaft, that won't hurt anything, but you might want to check the toe with a tape measure as I outlined in the previous post.
  9. Seafoam65

    65 Riviera Value

    bad things can happen when a guy who builds small block Chevies rebuilds a nailhead. If the engine has almost no miles on it yet, that would be a red flag for an informed buyer. We've seen a lot of blogs on this site where a nailhead is rebuilt and it tears itself to pieces after a thousand miles or so. Personally, I won't buy an old car with a rebuilt engine unless the build has 12,000 miles on it and it still has no problems.
  10. There is a line scribed into the wheel hub and another line scribed into the end of the shaft. The wheel should be installed with these two lines lined up with each other. I agree it looks like you are one tooth off on the steering shaft. If you find that you are already on the correct spline on the steering shaft, you can jack up the front end and loosen the adjusting sleeves for the tie rods and turn each sleeve the proper direction for each wheel to go to the left. It looks like you would need to go about a half turn on each sleeve. Once you get the wheel straight, you can double check the toe with a tape measure measuring across the tread on the front of the tire and the back of the tire. The back side measurement needs to be 1/8 inch more than the front side measurement. Each time you make a measurement , you need to first drive the car at least 100 feet. This is necessary for the tires to seat them selves to the pavement at their normal angle.
  11. Seafoam65

    65 Riviera Value

    Since it is a California car I would assume never any rust......Looks like a number 3 condition car to me.......Really nice number 1 and high number 2 GS 65 Rivieras have gone for over 100K at Barrett Jackson the last couple of years. If I were you I wouldn't take less than 50K for it the way it is right now. The GS 65's are starting to heat up at the auctions........I would advise you to keep the car and gradually fix the things that need to be fixed and you should be a very happy camper when you sell the car in a few years.
  12. 3M makes the sealing ribbon for your glass. You want to buy the 5/16 diameter ribbon. You can buy the stuff at an Auto Parts store.....I get mine from O'reilly Auto Parts. they don't stock it in the store but they keep it in their warehouse. You also need to buy the special primer that you paint the window jam with that promotes better adhesion.
  13. Seafoam65

    65 Riviera Value

    Nice catch Pat! I either need a new computer monitor or an eye exam because I can't see that GS emblem! Regarding value of the car, we get one 50 foot away picture and we aren't told it is a GS model and we are supposed to come up with a value. You were joking........right? If you were serious, post about 40 more pics of the car with closeups of the engine, interior, trunk, exterior close ups, undercarriage shots etc. and tell us if the numbers match and we should be able to get close to a correct number. Also need info like mileage of the car, what has been done to it over the years and what is still original.
  14. You are a very lucky should be playing the Powerball lotto. Odds of buying a numbers matching LX 425 65 Riviera when the seller doesn't know what he has is about one in 300 million!