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  1. Congrats to Ray for 35 years of excellence!
  2. I am not familiar with this setup, I just know I've been told you can't get any parts to fix it. Perhaps a 67 Riviera owner can chime in. Assuming this is the case, a drum brake car would be the more desirable car to purchase.
  3. Since it is my understanding that you can't buy any front rotors for a 67 disc brake car, wouldn't that make it a lot less desirable than the drum setup?.......something like ten times less desirable, since the drum brakes stop the car just fine.
  4. OUCH! How did this damage happen? So sorry for your loss, but if nobody got hurt that's the main thing. we've had a lot of crashed 65's on this forum the last several's making me nervous to take mine out of the garage!
  5. Ditto........let's see some pics. Is the paint original?
  6. I have three collector cars that are basically perfect like Jason's Riviera and then I have my 65 Riviera which is an unrestored low mileage original car with an undercarriage that looks like a 50 year old rust free car and a paint job that is not a show job but very nice 44 year old lacquer repaint. My Riviera is the only car I have that I drive on freeways and highways at high speed. The perfect cars I drive only on boulevards at 45 mph or less. I enjoy driving the Riviera a lot more than the other cars because I can go as fast as I want and on any road I want and I don't worry about getting a rock chip, although in six years of ownership I haven't gotten any chips so far. Because the paint is 44 years old and not perfect, I don't worry about the paint at all. My other cars were restored decades ago and still look perfect but I've had to repair a lot of minor damage from driving them, especially replacing chipped windshields. My Riviera has it's original windshield with a couple of chips in it, but so far I have held off replacing it because then I would be afraid to drive it on the freeway! When you go to the trouble of restoring a car to the level of Jason's car, it takes a lot of mental mind games to get your mind adjusted to the idea of driving the car.......I wrestled with this for a few years until I got used to the idea that I will just have to ante up and fix the damage when it happens. The worst thing that has happened to my serious show cars over the years was when I was driving down a boulevard in Dallas at 30 miles per hour and my GTO's quarter panel got hit by what I believe was a ball bearing fired by a sling shot. That incident led to an entire repaint of the car when mission creep took over.
  7. Wow, that's an amazing picture! Compare that to the pictures of downtown L.A. in the 1960's on the old Dragnet tv shows. At the beginning of each episode they would show pics of the city completely shrouded in smog.
  8. Wow,Jason is swinging for the fences. I hate to see him sell it after all the work he did on it.........if that car belonged to me it would be going nowhere until I passed away. That would certainly be a world record price for a second gen car! I wish I had the coin to buy it!
  9. OK Pat...........How do you know? give us the gritty details!
  10. Very simple.....this was an early gas mileage improvement device. The microwaves created by this device caused an atmospheric inversion at the carburetor throat that enabled your Riviera to get 30 miles to the gallon.Somebody at Exxon bought the company that made it out because it was bad for bidness.!
  11. In the 65 full line sales brochure, the main feature Riviera has a gorgeous saddle deluxe interior. The only problem is the actual cars that were for built to sell had a vastly different shade of saddle upholstery that was much lighter and more bleached out looking. My Dad's 65 Riviera that he special ordered before the actual cars came out was ordered with the saddle interior because of the beautiful interior in the 65 brochure. We were disappointed when the car came in and we saw what the saddle interior really looked like.
  12. If Ocassional Cortex gets her way, all our Rivieras will soon have electric motors in them.......kind of like a very nicely styled golf cart. You'll still be able to drive it every once in a while, unless of course the wind isn't blowing in which case you will need to walk to wherever you're going, but you can still ogle it in your garage, unless the wind isn't blowing, then you will need your flashlight to see it!
  13. Last I heard, Trump is working on changing this mileage requirement. Even if he fails to do so, people will just quit buying new cars and drive their old ones if they don't want an electric car. I would never buy one....would rather drive a Model T Ford than an electric car. I've driven my 69 GTO for 48 years'll do another 30 years no problem. Another reason not to worry about it is the world is going to end in 12 years anyway according to Ocasio Cerebral Cortex and Pocahontas.