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  1. telriv


    AND, a '60 Buick ambulance
  2. Makes things easier if you remove the A pillar trim 1st. Then you won't have to worry as much about scratching.
  3. Somethings wrong with the quartz movement
  4. ANYTHING/EVERYTHING worth it's salt takes time especially when your paying attention to details.
  5. Just dashes by the time your done with shipping etc. can run close to or just above 1K. The Turbinator just installed a dash topper in his '63 Riv. & is satisfied with it. The ONLY problem was that it had the vinyl pattern for a '64-'65 so for his '63 was wrong, but he was satisfied with what he got. I'm sure if he reads this he will comment. Tom T.
  6. this is what I was talking about, looks stock
  7. We're hoping the Casket doesn't come too soon. LOL
  8. I seem to remember something about the tint on one. Something about the tint being the same all the way across which made it look weird.
  9. They were mounted on the center of the dash.
  10. I'll have to see IF I can find & post pictures.
  11. Looks pretty far from stock to me. The set-up I'm talking about uses analog gauges using the original gauge pod.. Tom T.
  12. But it doesn't look stock like it belongs there & doesn't match the other side.
  13. That was short & sweet. I know a guy that converts the original dash to gauges. Looks COMPLETELY STOCK, but nor cheap. Tom T.