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What are you bringing to Hershey this year?


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On 9/2/2023 at 9:25 PM, Matt Harwood said:

Tentative plans as of one month before. Please come see us in the car corral, spaces B138-140, right across from the show field.









You’re not selling the Lincoln are you?!

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We will be bringing a good assortment of ignition parts for most makes and models from 1910 to 1960.   Distributor caps, points, rotors, stoplight switches, condensers,  cutouts, oil pump and distributor gears, coils etc.  We will also have the new 4 and 6 cylinder Delco twist and lock caps.    Come see us and set a while and rest those feet,   spaces C4N  30-33


Tom and Sue








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Due to physical limitations I can’t be on site at Hershey but I have put items to sell at the Black Swan Antiquities shop just east of Hershey in nearby Palmyra PA.  The address is 61 W Front St Palmyra and the entrance is in the rear of the building facing the nearby railroad tracks.  My location in the building is row C and booth #7.  I have a lot of automotive collectibles for sale and some HO railroad items too.  Items in the attached pictures are there now.  Things pictured can change as Hershey approaches.  The antique shop is open 7 days from 10am to 5pm with longer hours during car show week.  
The model cars are all pre-assembled diecast replicas, not kits.  They are priced from $8-10 for 1:32 scale, $12-15 for 1:24 scale and $15-20 for the large 1:18 scale cars. 
Thanks for looking!







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Hershey Spaces GAF20-24

PACKARD PARTS !!  and a smattering of "other", such as 47 Cadillac tail light top lens, 48-49 parking light lenses, a few misc 35-35 Pierce items (yes, I'll let EdM know) + EE-3 Carburetor, Guide 7 7/8 driving lights, gorgeous pair of early Fog Kings,  the requisite automobilia (oil cans, models, toys), but really mainly Packard Parts.  Heavy in the 35-42 junior and senior, some 28-30 stuff (Ray's) and a reasonable quantity of postwar, examples - 56 Carrib air cleaner, F/R 56 golden circles,  NOS 56 chrome door strikers, NOS  56 hood crest, NOS 56 heater control plastics, red hex for 56 tail light, outside door handle backers, NOS pair 53-54 parking lights.  NOS 48-50 grille emblem, NOS wiper arms, etc.   OK - prewar stuff...have way more than the trailer holds, but I have piled to go, set of super 42 160/senior hubcaps, NEW set of 39-120 hubcaps(Hirsch), super pair 42 side grilles, 41-42 160/180 tail lights complete, and parts/lenses, parking light lenses and holddown "fingers",  K wheel (hopefully for the guy who was sorely disappointed last year), 35-39 STELLAR Road/Fog lamps, 35-36 SUPER 8 splash pans, 33-36 brake dust bands, small group of 33-34 stuff (hood vent trims, trunk rack bumper supports) 33-36 Cloissonne' crest horn button, 39 V12 hood side medallions, 39-40 Super 8  hood side medallions, 41+42 180 hood side medallions, NEW 35+36 SUPER 8 exhaust manifold,  NEW 35-36 Wiring Harness, Terrell restored 35-39 V12 fuel pump, 36-7 115/120 Banjo wheels (restored), pair 35+36 Senior Tail lights, rebuilt 37-39 EE-23 carb and a disassembled DIY project carb with a good EE-22 bowl.  BurrRipley L-8 oil filter setup, Yes, of course some shiny goddesses. 37+38+39+40.  I think I've got a 41 Cormorant here, will try to remember that...  Right now I have a 36-120 trunk rack set to go, but I have it listed on ebait and am entertaining an offer, so if you are looking for a trunk rack, please advise quickly.  


I also have tons of stuff I have not yet decided to bring...what are you needing??  a 35-39 V12 waterpump, 38-39 V12 generator, 37-39 V12 O-D Starter, 33-36 CO1240 and CO1300 generators, 40-42 356 MAX 4014 starter, MAX 4006/18/24/27 Starters, 39 Super 8 Starter, Grilles?  yeah, those too...37 115/120, 38-9 110/120, 40-42 110/120 and 160/180.  See what I mean, heavy stuff or bulky stuff is overruled by boxes and boxes of smaller stuff...door handles, engine parts, suspension parts, overdrive parts, c'mon, you get the idea.  Headlights/lenses 35-39 junior AND senior.  But fragile stuff also takes more time to pack. I've brought distributors in years past and bring them home? 37-39 radiators are going to be scrapped, or sell for scrap value only if called for in advance, hundred bucks each delivered to Hershey....believed good radiators, worth it for the tanks and you can scrap the cores....


