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  1. No mounting hardware. $1500
  2. Here is a Rudge wheel I have that still has the famous Rudge logo. No idea what it fits
  3. It's still decorating my shop and available
  4. great line up . Is that a JAP engine in the Morgan? Ewan Cameron build? Most likely I suspect. The only Blackburn one I saw was at Sammy Miller's museum. Of course he told me that the Blackburn was the best !
  5. Good to hear all is well in the old country. I came across a small reference to Chalmers in one of a very interesting series of articles on the life of the famous Detroit car collector Barney Pollard. featured in the AACA magazine 2012/13 Maybe you have already heard of him and read the articles. Here is a bit. Cheers, Barry
  6. More info here from Jay's excellent column in the excellent Octane magazine
  7. Hi Andy, Your spare Chalmers engine rebuild looks superb. What mods did the pistons require? I have a large stash of early pistons including many cast iron all NOS. Probably scrap metal only as most go with aluminum replacements these days. I recall that one can run much closer clearances with iron but probably not a worthwhile endeavour. Looks like a very nice lathe, Gratziano? Harrison? just curious as I am in the market for a bigger newer unit . Over here one of the favourites in the Hardinge, I think they have or had a UK factory as well as headquarters not far from here in New York. I am also getting a lot of shop work done on my 1926 Brough and 1980 XR 750 Harley projects. I abandoned the Lagonda project after completing the chassis restoration as the bodywork etc was too intimidating for me. The chap who bought it lives in London and has a saloon 2 serial numbers from the one I had ! It went to the best possible home.
  8. I stand by my statements and am happy to elaborate for anyone thinking emigrating to Canada would be a good idea. Here in Ontario our hospitals are overflowing. My wife has been waiting for an MRI since last July as it is suspected she has bleeding in the brain. You were lucky as chest pain is the ONLY thing that will get you looked at right away. The third leading cause of death in Canada is from medical errors ! I could write a book about our crappy health care system. And as far as being free have you checked your tax bills? All our really good doctors go south as the system sucks for them too. As far as weather you are not fooling anyone.I know what a fluke a Chinook is. I lived in Prince Albert Sask and know was minus 55 F is Also lived in a hellhole called Winnipeg ( nicknamed "Winterpeg" also know for mosquito infestations which rival the Congo.) Spent most of my life around Ottawa the second coldest capital city in the world after Ulan Bator Mongolia ! There are a great many reasons why the USA has over 300 million people and we have just over 30 million. I tell anyone that is young and ambitious to get out of here. I am an old man now but if I could do it over again I would opt for New Zealand.
  9. Forget about Canada. We have a miserable climate , unless you are obsessed with hunting and fishing .Our health care is probably worse than yours. Set up in California and that way even if your business fails you will not need an umbrella or a snow shovel ! A Canadian friend just sent his type 57 to New Hampshire for body work and his engine to Colorado which should tell you something.
  10. Sounds like a great idea. Looking this direction due to Brexit? Around here in Canada I only know of one small shop near Toronto and the sole proprietor is always swamped with work..Of course you will be better of in the States where most of the action and dollars are!
  11. Nice restoration.Did you ever have it judged at an AMCA meet? I had my original 1913 Harley judged once at 98.5 points I recall but the judge made an error so I never had it re judged as the goal for most in that endeavour is to attain a 'winner's circle" 100 points. Back in the 80's when the AMCA was first adopting a judging setup the AMCA chief judge "Doc" Patt had a few of his bikes judged at the Hershey AACA meet.Of course this judging business can be a real quagmire. Good luck with the sale.
  12. I seem to recall he had a desire to acquire an 8 cylinder Alfa,which was sort of unobtainium even back then
  13. was he really trying to deceive as your post implies or was he creating replicas for those who could not afford or find the real thing? I recall having some correspondence with him about other Stutz matters and he seemed like an honest chap who was well thought of in Stutz circles.
  14. There is also the possible requirement of a Heritage Export Permit which is something not many are aware of.It depends on several criteria but if the car has some Canadian significance etc this may be necessary
  15. THat s a piece of cake. If the car is anywhere near Montreal it will even be easier. I have shipped motorcycles out of Montreal to Europe several times and one crated 4 wheel dirt tracker to Melbourne Australia. The docks are right there at Lachine. a suburb of Montreal contact Bollore Logistics Canada
  16. If you go to the first post on this topic it was started by me ! I am interested! Actually I remember buying one Ardun head from a collector /dealer in the boonies half way between Syracuse and Albany and he had in his garage a similar sounding Caddy ! It was not for sale. This was 30 years ago in the dead of a very cold winter day and for the life of me I can not remember where the guy was. He did sell me a big box of Lotus literature which I still have !
  17. that is too cool. Chain drive ! What is it? Locomobile?
  18. This looks like a real professional conversion. 25 years ago there was a circa 1930 Lasalle fire emergency conversion that I unsuccessfully bid for at a Quebec auction . It too had a really nice professional conversion with a body tag from "Rochester..Body works?" Sadly the buyer converted it back to a car! I am a buyer for one of these "trucks" if there are any left . Hyman had a lovely Packard tow conversion years ago, nicely done but more amateurish than this beautiful Lincoln.
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