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  1. Pretty early in the production run 7K1005242. Mine was made 12D meaning 4th week of '63 & the VIN/Engine # is 7K107.
  2. DShoes, Those lttle spikes you see that hold the cap to the steel wheel go on much easier than coming off. IF those spikes didn't mar up the chrome going on they will definately mar up the chrome on the Rally wheels because as they are coming off the spikes try to put more tension/dig into the wheels & dig in so they don't come off as easily. And, don't forget the chrome is much more slippery so there's a good chance they will come off the Rally wheel especialy going around a corner & also with the use of radial tires. Do like everyone says & get some steelies
  3. Do what the Turbinator used per my recommendation. And now his speedo & his GPS match perfecrtly. An adapter to make the speedo work correctly when you don't have the proper tooth gear & driving yourself crazy trying to figure it out. Tom T.
  4. Ed, Bob haven't explained it correctly. He HAD to replace the gear because the plastic teeth were worn away caused by a seized/stiff speedo cable or some kind of binding. Tom T.
  5. They ALL look so nice & pretty when cleaned up.
  6. As Tom mentioned the stainless steel gasket is NOT needed for the 2x4 manifold as it has NO open passages for exhaust heat. Tom T.
  7. The carb. gasket is backwards, should be turned the other way. Tom T.
  8. Ed, Bob's speedo & GPS botn agree.
  9. Zimm63, The one wire system is just that, a one wire system. The only one who can tell has been converted to Electronic is you & the installer. ALL parts are included. Including a screwdriver & an Allen wrench, plus instructions. The advantages are: Single wire so systm operation preserves stock appearance & simplify's wiring Active dwell control maintains high RPM spark energy while reducing coil heating at idle. Auto-standby prevents coil damage/overheating or dead battery if ignition is left on & also while troubleshooting for
  10. MSD used to be good BEFORE China got involved. Same with MANY other things.
  11. IF I remember correctly there is a fitting on the intake manifold that supplys vacuum to the vacuum canister on the right fenderwell for the HVAC system. IF that hose is broken/leaking it will affect #8 clylinder only. ALSO, the vacuum line screwed into the right rear of the rear carb. is for the vacuum modulator for the trans. This is ALSO right by the feed for the #8 cly. It coud be cracked OR fallen off at the modulator down at the trans. Just a couple other things to check BEFORE pulling things apart for no reason. OH, AND, the plug under the intake manifold IF rotted out/lea
  12. i don't diss anyone for their replies. I only ask to keep it cival & respect others views & opinions. None of us know who or where this individual comes from or where he lives, and we must remember that was his opinion. And don't forget we all "need each other" in one form or another. No one has all the answers, myself included. Tom T.
  13. There is more plastic in 1st. gens than you think. Dash & console are just a few.
  14. Security the originals don't give up the ghost.
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