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  1. Going to Phily for the Convention in a few days. Where is the best place within walking distance of the host hotel to eat a good Philly cheese steak? I know there are a lot of good places to eat but wanted to find one within walking distance. Thanks.
  2. I will be at space CE 23-24 selling Ford and a few Franklin parts plus model cars, collectibles, and signs. I have lots of things I am selling cheap
  3. Hi, I just sent a question to the National head of judging and will let you know when I receive his reply. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hi, Can a 1960 McDonough Buckboard be shown at a National AACA show? Does it qualify as one of the mini cars? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Wanting to know if a 1960 McDonough Buckboard can be shown at a National AACA car show? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a tire test tank that has on it "Big 4 Studebaker Division". I would like to know what years did Studebaker make equipment with the Big 4 name on it? I do have it for sale on Ebay and the item number is 292986787562. If I could date it I would be able to advertise it correctly. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Larry
  7. How do you post pictures to a post? Thanks.
  8. HI, Be sure to attend the car show on Saturday and see if anyone is showing a car like yours. I have found out that most car owners have extra parts that they will sell or maybe give you information on where to find the parts you need.
  9. Hi, We will be in space CE 23-23 in the Chocolate Field south. Will be selling mostly Ford parts, toys, collectibles, automotive cufflinks and earrings for the ladies, and always have a large $1 table and tarp full of good deals. We will be there Tuesday afternoon thru Friday afternoon. Hope to see you there. Larry and Elizabeth
  10. My question is would a Shay Model A reproduction car be allowed on a National tour? These care were titled as 1980 cars and I know other 1980 model car are allowed on the age appropriate tours. I would not think they would be allowed on the older car tours but wanted to know if they would be allowed as any other 1980 model car.
  11. Hi, I know Marshall Van Winkle of New Bern North Carolina has won the most Preservation Awards with his Model-T Ford. Does anyone know who has won the next most Preservation Awards with the same vehicle? Maybe 2nd, 3rd most? I was talking to a couple in Ocala last weekend and when I ask him if he was showing a car that day he said no that he had already won his Preservation Award. When I explained to him he can win many Preservation Awards with his car he seamed surprised. I wonder if other folks are thinking the same way? I sure hope not. Just thought it would be good to know who other than Marshal has won many Preservation Awards. I know at our next Region meeting I will be sure to let everyone know that many Awards can be won. Thanks!
  12. CE-23 24. We will arrive Tuesday afternoon and be there until Saturday. Will be selling mostly Ford parts with a little Jeepster and other makes parts. Not bringing cars for sale but will have large posters of 1940 Ford Deluxe coupe, 1946 Ford Coupe, and 1924 Buick for sale. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  13. Hi, I have stayed the last several years at what is now the Holiday Inn Express on the Hershey exit off I-81. It is a good place and is only 7 miles from the show field. You may try there as I do know last week someone I know canceled their rooms. Driving in each day you pass the AACA Museum. Good Luck!