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  1. I get it! After buying a '74 Firebird, everybody thought I'd gone mainstream. I try to explain that the '74-'76 models are the stepchildren of Second-Gen Firebirds, but nobody believes me.
  2. My wife and I use our cars for Christmas card pictures; this is one of the finalists for last year's card.
  3. Thanks Rusty...I know it's not my question, but I literally am dealing with this exact same issue on my '65 Dart after I fixed some linkage issues Saturday. I was doing the preliminary picturing parts in my head when I came upon this discussion.
  4. I've been asking the same questions around my favorite pertinent forums: Does anyone have a good recommendation (that they've tried) for roof rail weatherstrip for '65 A-Bodies (mine's a Skylark)? So far, a few guys have said Steele, and I am aware that they exist and I have used them before, but they are pretty pricey... My car is a 40-year-old lacquer paint driver that has a wind whistle in that vicinity, and it looks like it's due for a new piece, so if anyone has used something other than Steele and has been satisfied, please chime in. I'm not really trying to be cheap; I just try to keep things in perspective regarding cost v. condition. Thanks!
  5. It's been a long time since I had mine out, but I think you can wiggle it free from the gauge once you remove the screws...mine's a little different since it's a '53, but I think the idea's the same. I don't remember taking out the whole cluster when I had my temp gauge rebuilt.
  6. Today I was replacing a right rear wheel cylinder in my '65 Skylark, remembering that I did that job when I bought the car in 2003. Time flies! Then, the gas tank vent hose started seeping. I'd NEVER replaced that, and it was ancient. While I was under there, I noticed that the main hose from the sender to the fuel line was spongy. I may have done that a while back, but I replaced it again today. It was an engaging two hours. Times that by 9 (my total number of cars), and I can understand why I feel like I'm always working on a car!
  7. That one is a Swinger 340...anything with a 340 brings a premium.
  8. You may want to head over to this website and post it there as well: https://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/ You may be priced a little high considering the paint, but '67-'69 Dart hardtops are worth more than some people think...you may not be too far off. Good luck!
  9. Yeah, that video made me a little sad. I think a lot of us would love to have that maroon '66 Toronado, and it's just been sitting in the garage since 1971, in addition to a ton of other decent stuff. It's his money and space, and if it makes him happy, great, but there's almost no way I'd be sitting on that many cars I didn't use. If I own it, I'm working toward making it run and drive, or it already runs and drives.
  10. Yeah, I figure it will be a savings of several hundred dollars at least when everything's added up; but perhaps more importantly, I think it will drive a lot nicer with radials. It's the only car I own with bias ply tires, and while I'm certainly used to it and don't mind it, it might be nice if the car didn't have such a mind of its own on grooved highways and over ruts left by Michigan's heavily loaded trucks.
  11. They are bias-ply tires...The car certainly sits a fair share throughout the year, but I drive it enough that the tires don't flat spot. The Coker website recommends the same thing as the other suppliers/manufacturers, to replace tires every 10 years. Just for education's sake, why would a bias ply last longer? Thanks for the link to the trim rings!
  12. My beloved '53 Special (not the one shown below) will probably need new tires next year, as its Coker Classics are 10 years old. I drive the car at least 750 miles a year, so I was thinking of saving the $750 or so and just going with some blackwall radials, and I was thinking about doing something along the lines of a car I saw on v8Buick.com (pictured below). Mine sits at stock height, but I'm considering some dog dish hubcaps with either the "Buick" script or wide spaced block lettering and some trim rings. It looks like CARS, Inc. sells a reproduction set, but they're $400. My car is quite nice, but not 100% perfect, so if anyone has a nice driver quality set they'd be willing to part with, I'm in the market. Thanks for listening!