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  1. Does the DA6 have sleeved cylinders? The attached photo is of a DA6 that is in my scape heap bone pile. When I was removing pistons I found this thin rust scale and crack. It appears to be a sleeve. If there are sleeves can they be replaced?
  2. What is compression ratio for the Dodge Brothers DA-6 engine?
  3. Thanks. Good to know engine not over bored. Next need to find new pistons. Not sure block could hold the Egge pistons at a .030” over bore.
  4. Checking to rebuild my DA6. Bore is 3 3/8”. What is the standard piston diameter for that engine? The only mark on top of pistons is the word “Front”. I see no mark of oversized piston. What is an example oversized piston rebuilds? Egge Parts list only 0.030” piston option.
  5. Value ?????? Try eBay to test prices. If I was looking for these parts and they were in good condition with no cancer I would consider paying $500 . Not many people restoring these “E” series trucks. Not like Model A’s you have a small market.
  6. Here is an example a marine BB-1 with the drain attached.
  7. Series “E” truck. Either a Dodge Bros or Graham Bros. Here is my 29 Dodge Bros 3/4 ton “E” series. Raised belt line on the cowl is most obvious feature. If no belt line it would be a “D” series. WHERE IS THE REST OF IT?
  8. The DA-6 is a 6 cylinder, and the Victory 6 and Standard 6 are similar. They all have seven main bearings. Also the DA-6 in my truck is similar to the DA-6 in cars. I have a Dodge Brothers 3/4 ton stakebed and I enjoy meeting other owners. The engine is being rebuilt so I do not have any information of the BB-1 in my truck.
  9. Believe the only difference is the size of the fuel valve orifice as quoted in the previous reference by Jon the carb king. Check drill size chart he also referenced. To check your valve you should be able to pass a # 32 drill with 0,116” dia.
  10. Some say this is the first muscle car. As thr ole song goes “My Rocket 88”.
  11. Thanks for excellent reference. Download as PDF file and made copies for my reference book.
  12. When starting my engine with the BB-1 carb I am getting excessive gas running out of the drain. I checked the float adjustment for proper setting and problem continues. What is the starting procedure? Is it the same as the Stewart carb? Is the throttle lever set to full throttle ?
  13. Is my replacement 6 volt coil wired with + to distributor and - to battery also?