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  1. I have the correct couplers in stock. $42.00 incl. shipping in 48 states.
  2. IF I remember correctly his name was Paul & he was from Mass.
  3. You disturbed the seal by twisting the plug. IF it didn't leak before it would have started very shortly. You need to access that from inside the trans. by dropping the pan. Then buy a new o-ring & re-install.
  4. Tom K, Tell the re-builder to make absolutely sure the front & rear throttle blades are CLOSED allowing NO light to be seen from the throttle valves when they are closed.. You can do this yourself very easily by tuning the carb. upside down with a light under it to check for light & make sure the throttle is closed all the way.
  5. GCC, Un-thread the stud about 1-2 turns & then install a lock nut to hold it in place. This will prevent the stud from touching whatever it is it's hitting to prevent a future problem. Also to try & neaten things up get 2 plastic PCV 90* fittings to install on th PCV valve & the PCV port from the front of the EFI unit. They usually come with Chevy PCV valves. Your parts store SHOULD have them separate. I can see by the picture that the PCV hose is appearing to collapse right in the curve where it enters the PCV valve. The 2 90* fitings will eliminate the bends. Tom T.
  6. Ed & others. They now make a dash pot that includes the micro switch built in to eliminate the problems of adjusting the switch properly. It doesn't need the micro switch at all. I've installed a couple of them now & they work good. Lot less hassles & works properly as it should. Tom T.
  7. What I posted is a problem that my friend encountered & was told by Holley hat the stud penetrated "Something". This was a heads up so that others don't have a future problem to head off problems & frustrations.
  8. Your very welcome Mike. Like I said there was no harm meant or intended. Tom T.
  9. That's why the name. NOT what Buick actually called it. The origins started with people who looked at it in the same vane that you have.
  10. Mike, I am sorry if this comment offended you. That was not my intention. It was meant to be funny, a joke on my end. Again my apology's to you & your wife. I really meant no harm. Tom Telesco
  11. Tom K, I rebuild these carbs. ALL the time & well versed on them. Right now I have 4 dual quad assemblies to rebuild for people around the world so I'm very versed on these carbs. as well as the 1x4's. I still don't believe that defect has anything to do with idle speed. Remove the big brass screw & blow in compressed air to feel IF ANY compressed air is coming out of that area. I looked at one of the quads I already have apart & that it appears to have no correlation. ALSO I'm very versed on NailHeads in general as I have three I'm in the process of rebuilding so I basically know about ALL there idiosyncrasies. Tom T.
  12. I know that this is the primary side of the rear carb. I don't think that will have anything to do with the idle circuit. Are you having a problem with idle or other driving parameters?? Does it appear to cause a problem??? And IF it does what are the symptoms??? Tom T.
  13. IF mamma is the problem you DIDN'T break her in properly from the beginning.
  14. IF & WHEN you buy this kit DO NOT use the metal stud for the hold-down wing nut. IF you screw it in too far it will penetrate the "Brain" of the unit. My friend had so many problems it darn near cost him an engine all for the lack of a plastic hold-down rod that SHOULD be included in the kit. IF you use the metal rod/stud screw it in 4 or 5 threads then use a nut to hold it in place. Someone I know just went through this sending his unit back 3-4 times. It was getting so frustrated he was ready to slit his throat.
  15. When I installed one in my '64 I don't remember having to do any mods other than bolt it in.