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  1. Hey Jim, please send me a private message, I will send a photo for you. I’m so new here that I cannot send any personal messages.
  2. Thank you Jim and RivNut, you understood what I’m trying to ask. Is anybody tryed to print new lever with 3-d printer? I looked that pin and I thought that it’s a rivet. And that water valve is on my to-do list.😀
  3. And question. Is ”air, temp, def and rear” switch section same in non ac car? And is it same part in Electra, LeSabre and Wildcat?
  4. Hello! I want to buy ac/heater control switch unit for 1963 Riviera. My unit have cracked temp switch. My email is jyrki.ikalainen@yahoo.com
  5. Hello all! And greetings from sunny and hot Finland! Here’s my new ’63 Riviera. Bought it abouth month ago. Very nice car!
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