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  1. Do you recall the drill number that you used?
  2. I have been educated on the BB-1. I purchased a BB-1 with the kit and found it was for a fuel pump car. Since I am running vacuum tank the carb would not run properly. I am looking for the correct fuel valve. Are they available? Can a fuel valve be modified with a larger orffice? Well, things did turn out quite good. I was able to have my original Steward carb rebuilt by Meyers Parts. They did a great job and my truck runs very well. That carb definitely looks good on the truck. O Ya by the way I still have a rebuilt BB-1.
  3. I have replaced clutches in newer vehicles and was able to attach spring before installing the trans. The trans on my 29 Dodge truck has a different clutch fork assemble and it can not be removed. This in turn requires the throw out bearing to be installed while the trans is being installed. The spring installation must be done after trans is placed and there is little room going thru the upper inspection opening.
  4. Thanks for lead. Any information on installing is appreciated. Very tight area.
  5. My trans has a spring that pulls the throw out bearing back after clutch is engaged. This spring is very hard to connect as shown in picture. Any suggestions on how you have connected this spring is greatly appreciated. I do not have a replacement spring. ARE THEY AVAILABLE.
  6. This very helpful for restorers with 1929 Dodge Bros. Good info on interchange parts. My truck has 20x600 tires and Firestone is stamped wheel wedges. Does your information cover this rim.
  7. Here is wheel for my 29 Dodge truck. It’s looks similar. It is 20x600 tire. The rim is a problem to find. They tend to rust out and are not salvageable. I was able repair one but only as s spare.
  8. Riding in style.$100 grand. Check it out. https://denver.craigslist.org/search/cta?min_auto_year=1920&max_auto_year=1940
  9. Thanks for all your comments. Forum is a great source for information on restoring these old ones. The wires are replacements. I was fortunate to have good patterns from my old truck so I build my wire circuits. The only concern I have with the metal shield is that you must be very careful to isolate all the terminal connections to assure no short circuits and replacing burn out wires.. I suspected the horn as a problem and will try another fuse.
  10. The circuit has lights and horn. Horn may be problem.
  11. My 29 Dodge truck has metal clad wires. I would like to avoid any short circuit since the original circuit does not have a fuse. I have a 15 amp fuse now and have been blowing the fuse. If this is too small the horn maybe the problem. What size fuse should I use?
  12. Powder coating is not very durable. The split rim is subjected lots of impact while it is placed on a rim. Powder coating will tend to crack and flake off.
  13. I have changed the lock rings on all 4 tires and had no problem. Used tire iron and big screw drivers.
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