I share the spaces, GAF20-24 with 3 other guys - all bringing Packard stuff....

Ray's got a great set of 38-39 6/120 wheels, some 28-30 stuff, nice 40-41 160 hubcaps, lots of shiny trim stuff all years - even some Studebaker Hawk parts!

Bob is bringing some 40-42 grilles, hood ornaments, a few signs, and who knows what else

Kevin is bringing some Steele rubber - cheap!! some 1938 door and window handles, neat TRICO wiper parts service case with inventory, 115c parts, etc.


We are diagonally behind the Packard Club tent....what can we help you with?  yes, we'll have a FREE pile and stuff so cheap you'll wonder why we make the effort to bring...

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Speaking of Packard, I have these 1937? Packard bumpers that need a new home. I wasn't planning on bringing them to Hershey but if someone can use them, they will be cheap. $25.00 each. The bumper at the top is a nice rear bumper for a '48 Studebaker Champion. Also $25.00.


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More Goodies Packed!!!! Hood Ornaments! Gear shifter swirl Knobs, Taillights, Script Lens and Emblems, Grilles, Also bringing a bin full of Cigarette Lighters, Taillight License Lens, and Steering Wheels, 1937 Chevy truck Steering column and wheel, Bumpers, Trunk Racks, Wheels, Artillery, wire and more

Chocolate Field South

CH74-78  Near by to Light Pole #56





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Mostly 65-66 Cadillac parts

also some oddball parts such as '41 Packard fenders-need work.  

Can deliver to Hershey or points on the way, or pickup in Syracuse NY.  Pic is just some of the cars saved from the crusher.  Green field in front of Giant center...will update with spot.

Many Cadillac bumper ends from 1962-1973, some with light assemblies, all good cores and some good daily drivers.
'66 rear bumper ends-commercial chassis-NOS but shelf wear $400
'66 rear center bumper cores (6) $75 each
'66 rear seat vert $150
'66 rear seat sedan $100
'66 sedan front seat $150
'66 Sedan molding set $400
'66 Sedan doors
'66 vert pass 1/4 panel
'66 Bucket seats (no head rests), one set left-poor shape
'67 NOS door-2 door $250
'66 Hood, Surface rust in spots-solid. No molding/emblem, no bottom front piece.  $350
'64 wheels, blasted and painted , $150 each
429 intake manifold, repaired by PO $40
429 heads, used and rebuilt
429 Exhaust manifolds needing repairs.  Have 10 sets in various conditions, some with very tiny repairs needed around bolt holes, to some with larger cracks. Send a PM with side needed and I can send pics or make offers 
'64 429 timing chain covers, al looked over by machine shop, no broken bolts or missing pins.  Oil passages by pump all usable,
Many skirts-almost all 60's
'59 Carter carb core, $100
'55-57 air cleaners $100 each (Not the triangle shape-round with side vents)
'65-66 rear quarter moldings (not Eldo)-some have dings but probably repairable,  have 14 sets. $150 set for the fair ones, $250 set for the ok ones, and $450 set for the nice ones.
1960 grills
50s-60s generators -eight total
'50s NOS trunk carpet
'50 Radios 8 total, $100 each

'66 Center rear bumper cores without trim, 8 total, $90 each
'66 Fenders with typical repairs needed at bottom, $150 each
'66 inner fenders, Already blasted and painted, but were not show quality (had some minor dings and such), so I found another better set.  $150 each
'66 heater core non AC cover, blasted and painted.  Found a better one that didn't have as many pits.  $250
'66 Speedos, used 6 total
'66 Cowl
'66 Hoods
'66 Trunk lid
'66 Wheels, Blasted and black powder coated, or used (sold)

'65-66 dashes 4 total, AC and non

Bumper ends:
65-66 top bumper ends $75 each
62-64 ends $125 each
64 bottom bumper end solid $450
64 front bumper-complete, good core or driver $1500

57 Fleetwood bottom quarter molding, pair $400
57 Fleetwood double red lights with chrome, $75 each
'57 Fleetwood rear top 1/4 molding $45

4 1955 Kelsey Hayes wheels.  Nice set with no curb rash $900 (sold)

