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  1. Nobody reproduces Riviera gas pedals.......you can get repro pedals for Chevrolet Impalas that will fit your ball mounts but they are much narrower and only come in black. If I were you I would try installing your pedal on the mounts with 3M yellow weatherstrip adhesive(the kind in the squeeze tube) squeezed into the problem hole that pops off and then let it dry for several days.....I think you will find that it stays put.
  2. Tom could you elaborate further.....are you saying that either hub design will work on a 65 and up, or are 65 and up hubs different from 64? How many different hubs were made and what years do they fit? I guess I got lucky on my 65 wood wheel conversion. The hub that came with my steering wheel went right on, and worked great. In my opinion, the hub and the center cap are hardest to find, with the center cap being by far the hardest to come by. The horn bar is no problem as they are reproduced. Steering wheels are plentiful, but usually will need to be restored as far as the plasti
  3. They must have changed the formula as that paint is not green at all.
  4. One other note, the Hirsch Buick green is less blue and more green than the original paint was on my engine. I was unable to find anything that was a really good match to my original engine paint, so I went ahead with the Hirsch paint, although I'm not enthralled with it. Here's a shot of my original paint on the engine compartment. You will note that the engine in this shot is bluer.....
  5. Duplicolor aerosol part no. DE1635 is a perfect match to the original paint on the firewall, inner fenders and radiator support.Here's how it looks on my engine compartment. I also used it on the engine brackets and the air cleaner.
  6. When I bought my 65 Riviera, all the emergency brake cables were completely frozen and would not move, because the guy who owned the car for 45 years never used the emergency brake. I tried using penetrating lubricant on the cables, but I wound up having to replace all three of them. It's not that horrible of a job if you have a lift, but a real pain if you do not.
  7. I used Paul's once to rechrome some trim rings for some Hurst wheels on my GTO and they did a lousy job on them. Advanced Plating is completely caught up from the fire, the reason they always have a backlog is because they do such fine work. The Finishing Touch in the Chicago area does work as nice as Advanced but they charge more for it. They rechromed and straightened a rear bumper for my GTO and it is beautiful but it cost me 2,000.00. Advanced does all the chrome work on the finest show cars in the country, builds that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I did tons of re
  8. What happens to these is that the little frog hair wires going to the ignition lock cylinder break inside the insulation because they flex every time the key is turned. What your car needs is a new lock cylinder installed. If you want to bypass the broken wires, the easy fix is buy a replacement lock cylinder with a key in it, plug it in under the dash where the wires that are broken plug in, and wrap it with tape and secure it under the dash with plastic ties. Otherwise you can buy the proper resistor to match your igniton key resistance and install it between the tw
  9. The attachment of the grill on these cars is a very bad design in my opinion....shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to remove a grill on anything.
  10. No brainer.......send them to Advanced Plating in Tenessee. their work is amazing. I had them do the center cap for the wood wheel I was putting together for my car and it was pitted like it came off the deck of the Titanic and now it is absolutely flawless, and the price to do it was ridiculously cheap at 150.00.
  11. Just bend them up...the air cleaner will not rotate if the wingnut is tight.
  12. The GF 98 reproduction looks identical to the original filters on our cars other than the number printed on it and will work fine.
  13. The return line on the A/C cars was there to combat vapor lock, which is aggravated by the extra heat generated from the A/C condenser when the A/C is running.
  14. Yes......I had a friend that used a several decades old AC oil filter and all the filter media came apart and clogged up his oil pump pickup screen.
  15. I added an original wood steering wheel to my car a year ago and I still have my very very nice original dark green steering wheel. It has one tiny crack that is very difficult to see where the right spoke meets the rim, and a very hard to see stress crack on the underside of the center part. The chrome insert is gorgeous, but it would be destroyed if you tried to remove it. You should be able to paint my wheel black and have a gorgeous steering wheel. Also, the horn bar on my wheel is absolutely perfect in every way with no flaws or pitting. My wheel is the nicest unrestor
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