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  1. Yes Art, but you must remember most ALL the other vehicles used cast iron. For the benefits of aluminum, which are much lighter, & dissipate heat much better than cast, they bend out of shape quite easily. IF you try removing the drum support the hub & DO NOT put any kind of pressure on the aluminum drum. Tom T.
  2. That's only one part of the lens. There's another piece that goes behind the lens if I remember correctly. Tom T.
  3. Originally from the factory these vacuum switches had a very light coating of grease inside of them, which also promoted sealing. After 30-40-50 years they dy up & pieces come off & end up blocking some of the vacuum holes. I usually use the Kendall Super Blue grease. It holds it's consistency & is not so thick it will block things up. Tom T.
  4. YES, I've done a number of them. For someone with experience to take apart & rebuild the thing including the CV Joints is about 8 hours give or take. IF you've NEVER done it before & have no experience you will get VERY frustrated. These are a time consuming job that is very EASY to mess up. EVEN professional drive shaft shops get them wrong/screw them up. It's VERY IMPORTANT to get the phasing correct. Basically it's pressing out the old & installing the new, BUT the CV Joints can drive you crazy. IF you end up taking a stab at it a few pointers. Make sure you use the H/Duty joints with NO grease fittings. A couple joints are special & is one of the areas the pros mess up on. The CV Joints are another problem area . These problems are NOT insurmountable, BUT you need to be aware of certain things & can end up with MORE problems than you started with. Drive shafts pros are almost ALWAYS telling those not in the know their shafts are "Out Of Phase". For their information they are most times unknowingly WRONG!!!! They are out of phase for a reason!!!! That's the way Buick designed them. Tom T.
  5. My brother-in-law & my two sons have cars that consistently get BETTER than 54 MPG. One is a fairly new, 2015, & my sons drive older cars that can achieve that now. Tom T.
  6. Believe me it's a quality piece. I was in on the design & fab. Tom T.
  7. Go to Look up JD race. Monaz is his screen name. I gave him ALL the info I had & he CAN & DOES do them. What's wrong with your rear?? Tom T.
  8. Just make sure the spacers have the indent in them to clear the rivets or else you'll warp the drums again. Tom T.
  9. Just buy a rebuilt starter it will come with a new solenoid.
  10. I've known a couple with sleeves & they raced them for years. Can't get any more abuse than that IF DONE PROPERLY!!!!
  11. Right on TK, IF you listened to ALL of the ney sayers we are ALL living on borrowed time. This is ALL BS. They want us ALL to live in the city's so they can keep a closer eye on US. They drill this crap into peoples heads until they think it's true. I could go on for days, BUT then it will become political & this is a RIVIERA forum to share knowledge pertaining to our vehicles. Tom T.