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  1. llooks like the passenger side brake reaction rod is bent if you are planning on reusing it
  2. Wasn't paying attention to the miles, just nice to get out
  3. And it could be a rust free specimen with a great interior and perfect paint. And the current owner could be selling it for 2500US I'll take a few niggles if the price is right on a good solid car in nice condition in a minute. They all have a niggle or two Niggles. LOL
  4. 65 headlight clamshell L&R?
  5. not reproduced. There's a guy that just bought a car and is parting out on this forum within the last month. I don't know if its rust or damage that was the end of the car. Theres guys that sell quarter panels but shipping is a bitch, probably most will charge the full quarter even if you just ship the section you need. cheapest out = fabricate one.
  6. Here's another one wire system, maybe telriv's system has advantages? Breakerless Ignition
  7. if memory serves correct no plug under a 2x4
  8. Not so uncommon, some very nice cars have rough battery trays and extending to that front corner. Replacing the battery tray is a substantial job. Offgas from the battery is the problem, take it out for long term storage stops further damage.
  9. You'll hear "They work great and I carry a set of points for backup"
  10. that's a unique car! Non AC Manual seat, custom interior with Power vents!
  11. The stainless strip on the outside of the window? Theres screws in the fuzzies you have to remove it doesnt bang off Or are you talking about the thin strip thats on the upholstery panel in the car?
  12. here's what i got for you John the 2nd picture at the beginning of the thread i think shows a lot of distortion on that left side Maybe hercules sized hand and pipe wrench Hope that helps
  13. Its a 364, head castings not much meaning. whats the stamp below the left side of the thermostat housing? ...a couple letters maybe scrape some paint. Dont be discouraged yet, theres some mutants out there with hi-po parts
  14. BUICKS love winter! Few gallons of gas brings peace of mind
  15. John, lets go backwards, when the hood is closed without the latch how is the alignment with each fender?
  16. OK TOM Nap time LOL
  17. Road Wheels get painted in the windows
  18. I guess they must taste good to Mickey, too LOL
  19. 1st gen (63-65s) have rear foam for sure. I find the back seat foam is usually brittle like stale bread. Maybe 2nd generation is different, but you have to manufactuee new buns ( or manipulate the cushions from the front for the rear if you are changing the front anyway) Pic 1 I use soft foam in the center and firmer on the side bolsters, glue it all to a burlap base) Pic2 Use cotton to fill/make small adjustments Pic 3 Tip: Women are naturals at this LOL Lots of upholstery videos on youtube, you need papaer coated listing wire (or coat h
  20. Go in baby steps lol There's a 28p bulletin out there...they were temperamental when new and are now old and can be touchy
  21. looks like the tang on the right side of your pic is bent straight, it should be like the left one
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