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  1. 60's musclecar prices are molten red hot right now. Any really nice no.1 condition GTO, Chevelle SS or 442 will bring 100K right now. these type of prices were unheard of five years ago. no. 3 driver quality 60's GM musclecars are 50K now. If you look in any Hemmings from ten years ago it is shocking how much cheaper 60's cars were than they are now.
  2. The top and the sides require the stainless trim removal tool used on all 60's GM cars with snap on stainless trim. You stick the end of the tool under the trim and pry on the clip under the molding to release it. The bottom trim is part of the cowl panel between the hood and the windshield and you will need to first remove the wiper arms then remove all the bolts and remove the cowl panel, taking care not to scratch the paint on the cowl panel while removing it. When reinstalling the top and side stainless trim, no tool is needed, you just stick them into position and push down on them until they latch into the clips.
  3. Tom if the Gran Sport did not have a transverse muffler then I stand corrected
  4. I'll list them for you......background in wheels is wrong color, pinstripe on door panel wood is way to wide,wrong radiator cap, windshield washer bottle horribly yellow, A/C compressor has incorrect decals on it, A/C condenser fins bent every which way, wrong appearing battery, wrong exhaust system, wrong color on engine, totally incorrect trunk matting, no jack instruction sticker on inside of deck lid. carpet wrong shade of tan, car sitting way too high front and back, wrong lug nuts on the wheels, cowl vents unpainted, wrong color on brake booster and master cylinder, radiator fan shroud decal missing as is battery post decal on the top of the radiator, incorrect color on headliner. Why go to all that trouble and not do it right on a Gran Sport model?
  5. Tires are not safe after 7 years of age regardless of how they are stored. The oldest date code I would accept on new tires would be 6 months, or 2 months if it is a car I drive infrequently where the tires wouldn't be worn out at 7 years.
  6. Technically, what made the car a boat tail was the pointed extension of the tail end that looked like the bow of a boat. The 73 model has the Corvette like back window, but not the boat tail extension at the rear bumper, so John is technically correct.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up.........I don't remember the clips but of course i didn't have to remove them from the car to take the moldings off, just the screws, so I guess that's why I don't remember them.
  8. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone and Rod Serling is smoking a cigarette in my Riviera's back seat. I had my rocker moldings off to repaint them several years ago and all I recall holding them on were Phillips head screws. I have no recollection of any round clips! Were there two different designs?
  9. I vote for a broken turn signal cable.
  10. When I did the timing chain and gears on my car I had to toss the first timing set that I bought because the new chain was loose. I purchased a different brand and it was very very tight. If you put the new chain on and it isn't tight, try another brand.
  11. When watching the video, the most interesting car related pics are in the middle starting at about 17 minutes in. Note that at 20:21 in the video is a picture of the 65 Riviera Dick bought brand new. While on his police beat Dick saw a brand new 65 Riviera going down the street and was blown away by how beautiful it was. He decided then and there that he was going to buy a new one, but he had to search a bunch of Buick dealers to find one that had a sticker price that he could swing on a policeman's salary. The Seafoam Green one that he bought was not his first choice of color but it was stripped down enough that he could swing the payments. It was the first of many 65's that he would purchase over the years, many of which he did extensive frame off restorations on. His first Seafoam Green Riviera had the very rare deluxe Light Green interior with light green cloth inserts on the bucket seats, an interior that is almost never seen today. The great majority of Seafoam Green cars had the deluxe dark green vinyl interior or the black interior. In the middle of the video are some interesting pics of 65's in the middle of frame off restorations.
  12. Wow Alex.......what an awesome video....I can see you are as passionate about your 65 Riviera as I am about mine......the way you described that passion couldn't have been expressed any better.....Bravo and congratulations.... your car is awesome!
  13. Everyone go to Dick's online obituary listed as Richard Leon Sweeney and check out the video tribute........ very well done and lots of pics of Dick and his Rivieras.
  14. A screaming deal! Sure beats the 800.00 i had to pay for mine due to a bidding war on ebay for unobtanium 65 nos door edge guards. Repeat.......a SCREAMING DEAL!
  15. What he means is the 12.6 volts is what a good battery reads after it was charged recently and after the charger is removed.
  16. Agreed........high probability there is a broken wire inside the boot.
  17. In my opinion the different length head bolts on the engine had different markings on them when the engine was assembled at the factory. Also, head bolts like those can be used over without any problems with stretching or breakage.
  18. 225 75 15 looks nice and doesn't rub.
  19. Welcome to the forum.......we look forward to seeing the pics!
  20. I am talking about the Buick Chassis manual......the Body manual only covers the Fisher body which is from the firewall back. The exploded diagrams for the front clip are in section 12 near the back of the book. Bolt sizes are not mentioned.
  21. Dick really knew those 65 Rivieras.......he was the head judge on the team that judged my 65 at the Buick Club of America meet in Springfield Missouri......everybody on the team was asking him about was was correct and what was not and he knew all the answers without hesitation. He will be greatly missed.
  22. Don't know about the first two, but the 63 Riviera was the first car with frameless side window glass on a hardtop body style.
  23. Sorry you are offended.......probably a poor choice of words on my part....no need to leave the forum on my account......I'm sure your method works fine as well!
  24. In my shop I've always looped a long V-belt over the end of the spring and pulled on the other end of the belt and stretched the spring and removed it. It is very easy to do it this way and takes five seconds........no need for a bunch of mumbo jumbo.
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