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  1. How do you remove the lens seems like mines is stuck i dont see what hokding it there either? Little please
  2. The philip screw screws into a retaining clip what is that clip called a retaining clip and where can i get that
  3. MR.Gs enterprise has whole interior screw kit for like 60 bucks has e everything, u can also call him to make sure or ask him for other screws individually
  4. Whats a good black for engine bay? Or whats a good black for painting parts, like fan shroud mounting brackets?
  5. Where did u buy paint for motor?
  6. The very first post RupesRivi, how did he get his counsole kit like that?
  7. Nice story..all ur missing is picture of car?
  8. Where can i buy replacment screw for the hood?
  9. I have 64 rivi ac car, my counsole inserts are black, and would like to get them new, anyone know where can i purchase it? or i see alot of people do custom counsole kits how do i go about getting or making a custom one? Thanks
  10. Any pictures yet of kits or where to order, mines is all black looking to get same
  11. Dope brotha thanks, east side long beach lol thats whats up! I was just cruising down there by queen mary yesterday lol...i like your Rivi, it has the west coast look. 80s..shit its in the 90s lol, what kind of rins are those, clean! The cruising out here is insane now, more then ever every weekend there 4 to 5 different cruises going on and not littles either, last weekend i went to one that had over 300 cars, you ever come to cali, let me know ill give u a ride around old area in my rivi...thanks for representing
  12. Yup, got to be proudnof what you got
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