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  1. Sorry Ed, BUT not so. Since it has a longer stroke the deck height HAS to be higher. I would guesstimate 3.90"-3.64"=.260" diff. now divide that in half & you come up with .130". So in figuring this out the average 401/425 has a deck height of approx. 10.005"-10.022". Add .130" ends up with a deck eight of approx. 10.140". Maybe this is where the extra height comes from, BUT I don't think it would be that noticeable. I can check on this & get back to you. Tom T.
  2. 203 Lower Fairfield County Conn. Sorry no pics. 1964 Riv. bought new in 1964 at 18 yrs. old. Today has a little over 300K. Has run a best of 13.902@98MPH 1/4 mile. Has even pulled the L/F on occassion. Have videos & pics to prove. Been my BABY for 57+ years. Have particapated in the Hot Rod Power Cruise twice from Fort Devins Mass. to Saint Petersburg, Flor. My test mule for the: Mini-Starters I designed & sell. Even do Mini's now for St. 8's & ALL "Nails". '64-'66 Mini's are 6lbs. 12ozs. instead of ALMOST 30pds. Roller Tip Variable Ratio Rocker A
  3. I spent LOTS of time with Mark & Anna from Clarks going on 20 years now. I sent them the proto type package tray to copy. They ALMOST got it right. So I cut the whole metal area out of the back & sent it to them. It's as correct as it can ever be. I know that for a fact. Also the interior, especially the seats. I gave them the info for the original manufacterer of the foams for ALL the OEM's. GM, Ford, Chrysler & AMC. They are now dealing with these people I turned them onto as the quality far surpassed what they were using from another. I told them to provide the listing
  4. I KNOW that size belt works as I just installed it like I mentioned. Tom T.
  5. I don't have a vanity plate but my front plate I had made says "T's Riv". Since my 1st. name is Tom I thought it was fitting, for me anyway. Tom T.
  6. I just did this for a '65 Riv. GS I rebuilt the 425 engine for. I put EVERY ONE on a start cart to check to make sure EVERYTHING Is OK BEFORE the customer comes to check t out. Of course the vehicle has A/C, BUT of course there's no A/C compresser. The belt I ended up using was a 3/8ths. wide belt by 54" long. Was able to get good adjustment out of it to run the water pump. Wasn't worried about the fan blade as I use an electric Volvo fan so the fan blade is NOT nec. to run the water pump. ALSO it's safer for my hands & other body parts when setting timing etc. Tom T.
  7. I tought ALL '62 & '63 Lesabres were low compression 2bbl. cars. I could be wrong, BUT I don't think so. Will have to look at me '63 chassis manual.
  8. Well at least it has the CORRECT crankshaft in it. One problem out of the way. The '63 LeSabre was a low compression (8-1 or 8.5-1) 2bbl. engine. I can get you ALL the corect engine parts including Forged pistons. Off the shelf cast pistons will net you about 8-1 compression IF your lucky. Tom T.
  9. There are a FEW differences between cars with A/C & cars without. As mentioned without A/C it ONLY had a finger guard & a 4 blade fan that ran at engine speed & the pulley system spun the water pump at .9 engine speed & had a 3 blade impeller water pump. ALSO the non A/C water pump has a smaller front bearing as evidenced from the diameter of the end of the housing where the fan bolts to. So with P/S & Alternator IF the belts were adjusted correctly there would be a neutral pull on the front bearing the reason it's NOT as H/Duty as an A/c pump. Now onto A/C equipp
  10. Bckeye, The pic you posted is the engine serial number which IF the engine in the car is the original engine to the car it will MATCH the VIN on the top of the cowl on the left (drivers side) of the cowl. NOT the data plate attached to the firewall above the brake booster. That plate contains the options that were put in the vehicle at the time of assembly of the body at the Fisher Plant. Tom T.
  11. There is NO 12v. power to the switches ONLY at the light bulbs themselves. The switches just COMPLETE THE GROUNDS. Tom T.
  12. Those 4 spots you pointed to & two more spots hidden by the hood spring. ANY moving part needs lubrication. 1st. with penetrating oils like PBlaster or WD40. Move the hood up & down MANY times Then wash off & spray it with powered graphite. Will operate so much MORE smoothly & MAY just solve the problem of replacing hinges or sending them out to get rebuilt. Tom T.
  13. Depending on how much wattage/amperage they require you MAY have to add relays IF the headlights go off & then back on after 45sec. to a minute. Tom T.
  14. It's readily available from NAPA
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