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  1. My lights still work, but I also mounted gauges. AND during cranking the RED temp light comes on to let you know the bulb is working/good.
  2. I bought my '64 Riv. new & the way they are shown are the way they were installed from the factory. I used a 27F as mentioned because I thought/felt it looked cleaner in appearance & I DO have a cover on the positive post being next to the fender. I know that if I got bopped in the nose it may just short out. Tom T.
  3. That one has the wrong throttle arm & NO wheel for the kick-down. ALSO the base is kinda corroded & will need to be milled,, but should be OK otherwise. Tom T.
  4. The valve is 80mm like stock. The stub shaft is 13/16ths. like stock. The pitman arm is 1 1/4" like stock. The feel is like stock or I can make it a "Sport" feel. My boxes use the STOCK rag joint. My boxes are the "808" box that originally came on the big cars & is A BOLT-IN. NO special hoses, fittings, adapters or ANYTHING else required. AND, at a much reduced cost than others available. Tom T. P.S. I do have a couple of the Riv. 15-1 boxes used.
  5. ED ALL POSI'S THAT I KNOW ABOUT HAVE THE 3/4" SQUARE dating back to 1960 at least, maybe further back. Now when the 9 3/8ths. went to having a rear cover is when the tag was placed on the cover. Tom T.
  6. Ed, That is a 3/4" square you use a 3/4" open end wrench on, NOT a 3/8ths. drive racket or extension which has a 3/8ths. square end.
  7. Ed, Since I rebuild A LOT of these AFB's I need to run something through ALL the passages to make sure they are clear of ANY debris. One thing for certain is the idle air bleeds for a 425 are slightly larger than a 401. Same goes with some passages in the ventures front & rear. As well as jets & metering rods. Tom T.
  8. In my understanding there were two that left the factory in the early part of production that came with leather. I owned one, very early build, 07D, was in the '64 pattern not '63 as if someone had changed them. Had MANY '63 parts on it that made it strange. Long since scrapped as it was rusted beyond recognition.
  9. The biggest problem I've seen is the pressure valve & spring are incorrectly installed.
  10. Kev, Where did you happen to buy that new pump brass inlet valve & how much did it cost???