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  1. Got my 17 yr old grandson to help with my landscaping project. Amazing how he can operate the excavator. I guess all those video games help.
  2. I guess the picture was not clear enough. It looked like steel spokes.
  3. Interesting project. Your original photos were of a truck chassis with 20” steel spokes. What are the 21” rims for?
  4. If you have a clean and clear original a sign shop may be able to produce a decal and place on metal sheet. Not sure of durability if under a hot car hood. May be worth a try.
  5. Great to see an original that’s not hot rodded. Great looking car.
  6. I have “Build Cards” for two Dodge Bros “E” series trucks. The “E” series trucks are verified by the frame number. Question is how a truck is classified by a year. First is shown my current operating truck. The H 79 code number is a lower sequence with a date of 8-17-29. ALSO The year registered is 1929 as noted on my registration. This would be a 1929 series “E” truck. Second is shown my parts truck.The H 88 code number is a higher sequence with a date of 4-11-30. ALSO The year registered is 1931 as noted on my registration. This would be a 1931 series “E” truck.
  7. Nice truck. This is an “E” Series Dodge Brothers similar to mine. It was shipped over as a chassis and cowl and then a custom cab and bed were added. The “H” on the engine designates this as a DA-6. The vin number you show was added as it entered your country.
  8. Old school stuff. “Eddie and the Cursiers”
  9. Not sure what you mean as AFR valve. Got a picture..
  10. I believe the 1/8 hole will help to stop the burping of the overflow. There is another method but a little more difficult. Place a pipe fitting in the head and run a copper line to the radiato
  11. The real trick was to get the distributor oriented correctly at the cam/oil pump gear. It took a few try’s but finally got correct setting. I will redo my spark plug connectors later. Thanks for help.
  12. Thanks for help you all. Got fresh DA 6 rebuild running. Must have got the oil pan seals correct. No oil leaks.
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