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  1. I was successful rebuilding my tail light. I used the other tail assembly for parts (shown above). With much care I was able to remove one of the spring/pin rods and place in my Type B tail light. It is good to have these old "bone piles" Also I found the 1129 and 63 bulbs are available at Napa parts. I found the springs fail from corrosion and will not provide a good conntact. Thanks for help.
  2. Looks like the same problem. I will attempt to repair.
  3. I am looking for information on converting my type B tail,light to LED light. The tail light is on my 29 Dodge Bros truck. The interior piece with the spring connectors has a broken connection. It appears the spring is defective and the tail bulb is loose with no continuity . I have seen LED conversions in the "Restoration Supply", but not sure how to complete the project.
  4. I removed inners of tail lite assembly. This from the earlier tail lite 1158 bulb with two contact connections. I assume this type would be similar except that one connection is fixed with no spring. The other connection has two springs. This is the one That is broken. Looks hard to repair with much damage. I drilled out all the crimped points.
  5. My tail lite horizontal connection does not have a good contact and the bulb is too loose. The spring must be broken. I would like to know how you repaired yours. I could replace with halogen lites but not sure amount of rework on my tail lite.
  6. Solved, use 63 (3 cup) horizontal and 87 (15 cp) vertical.
  7. This diagram is from my original truck manual for the type B tail light. Restoration Supply has a good list of bulbs. Which ones should be used for horizontal and vertical bulbs? The 1158 bulb was in the older tail light from an earlier truck (smaller one). It is not a type B but has two wires going in. Guess someone put in the wrong bulb in is previous life. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Just want to figure this out.
  8. Thank to you all for input. l found another Tail light for an earlier truck and it had a two contact bulb # 1158. It is a two filament bulb with 21/3 candle power or cp. The catalog page is from the Restoration Supply Company. They have 1110 for headlights and the 1158 and 63 for tail lights.
  9. Two contacts shown in pic. I am not sure how single contact would work. note one lead goes to vertical lamb.
  10. Lower bulb has two contacts on this tail light and two filaments . Upper has single contact.
  11. I have a type B tail light which is original equipment on my 29 DODGE Bros truck. I do not have the correct bulbs and seeking assistance to find correct bulbs. The bulb shown is not correct. It is two long. It does have two contacts. The vertical light missing is a single contact. So there are two bulbs.
  12. Be careful here. If it has a known crack there may be some deep cracks or damage. I had my second 29 DB 6 engine both tanked and cracked for cracks. Then I had it sonic tested. My first engine had damage inside the water jacket and was in an area that could be repaired. Since all my bearings are babbit type, seven mains and six rod bearing, my rebuild will be $6000 ++. This include all hard parts such as pistons, valves and etc. Now I know why these early six cylinder engine were replaced with later engines.
  13. I am attempting to rebuild my clum 8891. I am using a dense polyester produce I gone from Mcmasters. The attached catalog picture shows my clum and appears to match shown here.