NOS '55 rocker panels
50s steering column/wheel
1966 front bench seats-core (3 sets, Fleetwood, sedan and vert) without trans/motors, $150 each bench.
1966 rear convertible seat
1965 and 66 bumper cores
66 doors -convert
'64 Transmission
'64 429 bare block (crack in valley pan area)
'65 Grills
8 generators
50's water pump...looks new

15 pairs of skirts, mostly 50's.
50's flat glass/windows-not in best shape

About 250 pieces of moldings 50s-60s...if interested in these pieces, please send me a pic of what you need or measurements.
NOS green 60s mats-have a few cases of these
Thanks, Chuck

65-66partcrs (1).jpg

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1936 Nash hood  LF front fender & R&L rear fenders also have the 4 doors and tail & parking lenses. 1935-36 Packard knee actions shocks 8 cylinder distributor & generator. Rabbit Motor Scooters sign of memory serves me right these where before the Vespa. 1939 Plymouth LF rear fender. 1936 Buick Grille. Cadillac hub caps. And Much more 😵‍💫😵‍💫









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Location Orange Field light pole 115 (see edit history)
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I have a Rest room Cotton Towel hand dryer with a new towel roll . I’m in the Orange Field right under Light Pole 115.

Also looking for someone Heading back west to LA that can take a Trunk lid back that way.

 Thanks Tom 


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6 hours ago, thehandleman said:

Just a tip oldsteel rather then keep making new posts, go to edit and add your pictures to your original post, what your bringing, Good luck with sales you have some good stuff.

Also list your spaces would be a great help if someone is interested

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On 9/24/2023 at 12:22 AM, John348 said:

Also list your spaces would be a great help if someone is interested

My spaces Orange field OBE 51-53 when looking at the map you’ll see Pencil size circles with a number this is a Light Pole every light pole in the Park has a number which is way up at the top of the pole and BIG which can be Seen from way off. Light pole 115 is on OBE 52 so it’s My land mark.

Thanks Tom

Okay bottom of trailer is packed build shelf put sheet metal on top. Tie it all in place and see how much Settling happens in transit 😳image.jpg.2c5fa5601c9b56eaa462150d95dcd3d9.jpg


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CE 76 77 78  in Chocolate Field South. I will be bringing 61 to 67 Corvette parts, 1957 Cadillac wheel covers, 1953 Buick headlight doors, glass Oil Bottles, Texaco oil bottle,  1940 Ford running boards, 15" wire wheel covers, 52 to 59 Airstream travel trailer tail light (like New), spotlights, tools, license plates, R-12 freon, SS Impala 14 inch spinner wheel covers, 1955 Ford radio, 1942 to 1947 Chrysler emblems, Studebaker back-up lamp,  MG gauges, plus other Ford, Mopar, Chevy,  and Chevy truck parts. All must go. I will be setting up on Monday morning.

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Bringing an assortment of pre-war items including tools, parts, accessories, oddities, and more. Some examples include: petroleum salesman’s sample case, Neverout bicycle/motorcycle headlight (very nice nickel over brass), WWII Jeep blackout headlight, Atlantic gas pump signs (glass) pair, and much more. Space RCH 61-64. Thanks, Bob





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Just looking at this thread, my feet are getting sore like I’m walking around Hershey!

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For TRADE or SALE. Franklin Airman trunk rack  1932/1933 series 16 WANT PACKARD trunk rack 1932 thru 1940

the rack I have is a bit bent in spots, has all the alloy trim strips and rubber in the strips but it is original so the rubber is dried out and worn.

No real rust ( heavy and deeply pitted) on the rack .

Looking for the one piece Packard rack from the years noted that fit the senior series cars ( not the 110 or 120) in similar condition .

FREE DELIVERY TO HERSHEY - will not ship it is to heavy.  Or can be picked up here at my house on western long island.,

Would rather trade  but consider selling for $1,100

this rack may also fit 1931 Franklin series 153 it measures 19 x 36 inches.

I don't believe Franklin made these but purchased them to fit to their cars they made and sold ( like they bought wire wheels, headlamps, etc) so it may fit other large cars of the era but I do no have a list of what.

I will also have a box full of 8 x 10  FACTORY AND PERIOD PHOTOGRAPHS. $5.00 each postwar $10 each pre war - some of the prewar ones I had new prints made 25+ years ago from photos taken at the European salons - both American and European cars.

Franklin Trunk Rack.jpg

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