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  1. It's funny, the thing I like most about the 65 Riviera is the power steering that you can steer with your pinkie finger it is so easy to turn the steering wheel. I learned to drive in my Dad's 65 Chevy half ton pickup that had manual steering and it was like wrestling an alligator to turn the steering wheel. After I had been practicing with the truck for a few months, he let me drive the 65 Riviera and I couldn't believe how wonderful the steering felt. I've been in love with the steering on these cars ever since. Even my power steering equipped 69 GTO doesn't steer near as easy as the Riviera even though the Riviera has much more weight on the front wheels. The light steering is the absolute favorite thing I like about these cars.
  2. I've had an Airtex on my car for six great. I use them in all my customer's old cars with mechanical pumps....have had zero defects over the last 15 years.
  3. Unless you scan your gauges ever 30 seconds, the light will warn you quicker in most cases. For most people, a gauge is useless unless the car has a warning light also because they never look at their gauges for the most part. I'm in the car repair business and I am constantly asking people if they monitor their temperature and oil pressure. 99 per cent of people tell me they NEVER look at these gauges.Only 1 in a 100 customers can tell me how many liters their engine is......the majority don't even know if it's a v-8, a six or a four cylinder. Over half of people in my experience won't even look at their gauges if smoke is pouring out from under the hood.
  4. When they come on, you are supposed to pull over and shut off the engine. I have found that most people never look at their gauges.....this is why an idiot light will save the engine when a gauge won't. they are called idiot lights because most drivers are idiots when it comes to taking care of their car or monitoring what their engine is doing.
  5. Today's North Texas weather....Sunny, High 72, winds 10 m.p.h. through next weekend. Weather report for Kansas,Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and other midwestern states........."A bomb cyclone with 80 m.p.h. winds and white out conditions with 15 inches of snow expected. Reportedly the worst winter storm in Kansas recorded history. Ed, have you climbed into your storm shelter yet?
  6. On my car the original A/M radio sounded fantastic, so I ordered a REDI RAD radio conversion device that plugs directly into the antenna jack on the A/M radio in series with the antenna cable, and that enables you to plug an MP3 into the provided extension cord that I routed behind the ash tray on the console. Not expensive, very easy to install and sounds great. My car has the rear speaker option so it really sounds great.
  7. If you are having bogging and cold naturedness, these symptoms can be caused by a loose timing chain.My 55,000 original mile car was doing this when I bought it.....I changed out the very loose timing chain and gear set and the symptoms went away.
  8. Ed meant to say "doesn't" go down flush with the fender.
  9. Go to upper right hand corner of your screen and click on the word search.....then type in the subject you are looking for (for example "seat belts") then click on the magnifying glass at the right end of the search white oval. down below it will ask you where to search, just click on "forum".
  10. The brackets are engine color, the pump is painted black. From 1955 till 1965, the nailheads were painted Buick Green except that the 63 riviera engines were silver. The last nailheads of 66 were painted red. The original paint on my 65's engine was was more of a blue tint and not as green as all the vendors sell, and not as green as the original paint on earlier Buicks that I have personally inspected. If you have the original paint on your engine this is why it looks blue to you and not green. You can't buy paint off the shelf that matches the 65 engine color exactly. When I repainted my engine I went with the Buick Green that Bill Hirsch is correct for most years of nailheads, but doesn't match the original paint on any 65 I have seen. It isn't far off and looks fine, just isn't quite as blue as the original paint. The seal kit should solve your leaking problem. Here are pics of my original engine paint, and then another pic after it was repainted with Buick will note the original paint is a little more blue and less green.........
  11. Frenchy you are the man! FINALLY somebody ordered one of the available cables out there.......I figured they would work! Jason Zerbini.....can you see that this info gets written up in the Riview?
  12. I agree with Ed's story......putting gas in a 65 Riviera is extremely difficult. I've found that in order to do it without risking scratching the bumper with the gas filler nozzle I have to get down on my hands and knees to fill it up.....a real PITA and horrible design.
  13. As crazy as that picture is, I saw something even crazier about a month ago on the internet. There was a guy on you tube that was showing how to winterize your cabin cruiser and he had his 16,000 pound 37 foot cabin cruiser in dry dock in his driveway at home and he was using concrete blocks to hold it up off the ground instead of the proper heavy duty screw jacks. In the video he was lying on his back on his concrete driveway with his 16,000 pound boat perched a few inches above his chest while he chatted away explaining how he had repaired the keel on the boat.. It was frightening as hell to watch.......I'm sure he's probably dead by now.
  14. Congrats!.........great find. Now we can start looking for the Arc of the Covenant!
  15. Here's another person who vanished as fast as he arrived........perhaps he had a welding accident? Perhaps the ROA could hire a private detective to track down all these missing persons!