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  1. Looking forward to see some pictures of your car.
  3. Is there a number stamped on our Clum switch. Do a Clum switch search on this forum. There has been plenty discussion.
  4. My 29 dodge bros 6 cylinder has sleeves that I believe can be replaced. Any other experience with this would be helpful.
  5. Tom and Cindy Meyers are a great assistance to the Dodge Bros community. Many thanks to their help.
  6. Thanks for comments. Not sure of the adjustment on the vacuum tank but will proceed and see what happens.
  7. I had some bad news that my extra block is not useable as a rebuild candidate. I need a block for a rebuild. I have a running engine and choose not to rebuild it. I figure my project deserves a fresh engine to go with my restoration. Only the engines with a “H” code prefix will work. i am in central California area.
  8. 1929 Dodge Bros series “E”. Should have a 6 cylinder engine. This is my series “E” truck. Where are you located?
  9. Received my rebuild kit with my BB-1 Carter updraft and it included the “Daytona Float Valve”. Will this float valve function in a gravity fuel system. Any experiences would be appreciated.
  10. Looks to be beyond the “Graveyard Cars” capabilities.
  11. This would be a commercial car. That is a passenger car chassis fitted with truck components. i am interested in commercial truck parts. Thanks for posting pics.
  12. This tank was on my 29 DB truck. Model 493.It has 4 screws. I found out that the 8 screw model Steward had better parts available and was more common. I choose to purchases one and rebuild with kit from Meyers Parts. It works fine.
  13. Check with Meyers at here is proper fitting
  15. More confusion on the term “split rims”. These rims are more a “demountable rim” type rim.
  16. Enough “Pickers” slamming. It’s just entertainment and it is always interesting. There is a forum about the pickers called “Madam Cadillac” for the slammers. I was told “ if you can not say something nice about someone do not say a thing”. Remember you can turn off the tube any time,
  17. I found that the bearings had part numbers on the inner race. Very small print and covered under grease. The bearing industry has great system with present date interchangeably. Try:
  18. Recently acquired two stationary engine. Found out why they are called stationary. The 1 1/2 horse engine in weights 300 lbs. These engine will be a get period correct payloads for my 1929 truck. Also they will provide more shop time since my truck is nearly completed. This is a 1 1/2 HP SATTLEY engine that was sold thru “monkey wards” or Montgomery Wards. Not sure of the year. The other engine is a 1935 model 2 3/4 HP Stover. These engines were a big part of the industry to to build these old trucks and cars. Any suggestions on possible forums that I can use would be appreciated. ”Yesterday Tractor” ( web site has a forum that I joined but I have not got any response to my inquiry on the engine.
  19. Looks fairly complete except for the engine swap. Great looking car.