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  1. I am looking for any pictures that show the throttle linkage from the steering column to the floor throttle. Also for the proper linkage for the floor throttle itself. I have nothing from the column to the floor throttle and I think the floor throttle pedal is not correct.Any help and or pictures would be very helpful.Thanks
  2. I am in need of that cap if you come across it again.
  3. I was just told My pinion is bad so I am now actively looking for a ring and pinion set for the above 1932 f10. 4.66 gears. Is anyone aware of a shop that can repair gears?
  4. I do not have an access to a Hollander interchange book. Its a 1932 dodge depot hack. on an f10 chassis and drive train. Not something I would expect to find in a junk yard. I have been search the web and so far not had any luck. Thanks
  5. I have discovered that the corner of 1 tooth on my pinion gear has a chip/chunk out. I found the remnants in the bottom of the housing. there is no damage to any other gears. In that I have not yet driven it I don't know if there was any noise or how long it may have been like this. Finding a replacement, I have been told, it going to be a challenge. Any thoughts on repairing it, or filing the edge and let it be? the part numbers are as follows; drive pinion 314961 drive (ring) gear 314958 (confirmed from the gear) ring and pinion matched set 543276 whole assembly 314841 4.66 ratio I was able to get the part number from the ring gear and the book gave me the other numbers to go with that gear. Unfortunately I have the truck on stands to renew all the brakes and too close to the wall to get a slide hammer on one axle to remove it. So until I get the front wheels on and can move it over safely I do not have the diff out. I appreciate any help and advice. Attachments:
  6. ☹️ Well if you see one please let me know. Thanks
  7. Do you still have the one with the 2 tabs? I may be able to make that work. I have some Pisces of mine but the Center piece that the screw screws into crumbled. If its the same size I can make it work.
  8. I appreciate it thanks
  9. I have the 3 prong one on a 6 cylinder.
  10. Yes that's it. Is it available?
  11. I am looking for a radiator cap for a 1932 dodge f10. Its as in the picture and has the round seal to the radiator.