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  1. Sure. Here are one of each mentioned. George
  2. I own a 1913 Crow Elkhart roadster #5786. Never came across any trace of a registry. Bonhams sold a 1912 Touring #5348. Very nice original car. Elcar & Pedal car museum had a 1912 touring no # listed. Brigham serial # book show 1912 #’s 5200-5600 and 1914 #’s 6000-6500. As previously mentioned survival rate is low. Pretty esoteric make but I sure like mine. Hope this helps. George
  3. Hi Pete, They are a beautiful pair of lights. They would look wonderful on any car. Because they are chrome they date to a later period as my car needs nickel. I very much appreciate your response. The are great and should be on a classic car. Best regards, George.
  4. Looking to buy a spotlight shown in photo. I don’t know what manufacturer produced this type. Thanks for looking. Will pay good price.
  5. Need a inside diameter 3” x 20 threads per inch hub puller . Thanks.
  6. Hello, Would you please provide measurements of the crane. Also where and when I could see the unit. I am just into Wisconsin and very easily can get over to view. Thanks, George.
  7. Hello, Would you please send me photos from both sides under the shifter gate. I wish to see the sprung parts of the shifter as it pushes the lever back. I would like to see that setup. Thanks, George.
  8. Hello, I have a Essex radiator. Hopefully I can attach couple of photos. Asking $125. Thanks, George.
  9. Hello, do you still have these wheel spokes? I will gladly pay your price. Thanks, George
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