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  1. also there is Vic's dodge garage, he deals specifically in dodge trucks. You can look through his site or call and he will be happy to help. https://vicsdodgegarage.com/ "Vic’s Dodge Garage is dedicated to providing only the highest qualityDodge truck parts for 1934 through 1956 Dodge truck restoration enthusiasts worldwide."
  2. thanks I have what I need
  3. yes that is it. And I am still in need
  4. I have the same on my build card. Mine is a depot hack So it was build as a rolling chassis sent out for the coach add. If there are any pics of the floor on an f10 I would love to see them. I am starting to redo my front floor and need some reference for materials.
  5. I have a 1932 depot hack (f10 chassis.) I need to replace the front floor. I was looking for some reference as to what would have been the floor design. Plywood, planks, if so what material. I think I have a Cantrell body, no label found yet, so I am unclear if the front floor was dodge supplied and or Cantrell modified. either way what would have been the design from Dodge? Would Cantrell have changed it?If anyone has pictures of the, a floor of an f10 or other 1932 truck chassis I would love to see them. Thanks
  6. I contacted Jay after you p[pointed me there, thank you. I just received a package from Jay and I think its what I need, at least the gas pedal is right. I will not get a chance to review the linkage he sent till next week, but I think I am in good shape. Will let you know when I can check it out. Regardless its so much more that I had! Again thanks for the help and Jay was very helpful and prompt in getting back to me.
  7. there was a make shift gas pedal. and one rod from the bottom of the steering column to the side of the block. I found a gas pedal and some linkages I think. Waiting for therm to arrive to see. Do you have any spares? Also the bracket and starter pedal in your pic is what I have.
  8. Hey Tom had any time to get those pictures? Paul
  9. Tom Thanks I appreciate the help. I did find the new springs at myers early dodge site. I sent Jay an email to see if he can help with the parts.
  10. I have had no luck till now! That is exactly what I was looking for Tom thanks . Do you have any idea where I can acquire the linkage? If you don't mind a few questions; Do you have pictures of the Pedal set up also? Mine was set up with a "Make Do" rig. Is that block a 27 or 26 inch head? if its a 27" were you able to find a head gasket set for it? Where are the bulbs located for the dash lights?
  11. I am looking for any pictures that show the throttle linkage from the steering column to the floor throttle. Also for the proper linkage for the floor throttle itself. I have nothing from the column to the floor throttle and I think the floor throttle pedal is not correct.Any help and or pictures would be very helpful.Thanks
  12. I am in need of that cap if you come across it again.
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