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  1. I had my engine head and head resurfaced. I then replaced my head studs. For the investment it is well worth it.
  2. While installing my 29 Dodge Bros trans I found a lot of build up of debris on my spline and my clutch plate teeth. I had all parts on my work bench and cleaned the spline and clutch plate teeth. I was able to assure the spline and clutch would match up before I installed them. It would help to place some super lube material on spline before I install in my truck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. What years does this cover? I am checking on color for my rebuilt 29 DB truck.
  4. Thanks for your contribution to the restoration adventure.
  5. Try:
  6. Still looking Mike. Sherman here,
  7. Still looking for retainer plate. Curious what is the spring on the retainer plate in previous pic. Does a spring run to the throw out bearing?
  8. Thanks for summary Dave. Does anybody have a side view of the T 141. I would like to see the comparison. I believe the side view in my DB owners manual to be a passenger car trans or is it the T 141. Note the shape of the bell housing. It is flat on the bottom.
  9. Found Journal Bearing. Great resource for bearings. This a Hyatt bearing which may no longer be in business. Spoke to Jim the sales manager and he had bearing in stock. Lots of other bearings available. He has the Hyatt parts catalog with part listing. He knew my truck was a DE from his information. contact: Question for Paul. Is the T77 a 4 speed Warner and what vehicle was it used in? How do I get the lower countershaft out to inspect bearings? Jim thought there were 4 more journal bearings not sure where. I removed the end plate at rear of trans but solution. Thanks Paul for steering me in right direction.
  10. Rebuilding my trans and I need to identify part number and possible source to purchase. It is called pilot bushing (bearing) as noted in diagram as number 17. Any assistance is appreciated. Trans almost rebuild and ready to install.
  11. Could not grab with 3 jaw puller. I had the machine shop remove the Hand Brake Drum since I had him press on the new bearing also. The machinist said it took much remove. Amazing what 70 plus years will do to a tapered shaft. JOB DONE.
  12. The plate on the side with 4 bolts has the oil filler nut. Not a PTO on mine.
  13. Here is the rear main bearing assembly. This definitely matches the Plate 88 picture which is a diagram of the T71-1A trans.
  14. While replacing the bearing on my 1929 3/4 ton truck I noticed what I believe is a date code. The code was 6 and a 31. The trans is a T71-1A and it appears the trans was not the original to my truck. The following is picture is from my owners manual. and this is from the ‘MASTER PARTS” book. I believe this to be the T71-1A trans that I have. The Master Parts book only list part numbers and type “Heavy Duty” or “Hi-Flex trans. Anyone have any information on these early trans? What trans are you using on your early truck? E
  15. I am attempting to replace the rear trans bearing on my T 71-1A trans. I have not been able to remove the hand brake drum. I have removed the 1-3/8” nut but was unable to remove the drum assembly. Not sure what is holding it. I believe this is a tapered shaft and concerned if something else is holding the shaft. I can not afford any damage to the trans . Is there a special procedure required?