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  1. Bottom of the lighter threads off. unplug the wire and twist the outer sleeve with your hand. I "think" I removed my lighter panel from the car to do mine.
  2. This is what I have, the two with the fixed flanges on the head one is a little shorter than three-quarter inch and one is a little longer. The ones with the attached washers one of them is three-quarter inch, And the other two or longer. All of these have a 10 mm head. You’re welcome to them all if you think they will work for you?
  3. Let me go see if I have one... I will report back. I ran a shop for 43 years, still have buckets of stuff. Stay tuned
  4. The JB weld if bridged like you said will last for years.
  5. Hope this will help.
  6. I did the large cuts. looked ugly as sin. Wished I wouldn't have. I ended up cutting custom pieces to fill in with. These picture show before I cut the pieces to cover it. Looks better now.
  7. Thank you, yep mine looks just like that. I think yours sits up in the opening a little farther than mine. I guess mine just has an extra screw hole in the deck lid for some reason.
  8. This one is a Mercury switch as well. It was on the car, but it may not be correct? The wire was broke off. I soldered it back on. Maybe I have it mounted on the wrong screw? Does anyone have a picture?
  9. I repaired my trunk light yesterday, and noticed this extra screw. Does it have a purpose? or is something missing?
  10. Hey Alex, I had them cover it with the vinyl to match the interior. The tray is made of fiberglass.
  11. Definitely go with the Clark's
  12. When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the glass, and I stop and I turn with the caulk and lay another pass. Then I get to the bottom and I do it again yeah, yeah yeah.
  13. Did mine about a year ago. you all wont be sorry.
  14. For sale in Salem Oregon, not mine just passing it on https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1448510908827367/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general
  15. crowvet

    No Kickdown

    I just ran jumper wires from the switch through the window inside the car, and touched them together while driving. My problem was the upper unit. I don't remember what wires I jumped, but as I recall it wasn't hard to figure out from a wiring diagram
  16. Oh Geeze, Way more hours then it should have took. I did paint the frames as well. I easily have 5 hours into each cushion, maybe more. The mats were from an ebay supplier, they are awesome. The price was right as well. I could find the link if you are interested?
  17. I did mine from Clarks, Not perfect, but I drive it. Most of the wrinkles have relaxed and smoothed out since then. I also left the buttons off on purpose. I like the look better, and imo they are prone to fail and dirt collectors.
  18. Not sure what my air cleaner is off of, but it fits the Edelbrock perfectly. I t was on it when I bought the car. I put the decal on it.
  19. Fuses no, LED's actually pull way less amperage. I only did my interior so turn signals were not an issue for me. I pulled the gauge bezels for the large Gauges. Pulled the clock, pulled the center console wood grained pieces. Tech tip.... use a rattle can paint cap and press it over the clock bezel. Push and turn. Clock comes right out.
  20. You wont be disappointed.
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