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  1. Well, I see it's a California car. So, that's a plus. Still a lot of work to put together. I could've restored 2 vintage P/U Trucks for what it takes to do a Riviera. Put a time to what it takes to put it together and 2X it.
  2. Oh, so now you need to remove the Relay and test it. That Website still has an NOS Relay listed on page #76, Lucky you. Everything I do on my Riviera is PITA. That repair will have you on-the-road soon. Not like the rest of us with a major strip and re-finish. Trunk Lid OK? John B.
  3. Gary, So you have a Shop Manual. Did you test the Relay as per procedure in the manual? It is basically a holding relay. When engaging the Electro-Cruise while driving, if the light stays on at the switch, it's probably OK. Lucky yours 'sort of works'. I doubt if mine ever functioned at all. Everything is good except the actuator on the engine and that Flakey hairspring they call the transducer. I've modified mine with a Hall Effect sensor. I have yet to find out if it works because like your Riviera and I'm sure your have it striped for paint, it still has to be put back together. The Electro-Cruise has a narrow +/- 2.5 MPH range on that hairspring. Maybe that Setpoint needle is not aligned with the speedo needle. If you try to set it and it's not in that range, it won't energize that actuator. For that Relay, I found this late year on page #76 of their catalog: http://www.nospp.com/part-info.php?id=1373603&prev=gm&start=3750 Give your Riv an oil change after it comes out of the body shop!
  4. Jack, I have some recent experience on Delco radios. If yours is not functioning, there's some interesting options out there. I ended up repairing/modifying my '63 radio. So, I haven't tried these guys but I like what I see on their website! http://www.tech-retro.com/Aurora_Design/Home.html John B.
  5. Bob, dabbling into this with feedback from everyone, I'm inclined to stay original. Being familiar with everything on my Riviera except it's AC (at the start of of this), I'm thinking of 1) assessing my system by pressuring it. 2) changing components as necessary especially the hoses and 3) turning it over to a hand-picked pro to do the rest. I already have some parts and anticipate challenges with the vacuum switches alone. Also, there seems to be some parts for the original system out there. OldAirProducts have an evaporator. Would this be correct for the 1963 Riviera? Your Muffler, cleaning it out easy? No replacements out there? Can it be bypassed? You have 38 deg. F now? Wish I was there! John B.
  6. Michel, if it is the switch and in my case it was. A replacement can be purchased for a Chev but without cornering lights. Also, beware of the mounting bracket as it might be different. Further to this, I've found an early '63 Riviera with the switch mounted differently at the bottom of the column. Lots of research went into this. What got me going was removing the switch and found the cable OK, then tested the switch out-of-the-car and found it intermittent. This started the whole ordeal of taking 2 switches apart (both were flakey) and building 1 good switch, all for wanting to keep my cornering lights. John B.
  7. Jack, the 3 terminals are for Switched 12V/Speaker/Common (neg. ground). Unless you have an internal front/rear fader, that's all there is except for the antenna coaxial jack. Also, there's quite often no hook-up for the common because the radio cabinet is grounded. So, just 2-wires to the 3-contact connector. As for the coaxial split, perhaps a previous owner added a splitter that happened to have stereo printed on it. The splitter would share the same antenna between the original radio and an after-market auto-sound. I'm assuming no re-verb option with your ride. John B.
  8. In continuing with assembling the Riv's interior, I am now encountering difficulty getting the top front of the console to engage with the dashboard. This must be a known problem because I have 3 consoles. The console that came with the Riviera is obviously not original because peeling paint reveals the wrong color. It is all beat-up and cracked with the top front tabs completely removed. I have a perfect un-altered console for a '65 and a 3rd '63 that has had the top front tabs partially removed. So, previous Owners have had this issue and their solution was to cut. If I remove the 2 black stamped steel vertical brackets, I can adjust the downward studs in the elongated holes to engage with those 2 tabs. Still a poor fit with the shifter too far to the right. I could cut elongated holes in the brackets which would work for the right side but not the ignition switch side. Question: Are those vertical brackets the same for all 3 years of production? I'm working with an early '63 Riviera, would this have been another mid-production change meaning an improved design? Thanks, John B.
  9. Back in the early '90s I did this exact same thing with an emblem that arrived as a button only from CARS. I used the wrong adhesive as it dissolved some of the artwork. It is still there today and can barely see the tri-shield. Maybe clean-up the platform, bolt it in-place and then stick on the button with something gentle such as silicone RTV. I know it's just a sealant but the surrounding hood spear should hold it in. John B.
  10. We need more innovators like Stan Ovshinski who pioneered an environmentally friendly NiMH battery. That technology eventually went to GM then Texaco. In fact the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car" is a must see on how business failed in that we could've had the technology 15 - 20 years ago! https://www.amazon.com/Who-Killed-Electric-Martin-Sheen/dp/B000I5Y8FU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309216862&sr=8-1 John B.
  11. Definitely a balancing act for the next owner. 1) Enjoy it as a summer driver. or, 2) Combine it with another car with mostly DIY work. It has AC, has what appears to be a good windshield and original! Since getting back into Rivieras a few years back, I've come across too many Rivs being parted-out including a KX that was rusted way worse than this one. Keep it going and off the grass! John B.
  12. Difficult to find anything nailhead nowadays without going online. An equally scarce intake is the '66 Spreadbore for a single Rochester Quadrajet and still abundant at wreckers but not with the variable pitch bellcrank. No sexy air cleaner though. Then there's the Carter TQ, only 2 choices for the spreadbore manifold. Not sure on performance but good for fuel mileage on primarys. Love that "Waaaa" sound when the secondarys open!
  13. Success! The electrical bulkhead for the Riviera is "IN" I was down to my last idea: With the grommet in-place on the firewall, I removed 3 connectors from the bulkhead and inserted 3 chunks of 5" long 6-32 ready-rod. I lathered-on more of the slipperiest goop I had and used a 5/16th deep socket to draw the bulkhead evenly across the 3 studs into that stubborn grommet. What I learned with this setback? Never remove the electrical bulkhead from a 1st gen Riviera. Rather release the 12 individual connectors and 2 lugs from the bulkhead. It will be painful re-inserting those connectors but that grommet is much worse! Image #1, ready for connectors Image #2 shows under-dash side of the bulkhead after drawing it into the grommet before removing the 3 studs (2 studs showing).
  14. From what I remember do not use gaskets between the head and the exhaust manifold. Am I correct? John B.
  15. "Giving someone your credit card . . . ." I couldn't agree more! Cross Border Shopping next door to Canada (Int'nl) is horrendous. No free shipping over $100 meaning the courier companies throw every imaginable fee and service charge at you. Then there's the government's attitude with their penalty duties, taxes after imposing their duties, all for not buying at home! Images show the bulkhead not in-place. I did buy a VytaFlex-30 molding kit today and will mold a copy before trying 1 more idea. Again brute force but with a little imagination thrown-in for good measure! Oooh, that Riviera is so lucky to have me for an Owner. Thanks for your feedback. That alone is encouragement. John B.