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  1. Looks to me like it is a match. You can test the switch with a continuity tester. The brass prong is most likely the hot lead and black and whites are your up/ down leads. Connect one lead to the hot/ brass prong and other lead to one of the whites or blacks. Move the switch up or down. You should get continuity in one of the positions. Go through each wire to confirm all are working and typical. Then go to the connector on the car and verify that the red wire is in fact a hot with a voltage tester and that the wire is the center hole corresponding to the brass prong on the switch. The black and white wires on the the connector should not show voltage when tested. Good luck
  2. Had same experience as SEAFOAM65 when i changed mine. Very very tight
  3. My guess would be a non fused circuit that is shorting or overloading the system
  4. ^^^^^^efffing hilarious! Thanks for the laugh Bernie!
  5. Very well done. You would have made a fortune selling these cars! Thanks
  6. Turbinator that photo i posted of a red 64 with US WHEELS on is not mine. It was on OFFERUP for sale. I posted a picture of my car with the newly installed BUICK RALLYS widend 1” on the POST PICTURES OF YOUR RIVIERA thread. My youngest and favorite son is in the photo also.
  7. Man Turbinator sure am sorry to hear that! I always thought US RADIATOR was top notch. 2 leaks within 4 years is unacceptable. I still have the original radiator with original core in my 65. When i bought the car in 2004 the radiator had a leak. Had the core rodded out and leak repaired. Still holding up.I think recoring your original is the way to go. Good luck
  8. My daily driver got new shoes. These rally 802’s were widend 1”. Very happy with the outcome. Feel much safer being that my original 6” hubcap type rims were badly worn at the mounting holes. Scary when doing slight curves on frwy.
  9. If it turns out your alternator is the problem, and you care about keeping the original parts your car rolled off the factory line with,get your original one rebuilt. Maybe mark it somehow to make sure you get the same one back.
  10. Ed i cant comment on the specific uses for those bolts but i have read on various car forums that it is best to install new head bolt when reassembling a rebuilt/ overhauled motor. If i recall correctly the reasoning is that they are weaken due to initial stretching during the initial torque process as well as the many heat cycles they have endured through out the years
  11. Tom, I'm sure everything you stated about the switch pitch converter is correct. Could you please explain how high stall at 2/3 throttle adds to performance? In my mind i would think low stall would add to performance at 2/3 throttle but im sure my thinking is flawed because the factory didn't build them for 2/3 throttle low stall. Thanks for the schooling!
  12. 1964 impala ss was also a great choice. Very popular in L A lowriding culture. I had a 1963 that i loved. My ex wife ruined it.😞
  13. Not everyone that calls themselves “ electrician” has the proper training, hell i went through the ibew apprenticeship, 4 years, with guys who cheated their way through, could never do the technical side of the trade. They were the ones digging the ditches and all the other grunt work involved in electrical construction.
  14. Dave, the wiring on these cars are pretty labor intensive due to all the power accessories, and difficult accessibility. I dont know anyone to refer you to that i would call a guru. The only thing i could recommend is if you have a buddy that is a certified electrician maybe he can be of assistance. I have rewired motorcycles from the ground up and worked on whatever electrical problems that have arisen on my rivi and lots of other cars . Hands down the rivi is always the most challenging. The reason i recommend a certified electrician is because if they got the proper schooling, they understand the science behind electricity. Thats important for proper wire sizing, wire routing, and trouble shooting. I dont know where you are located but if you are anywhere near GODS COUNTRY , beautiful LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, i would be happy to help you at no charge. Good luck.
  15. Beautiful car! Dig the stance. Is it lowered? What size tire? Thanks
  16. I have a 1965 with delux white interior and the console is black.
  17. Do these bosch plugs ( WR9FP ) come pre gapped from factory? Tom T mentions .050 in his post. Does that apply to electronic ignition also?
  18. Anytime i see “ rebuilt or overhauled engine” that raises red flags for me . Who did the work? Did the person that did the work have experience with nailheads? A block can be messed up by line boring ( will never get timing right because of loose timing chain) and heads damaged by installing new seats
  19. True relay will go to default position which is closed but motor will not be energized if micro/ limit switch for closed position is open.
  20. That is certainly a possibility but I doubt that is what is happening. A relay has 2 separate circuits within it. One is the control and the other is the controlled. The control circuit is the one that comes off the light switch. The controlled circuit is the one that activates the headlight motor which has its own set of contacts that are separate from the relay coil terminals. Because of this the relay coil does not see the load that it is controlling so the load has no affect on it.The coil moves the headlight motor activating contacts to open or close via magnetism. No mechanical or electrical connection between the two circuits. You are correct that the default position is closed on the relay. But if the limit/ micro switch on the “ closing “ field of the motor is in the open position when the headlights are turned on, ( which is what should happen),there will be no power going to “ close “ field of the headlight motor so the motor would not go into the close mode. The headlight visor motor has 2 fields wound within it. One is the opening field the other is the closing field. The 2 micro/ limit switches at the top,in conjunction with the relay and headlight switch control when each of these fields get power. I could be wrong and it may be the relay but in my 30 years of working on much more complicated circuits involving relays , I’ve only seen them work or not work due to the relay coil or load contacts being burnt out.
  21. I would check the micro switches at the top of the motor where the arms connect. May be loose or not properly adjusted
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