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  1. If I was driving through a corn field like the guy in the top picture I guess the rear view don't matter so much? LOL
  2. Im guessing a low optioned car? it would not bother me a bit to not have an outside door mirror in a 1st gen. It probably takes more time angling my head to get a full view of the different angles of the rearward traffic through that little periscope than just turning my head around LOL the outside mirror is essentially a lump of chrome jewelry for the Buick
  3. never saw a 1st gen without either the tilt wheel or drivers side mirror options
  4. I wash once a year whether they need it or not LOL I use blue tape around the rear window, the C-Pillar trim etc. Then I use compressed air behind the same spots as we know where the water puddles PS my cars don't just sit in the garage all year, either.. I want to go thru tires and wear them out Caution: The bottom picture is for mature audiences only LOL
  5. I've learned to raise the hood after washing the car ( which I learned to do sparingly), that lift drains the water out of the "V" and behind the moulding
  6. Right LOL So if a 1/4"is NFG then a 1/2" must be really no good. earlier someone stated if you turn the crank and the rotor on the distributor moves without delay the chain if fine. Been using that rule of thumb since the 80's, hasn't failed me yet so I,m sticking with it.
  7. Pete i believe the number 64 riv=1353677 If that's what your looking at I'll take one Steve in Mass sending pm
  8. Tax Man, the core it replaced was done in 1995, the transmission cooler line in the bottom tank let loose so I had to fix that and as long as I had it out it was bulging a bit and some green seepage in the corners so had it done. So thats 25-30 years per core. Buy right, cry once. As opposed to 6 $200 radiators that last 4 years if lucky, the cost is cheaper and who wants to keep checking for corrosion in a radiator? There are other USA core suppliers that are fine, the Maine cores are HEAVY. Your local radiator shop can do the work as opposed to sending it to Maine and spending two way shipping, though they do the work also. They do high end stuff and I don't believe out cars warrant the artistry of a honeycomb radiator etc. But when it comes to a recore, let's put it this way: I don't drive around with gallons of spare antifreeze in my getaway cars LOL, plus made in USA cars deserve made in USA parts as opposed to soda can AL.. I try to keep my cars as original as reasonably possible. Steve 9236
  9. Always been more of a Mary Ann kind of guy lol
  10. there's a round reserve tank on the passenger side inner fender, the line from the engine is source. buy a manual for the schematic of the the rest of the hornets nest lol it's in the accessories chapter
  11. It's hard to say, nless it's the original owner who proclaims it's never been unbolted or there's extensive paper trail verifying the car and engine history. It's a 50 year old car, does it pull well, any excessive leaks or unusual noises, starts up well etc? Can you or can you have someone to a compression check, spark plug condition? I would be more concerned with recent major engine work than how long it potentially could continue being reliable. You could get 200 miles from it if you beat on it or another 50-60k if you drive it easy. No crystal ball.
  12. your missing a nasty old piece of cardboard
  13. Maine Radiator Made in USA 4row Brass. Prepare to pay
  14. There are adj screws that might be covered by body putty
  15. "Handimats" are just a Buick sales/buzzword for rubber floor mats as in "Wildcat" engine , "Dynaflow" transmission, etc the left looks like original or accurate reproduction, your right is an aftermarket ( looks like for drivers side)
  16. I use hagerty, the car gets locked up and drive 4-5k annually They know it, approve of it and condone it. They also know I have a second "modern" car as a daily use vehicle.
  17. 215 75 15 rubs slightly also. thhe tire touches the bolt on the frame in the wheelwell just as the steering reaches its end of travel
  18. I know there's a diagram in the service manual with the hose id's and their routing in 63-65 manuals not surre what year the question refers to Section 10 electrical systems in the manual
  19. In line,If Tom doesn't pan out I hosie those brake drums Steve
  20. Dick was a 1st class, honorable man. RIP.
  21. I have pics somewhere of a very original 65 i owned white Standard interior. Console dash and rug was a charcoal...Again, Standard white interior
  22. HOCKEY STICKS There's several very good parts suppliers in the Riview magazine gene G Larry D Tim S come to mind
  23. All gone folks...next ime
  24. still in the pkg, no need for it here 1st to send address by PM gets it in the mail Have a Great Mothers Day Steve
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