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  1. So Bob.......is this the car that led you to buy your red 63 Riviera?
  2. When it comes to Riviera parts and knowhow......Gene is the MAN!
  3. My original headliner is green......saddle interior had a saddle headliner, blue interior had a blue headliner, black interiors had the silver headliner. I'm not sure what color the white interior headliners were....I would assume they were white, perhaps someone could chime in. Nobody makes the correct mint green headliner material for a 65 Riviera. I would assume most folks redo them in silver.
  4. On the 63 and 64 models the plates said "built Expressly for" On 65 and later models the plates said "Custom Built For"
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. The wild card in all of your measurements is the amount of fuel in the gas tank. The height in the rear varies drastically with a low tank versus a full tank. In my experience, the engineers designed the cars to sit perfectly level with half a tank of fuel, a little low in the back with a full tank and a little high in the back when empty.
  7. Agreed..........this is a parts car.
  8. These filters look to be fairly new so I'm sure they are OK, but I had a buddy who bought some old nos Delco filters for his GTO and they were so old that the filter material disentegrated and the debris stopped up his oil pump screen and oil pressure went to zero. The filters in question were probably several decades old, but be aware Delco oil filters do have a shelf life.
  9. Old cars have more wind noise because the windshield is much more upright than on a late model car.
  10. You've never stated if the vibration changes when you coast versus stepping on the gas.....unless a driveshaft is coming completely apart, they don't usually vibrate when not on the accelerator.
  11. In my car repair shop 90 percent of vibrations at high speed are out of round tires.......never a balance problem...just tires out of round due to sitting too long with all the weight on one spot (very common with old cars that sit a lot) or just tires with tread separations, or just cheap tires that won't hold their shape. Take a jack and jack one wheel off the ground at a time and spin each tire while holding your thumb up to the tread....if the tread gets closer then farther away from your thumb as you spin the tire, the tires are out of round. also while doing this you can check the run o
  12. Rear floor pans are available all over the internet......no need to fabricate them.
  13. Actually what did the original trays in was water coming in due to a rusted out rear window channel. Cars that were not driven in the rain usually still have pristine package trays 55 years later. If you drove these cars in the rain only every once in a while or washed them with a water hose and didn't blow out the window channel when they got wet, the window channel would rust out, leak water onto the package tray and ruin it by the time these cars were five years old. Here is a pic of the original package tray in my 65 that looks like new because the car has not been wet since 1967. Th
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