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Beautiful tow truck /fire emergency conversions

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5 hours ago, Restorer32 said:

I know where there is a "restored" 1931 Cadillac tow/service truck that is for sale privately.  No pics at this time but if anyone is interested I could ask the owner for pics and more info. As I remember it had a professional looking body with the chrome rails.

If you go to the first post on this topic it was started by me !  I am interested!  Actually I remember buying one Ardun head from a collector /dealer in the boonies half way between Syracuse and Albany and he had in his garage a similar sounding Caddy ! It was not for sale.  This was 30 years ago in the dead of a very cold winter day and for the life of me I can not remember where the guy was. He did sell me a big box of Lotus literature which I still have !

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The following two trucks  were owned by the dealership I eventually owned.  Sadly, they were long gone.  The 34 olds pick up was built by the guys in our body shop as a parts hauler.  The other truck I believe is a 28 Chevrolet

28 Chevrolet.jpg

34 olds.jpg

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