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  1. My dad always liked cars, not like I do, but he was a normal teenager of the '60s. My mom gave me her rusty '65 Mustang that Dad helped me get going, and I've been driving it since '94. My parents (and my wife) have always supported my hobby; Dad taught me basic mechanics and, more importantly, mechanical sense. Stop and think before doing anything. Listen. A guy couldn't ask for much more than that! I still keep trying to talk Dad into getting another '71 Mach 1 Mustang (he had one back then) so I could take care of it and, who knows, maybe drive it every once in a while. He hasn't
  2. Beautiful Bel Air, and I'm glad you were able to honor your friend's memory by buying his car.
  3. Of the cars you mentioned, the '71-'73 Mustang coupe would be inexpensive, fairly simple, and easy to find parts for. A Sportsroof, Mach 1, or convertible will cost significantly more upfront. A '67 T-Bird would be fairly inexpensive, but parts availability is worse and the car itself will be more complex, simply because they usually had more options to begin with. '67 Cougars are neat, but I've noticed that prices seem to be inching up on those.
  4. I love 1950s Rolls-Royces; I'm not in the income bracket where ownership is a good decision, but I admire them from afar.
  5. I really like '59 Mercuries, especially their dashboards, but I've never noticed how oddly placed the clock is. Another thing, the seller claims that the engine is a 312, but that's not a Y-Block. It's probably an MEL 383, which is certainly not the 383 most people think about when they hear the number.
  6. I agree. I much prefer the first-generation of front-drive Eldorado, but I wouldn't hesitate to cruise around in this one.
  7. A hundred grand???? Wow. Is Bring a Trailer the new Barrett-Jackson?
  8. I think that's logical for a few cars out there; unfortunately, the word got out, and now half the people selling overpriced cars think that they just need to bump up the price another grand to snag that seller who's looking for "quality." Then you have another car that sits for sale on the Marketplace for two years.
  9. I've talked to Ben both online and on the phone, and there is no way he meant any harm by what he said. Humor might not always translate through the written word, but Ben was certainly just joking around with you. In other words, what you're looking for is going to be hard to find - most likely, you'll have to have a used set rebuilt.
  10. Wow...my dad had one EXACTLY like that one when I was a little kid; it's funny, but I even remember the grain of the vinyl top. I prefer my '63, but the '80 pictured here is in nice shape.
  11. I hope you don't mind my jumping in, Bob, but Remflex suggests that you install the gaskets dry. I've been running them on my 263 for a few years now (dry); you can see where the manifold moves, but the gaskets are still holding up.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I'm seeing a few solid Mercury Breezeways on here lately. I'd love to try that unlimited garage space thing one of these days - I'm already renting storage as it is!
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