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  1. Could this thread be on how much I don’t drive my Riv? I have a little story too. It was a Saturday afternoon incident around 2004ish. But years prior to that and again on a Saturday afternoon, we finished up on a garage sale and items that didn’t sell got sent to the curb for Goodwill pickup. Well, there were these roof racks, I hated them as they whistled and cars no longer had rain gutters. Suddenly I had the idea to put them on my Riviera in the garage. I purchased 2 each 2X4 Shelves from Home Depot, placed them on the racks and now had a platform for boxes of Rivie
  2. I've owned my '63 for 40 years and have put on ZERO miles in the last 30! Struggling to get it out before the snow flies. Still more to do. As for 1/4 mile, I wouldn't dream of WOT, I might break it! ☹️
  3. Then, I'm on that Honour Roll as well from 1990. So far back that all I remember is I installed a used heater core (oh oh) and my sense of accomplishment came from knowing there's no more disgusting crude in there. Maybe I should pack a mop with that fire extinguisher and spare timing chain set!
  4. Dennis, some fine work! I can imagine what you went through to achieve this. Engine compartment, very nice. "Driving great and having a good time", well deserved! I'm not far behind you and determined to get mine on-the-road before snow flies, Will post some images when I get my '63 out in the open away from walls and overhead garage doors.
  5. Andrew, Thanks Yes, for a couple of years now, I try to convince Vendors to ship via USPS which Canada Post brings to my door. Zero Hassles! Couriers don't get it. They think the market is to have it in your hands the next day. It took 2-weeks for the last order thru USPS 1st Class and didn't get ripped-off. However, if a vendor refuses USPS, I choose either FEDEX Intn'l Express or UPS Int'l Priority where those services include brokerage making it 1 less fee. I also ship to the Authorized FEDEX location at the airport, now 2 less fees. For on the Commercial Inv
  6. Update: My Friday shipment from a preferred vendor included the Tank SS Sending Unit. No disappointment and being all stainless steel except for the rheostat cover, better than OEM. The P/U Sock is in the exact same position. However, no documentation. Online research indicated 40 and 30 ohms with 35 ohms on my old units. So, I discovered the new unit to be 35 ohms as well. I learned the unit is purposely designed with a LARGER RANGE THAN WHEN INSTALLED IN THE TANK. This now makes sense. So, the gauge on the dash has a range of 0-30 ohms, NOT the Sending Unit. Documentation
  7. Yes, the mounting bosses are there on my non-power vent panel. It has more micro-pitting then the original that had the door slammed on it, breaking it it 2. Cutting a rectangular hole will reduce the area of visual blemish. So, you have me looking at this option again. Maybe roll-in replating as part of the process. Would replating be possible with that ribbed profile? As for cutting out an opening, my backyard method is to drill a hole at each corner and join-the-dots with 4 cuts. Not for a visible piece such as this. How to cut out the opening will help me to find a local shop to do it
  8. I switched to Synthetic motor oil for all my rides back when it became available and purchased only what was on sale. I can't say the same for Non-API oil and that's what we're talking about here. Think about it. Why would a retailer stock the stuff? I seriously considered going the Amsoil route with their 'Z-Rod' product. But, late last year, I found a Jobber, a discount supplier at that with quite a selection of motor oil with ZDDP including Lucas Oil. All Mobile-1 motor oils up here are API oils and stay away for my nailhead. From what I recall from an oil seminar a decade
  9. I never was a fan of wide multi-grade oils back when we used conventional mineral oil, all those additives such as viscosity enhancers in place of base stock. Not sure nowadays with Synthetic oil with improved flow at ambient temps. Even with temperature extremes where I live, I choose 10W-30. My kid's M3 non-turbo takes BMW Turbo oil 10W-60 with no mention if it's synthetic! In my locale, it was tough to find anyone selling Non-API Oils. I settled on Royal Purple Synthetic HPS 10W-30 from a speed shop. Their Product Data Sheet makes no mention of how much ZDDP. I have since found a
  10. I learned this back in the 80's making a hard right-hand turn while driving over a bump. Seen sparks emit out the gap between the fender and hood. Oops, I did 2 fixes immediately after, 1) Turned the battery around, 2) Installed the original battery clamp (modern battery is not as tall).
  11. From 2015 (did not purchase) Fits?:
  12. So, this is the case with the country next door with a land border. We might as well be halfway around the world. Canadians pay, pay and pay. it's not just S&H Some refuse to ship outside the lower 48. Too much hassle on both ends. Some whine with that cheese?
  13. Thanks Art, I'm not a purist but I have all new vent window rubber as well. Will learn as I go. Having owned my Riviera over 40 years, there have been previous owners before me that have had the inner door panels and veneer off & on plenty of times. Those nail strips and tabs won't stand for more! I'll order-up a pair of those bronze gears, need a pivot arm as well.
  14. Art, your middle image shows bolt threads protruding. I imagine access to the hex heads of those bolts will require removal of the entire vent assembly or there's room in behind for a wrench? No inner door panel removal I hope? Also, I'm not happy with my patched-up control panel now that I have it installed. Anyone have have one with the power vents?
  15. Rarer still, rear defog and AC. Usually one or the other. Actually, my '63 has a franken-interior. The PITA console is the 3rd one in the car and is originally from a loaded rusted out Upstate NY Riviera. That and the rear defogger were colour matched and installed in my Riv. Both speeds function but it's just a blower. Useless against heavy Canadian frost. Interestingly, the low speed resistor is a chunky thing against the cardboard glovebox. A fire hazard? Many early '63 options had separate wiring harnesses (ie, power antenna). I believe this is true with the rear defog option as
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