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  2. It appears as if the Q1 2019 loss basically wipes out the profits of Q3 & Q4 in 2018.
  3. I've got a complete "component system" with a Pioneer turntable, and vintage Harmon Kardun tuner, cassette deck, amp/equalizer, and a later model CD player. No eight tracks though.
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  5. I like the convex mirror idea. I agree they are great. Once mounted, I will see how these work. I may have to find some convex mirror heads I like. Dropped my mirror arms off at a friend's fab shop to have them built up a bit. I didn't really like how close the hinge pin holes were to the edge. He is going to TIG weld around the mount to build them up for me. He has made a few custom parts for me to go on the Dodge
  6. Thank you for the information. I hope someone can use it or parts from it.
  7. I guess showing my ignorance, but what is a "recordable easy button " . Whatever I want one! Ben
  8. Were the red lights flashing as it followed you home?
  9. The wife and I go to Green Camp on occasion for ice cream! Definitely a small outpost - but bigger than Radnor where we live.
  10. I think I have seen that Autolite 3077 plugs are a good option for this Buick....they are discontinued....but a cross reference indicates a champion w18D 589 is a substitute....I'm presently running Autolite 3076 and the jury is out on these....Anyone want to weigh in on their experiences. The Champion W18D is a long reach. Fouling potential a plus or minus with these?
  11. I thought several of you might want to know that we just installed an EPS out of a 2005 Saturn Vue in our 1937 Special. We have a lot more testing to do...but at this point it looks good. We mounted the motor part in the engine compartment and the ECM box under the dash ( all examples I've seen on the internet is everything under the dash...but we think our set-up will work ) We wrapped the exhaust pipe coming off the exhaust manifold with some insulating material so as to give some temperature protection to the unit. Our Special is 8V ( changed to 8V battery and 8V alternator a while back ) and the EPS needs 12v. So we added a small 12V lawn tractor battery in the engine compartment ……..passenger side and we will keep this charged with a small "boost converter" ( $30). This will provide the 12V for the EPS unit. We didn't have any example to go by ( except post WW II examples on the internet ) so there was some trial and error. At this point it looks like we made the right guesses. Asian EPS units are somewhat easier to deal with in this regard ….but with a Saturn/Equinox unit it is possible to adjust "boost". Whether or not this extra versatility is worth the extra effort we can't say at this point. Again …..we just ran the first brief test today. W e have yet to do a road test. It will be a while before we have full confidence. Jack Worstell
  12. Packard used CM Hall cowl lamps. Could be '29. Up to '28 Packard had drum lights and from '30 on the lamps were on the fender.
  13. That stretch-tight stuff seems to work well for the guy who bought my car. Once wrapped tight it won't flap around.
  14. Today's WSJ compares the CO2 released by a Mercedes C220d and a Tesla 3 in Germany. The Mercedes releases 141 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven. That includes the carbon emitted by drilling, refining and transporting it's fuel. The Tesla emitted between 156 and 181 grams/kilometer. That includes the carbon emitted in battery manufacture and assumes a 10 year battery life and the CO2 emitted by electric generation for charging. So lets see: A Tesla 3 is only viable if heavily subsidized. Has limited range. Is time consuming to "refuel". Emits more pollutants than a diesel car and has limited dealer/service options. Oh yeah. BING! BING! BING! We have a winner.......................NOT!.......................Bob
  15. Wow, that looks great and gives me an idea for a piece on the Metz that I wasn't sure how to do.
  16. It is the "W" before the numbers that make it a Model 77 engine. Also I think the 1929 75 had a vacuum tank, no fuel pump.
  17. In trying to find the original paint color for our sedan, I've been finding all kinds of information. Since I work with automotive paint on a daily basis, I figured it wouldn't take this long. Found out in a hurry that's not the case. Turns out that the original color of Maxine Blue can be replaced with a 1947 Studebaker color called Oxford Gray and the original color of Coolie Blue can be replaced with a 1940 Plymouth color called Boatswain Blue. FYI, the numbers listed just to the right of each color chip are the manufacturers present day color codes. I am amazed daily at how many people have opinions, and strong opinions at that, about which colors it should be refinished in. It makes me so happy how excited people are when they first see our Dodge Brothers sedan, puts a smile on my face every time. I had a 77 year old woman who was in yesterday to pick up her vehicle and was surprised when she made a point to stop by again today just to have another look at the car. She suggested "You cannot own a vehicle like this one and not have that Dodge Brothers Canada emblem either appliqued or embroidered on a jacket." Seems she is part of a sewing circle at her retirement home so she wants to suggest to the other people in the group that they get together and start working on it. I love people
  18. Model 77 engine numbers from W1001 to W26976, so....1930 Model 77.
  19. Has pocket hole joinery been attempted repairing wood?
  20. Hi all I have a number of restored Pierce Arrow hub caps for sale: 5 x "Pierce 12" circa 1932 - 36 restored $400 the set 3 x "Pierce 8" restored circa 1932 - 36 $200 2 x good restorable "Pierce 8" circa 1932 - 36 $100 4 x Pierce Aow caps circa 1925-29 $250 set Photos available, caps located in Washington State
  21. Plastic wrap can burn through the paint from wind flutter. Never tow a car with any type of covering unless it can not move........heat shrink seems to be ok most of the time, anything else will burn the paint.
  22. If you take a close look at the 63, you will see that all the lower stainless trim has been removed and the mounting holes have been filled in. Wheel well moldings have been removed as well. Not a bad looking ride but I would prefer the car with all the moldings in place.
  23. Were you in Tillsonburg or Delhi Ontario?
  24. I will go look at it and post. Any info is appreciated.
  25. I have this idea (which qualifies as weird) that if there's ever a solar flare or a nuclear explosion in the stratosphere that fries everyone's electronics, my '54 Ford and '61 Merc with points ignitions will still work. And I even have an extra new contact points distributor for my Merc that might fit in my Pertronix ignition FE powered T-Bird, so that could be a third car. But if the disaster doesn't happen, a gas shortage might. So having an electric car AND one or two old cars makes sense in that regard. I'm not quite ready to get one of these, though (even though my daughter would love it.)
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