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  1. 64 RivieraLife, I did the Ridler 695's. 20x8.5 front and 20x10 rear. Still have the stock whitewalls and spoke caps etc. and can change back in an hour. Front has 2' lowering springs. We go back to Cali every year. I want to trailer the Riv out there for a long cruise up PCH eventually. I do miss the Cali car culture and the shows and cruises everywhere. My slammed and snotty Black El Camino SS has the Cali stance as well for when I need/want to haul ass!.
  2. I did recently join ROA, member #16404. We are planning to go to Branson in June and looking forward to spending a couple of days there. We have our first g-child due end of May. Kids are in Tiffany Springs, MO. Will be going that way more and more...... Go Chiefs! Regards, E
  3. 64 Rivieralife, 785, NE Kansas Nice White Riv! I am originally a 213 and then 310, East side Long Beach boy, born in 64. Millikan High, LBCC. Moved to the Mid-West in 2000'. I wish I could be driving my Riv down PCH right now brother! My bro's out there tell me it is in the 80's this week. Enjoy a cruise for me. In this photo you can almost see my Cali Black plate on the front. Big E
  4. Would have been a really, really bad decision not to have kept the 15" original rims/wire covers and whitewall tires. 😉 We all should/would expect additional road harshness with the 20's and that is the case on bad roads with bricks or potholes. It's still a very smooth ride and in stock configuration other than the front Coil Spring Specialties 2" lowering springs. I kept the original springs as well. I love to cruise this car and am simply thoughtful/prudent about driving it with the 20's knowing full well what to expect. Very notable is the fact that it sure did change the attention the car gets. Never had more thumbs ups from all age ranges of folks. My buddy shot the car at the local lake this Fall and took some really cool sepia interior shots. Here is one of them. Thanks for viewing. E
  5. Yes, the front tires do rub a bit at full turn.
  6. Hey sorry it took so long. In healthcare.....running harder. I did the Ridler 695's with BFG comp T/A's. About $2500 bucks total. I do have 2" front lowering springs. I have the stock wire 15" inch rims and white walls for that look and can quick change as well. The only challenge I ran in to was having to mill the rear hub bore about 4 mm.
  7. 64'. 425ci, A/C, Tilt, Rear Center console- factory options. Black on Black. Hope you enjoy. I can switch out the shoes and socks in an hour but rarely do.
  8. So, I did do 20x10's in the rear and 20x8.5's in the front and I do not regret it. No modifications and can put the stock stuff back on in 30 minutes. Lot's of measuring and scratching but am really happy with the stance.
  9. Thanks! I do have that setup won't do 10" for sure.
  10. Everyone has been very helpful. Thanks all, for my good experience as a new Riviera owner with my first inquiree.
  11. Cool! Me next question was about shocks. Personally, I think our White walls look better than the "correct" skinny white wall. Thanks again Later. E
  12. Rapum, Did you do 15x10 rear and 15X8 front? Thanks, E
  13. rapom, That filled up the rear wheel-well pretty nicely. Carries the "coke bottle" body lines and provides a "fatter" stance in the rear. 15's are less expensive as well! . Thanks for the info., very helpful. I will connect with coil spring specialties and get a quote etc.
  14. Thanks bodayguy. Does the car sit level or slightly higher in the front? Can't tell in your profile pic. That's a pretty car from what I can see! E
  15. Great information thank you! I have a good tire/wheel resource, just inquiring to see if anyone had previous/current experience with a swap.
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