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  1. Is Charlotte Auto Fair still on schedule?
  2. Thanks for all of the information. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.
  3. How do you wire the batteries in parallel? What cables do you use?
  4. Thanks for all of the information. I guess I should have included more information to start with. I had the starter rebuilt about 2 years ago by a repair shop most of the antique car folks use in the area. I have a large about 1 1/2 inch wide bradded ground cable and have made sure the connection to the frame is good. The cable to the starter is a 2/0 heavy duty welding cable 600v that the place that rebuilt my starter made for me. I only use gas without ethanol. I had the engine and transmission gone thru by George McNeal restoration in North Wilkesboro N.C. before he passed away and at that time he said he repaired what was needed in the distributor. He installed a electric fuel pump on it that I turn on when starting but cut it off after the engine starts. I did not notice if the starter housing had any paint on it before it was reinstalled. Since this starter was reinstalled it seems that when cold it turns over much slower than before but always starts and when on a hot soak will not turn over very good at all. Do you think that the starter need to be looked at again? I had to have it towed home last weekend. I have heard about a carb spacer helping. Where can this be purchased and is there any other modifications that have to be made when installed? Thanks so much for all of the assistance and hope I can get this resolved before the tours start in 2021.
  5. I have a 1942 Cadillac 61 series 4 door sedan. I am now retired and would like to use this car on tours plus I do drive it to local car shows when everything is normal. This car will never be a car that I would show at a National show for class judging so if minor modifications needs to be made to make this car reliable is ok with me. If taken to a National show it would be a DPC. It is a 6 volt system positive ground. The problem I have is that it starts great cold but if I drive it to an event the engine has to cool completely at times before it will restart. I would like to use it more just like this past Saturday where our Region toured to a Retirement home for a drive-by for the residents. We made a stop at our club house to have an outdoor meeting and when ready to go would not start and almost getting dark so I had to call AAA. Has anyone had experience of using a 8 volt battery or convert the starting system to 12 volt? I have heard that either may make it more reliable to start when I need it to if done correctly. Does anyone know of a shop that would be good to use near North Carolina to help with this problem? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  6. My friends and relatives are all asking (What are you doing here?) because they know we are always at Hershey this week. All of them know to not plan any event the first week of October if they want us it attend. From some of the post I have seen I think we will see a lot of new restorations on the show field next year. Can't wait!!!
  7. Would it be possible at each National Car show and National Tour for each entry to receive an application for a new member in the packet. During the show or tour an current member gets a New member to sign up and pay for a new membership the National Club will refund the entry fee to the person that is showing their vehicle. All a current member has to do is just get one new person to join the club at each event they attend and the cost will be much less and our membership will grow. I have not seen this tried before. Would you think it may work?
  8. Going to Phily for the Convention in a few days. Where is the best place within walking distance of the host hotel to eat a good Philly cheese steak? I know there are a lot of good places to eat but wanted to find one within walking distance. Thanks.
  9. I will be at space CE 23-24 selling Ford and a few Franklin parts plus model cars, collectibles, and signs. I have lots of things I am selling cheap
  10. Hi, I just sent a question to the National head of judging and will let you know when I receive his reply. Thanks for the info.
  11. Hi, Can a 1960 McDonough Buckboard be shown at a National AACA show? Does it qualify as one of the mini cars? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Wanting to know if a 1960 McDonough Buckboard can be shown at a National AACA car show? Thanks
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