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  1. Tough enough to find a '66 Nailhead Q-Jet intake manifold! The image is the 1st I've seen for a '66 Riviera GS, must be ultra rare like the 2X4.
  2. I'd try the usual adapter from NAPA and see if you have clearance to the Hood. They're cheap. The other way is to swap the top from an original AFB with that of the Edelbrock clone carb. The choke is different but will work.
  3. I re-cored some of my 1963 HVAC cables only to find oldairproducts.com offering full sets: https://www.oldairproducts.com/products?filtercache=d585b314-b199-49d2-86c6-835f5013b0a3 Speaker? You must be using a 1964 - 65 Dashpad like I am. I mounted corrugated plastic poster board in the speaker grill and an acoustic exciter off-center to clear HVAC levers. Doesn't sound nearly as nice as the 3-Way 6X9 between the rear seats, good for talk shows/news only. Also, using a 1/4"-28 well nut as the pivot for those levers work extremely well! I placed a supplem
  4. I like the fit of Steve's Glovebox door and the console gap to pass. kneepad panel. As for ordering a new GM back in 1964. My Dad did the same but at 9 years of age, he left me out of the process. He discussed it with the gang at work I'm sure. What did he order? A 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne 4 door sedan stripper with only 3 options, a 283 V8 because he thought it would start better than a six in the winter. The 2nd option was positraction because he thought it would save him the expense of winter tires for the rear. The 3rd option was undercoating applied at the Dealer. It arriv
  5. I recently discovered 'Roof Flashing' when doing my Door Veneer, about 10 mils thick. A GOOD idea applying it to the backside of plastic skirting. However, about 2-months too late for me. But someday the driver's seat will have to come out to get the power seat tilt shaft to engage. Thanks for sharing Bill. 🌲Merry Christmas to all the regulars and visitors here!🌲
  6. Many of us restore used or do fabrication because of no reproduced parts especially if the part is not visible. If the part is reproduced, one should do research and demand images showing details. The reproduced parts must live up to expectations or why bother going to great lengths to get it to your door? For images. I am perplexed on why vendors think its OK to show seatbelt sets LATCHED and no scale along side a part made in different sizes! In this case, it was eventually made obvious that the repro retractor set in Red above does NOT include the Bases for the '65 Riviera applica
  7. Wow, I thought Cardone offered remanufactured units but no longer see it on rockauto.com It would be nice to pick up a reman. unit and trade-in your core instead of a meticulous restoration. It's hidden inside the fender so doesn't have to be perfect in appearance. There's always used as a solution.
  8. Jim, FYI, that link in your signature block, Jim's 1963 Riviera, no longer works.
  9. Alex, Your GS is nice. Of course I snagged that image of your interior!
  10. Nima, I didn't think a Red interior was a trim offering in '65. but I like it. The wood inserts sure is a step up from veneer! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Tom, many thanks. Becoming clearer now. If I encountered an actual '65 Riviera, I wouldn't have all these questions! I have the same assumption as you on those repro lapbelt sets with retractors. Tempting as Red is, no Riviera base. Not likely to find that base in anything else than a '65 Riviera. I encountered a '68 Riviera on Friday and it has a vertical anchor bolt where those repro sets would bolt right in. Thanks for that anchor bolt info, a big help!
  12. I was at a wreckers yesterday. I looked long and hard at a '64 LeSabre with an aluminum drum on 1 side and a replacement steel on the other. In the next row was a complete '68 Riviera. I didn't even try to remove being lazy (Friday). Probably seized-on. Question: Being riveted, I'd have to buy the whole assembly. Were the 5-on-5 Hubs universal for the 60's?
  13. Art, an observation of your 1964 glovebox. Yes, you have the same pump as a '63 but the lens for the glovebox light is not the round thingy that keeps falling out as in my '63. Also, a replacement glovebox? I don't see any binding on the front edge. Or, is that '63 only? Also, if the trunk flies open, adjusting the torsion rods should make it operate to your liking. Mention of GM Designers freeing up glovebox space with the '65 arrangement. 1st Generation Rivs had less deep gloveboxes for AC cars. Not trusting that old hose, I searched hi and lo for 244" of .1" or
  14. XframeFX


    Thanks Ed, 1-Key for all '63 Riviera Locks. If a pear shaped key is required for other GMs of that era, there's more than one. A 'D-Blank' should be correct and appears to be more difficult to source Briggs & Stratton
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