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  1. 3-window: Tudor Sedan. 2-window: Sedan Delivery. Craig
  2. Does that car survive? Other than the bustleback, this Bentley looks remarkably similar in proportion: https://petrolicious.com/articles/the-long-lost-bentley-corniche-prototype-was-crashed-bombed-then-lost-now-its-been-resurrected-at-the-factory It would be interesting to see the two together if this Type 57 Galibier survives. Craig
  3. This thread is a good one; especially from a province immediately next door to me. I'd like to see some threads on surviving TRUCKS! Considering British Columbia always had a huge logging and mining industry, there were hundreds of these older pre-war trucks earning their keep, including some chain-drive AC Macks, etc. This Mack was used Summerland. Craig
  4. Posted by Matt Harwood They will likely be online only. Many auction houses such as RM have already adopted to an online format and are enjoying some success. I think the business model will change and they will be hesitant to go back to moving all the cars to one place and making all the people come to the cars. There are the issues of inspection, of course, but they seem to have that handled by making the cars available to interested parties prior to the auction. Less overhead for the auction companies and they can push even more of the liability onto the buyers and sellers. That
  5. Well, here in Alberta, you would have been legal if you had a Learner's Permit. One can get a Learner's Permit at age 14, and as long as the driver (who MUST be sitting beside you in the passenger seat) is 18 years of age, you would have been fine. Craig
  6. How is this going to affect the popular auctions that occur in January, including B-J, and Russo & Steele? Craig
  7. Porsche Boxter? One has to lower the engine to change the spark plugs in them. Craig
  8. Roof is too tall. A Ruxton might come close, though..... Craig
  9. The Mercedes Benz, BMW, and VW Passat 4-door coupes weren't the first examples. I believe it was Rover with the P5 Coupe in 1966, which was a four door sedan with a cut down roof and thin door pillars. I believe a "coupe" in any case is where the rear seat room is less that 33 sq. feet, or thereabouts. Craig
  10. Okay, who was the early Postwar Tatra and Skoda collector in Vancouver? I heard he had a silver Tatraplan 600 and a black one. My dad took a photo of the silver car when it was in Stanley Park in 1973. Craig
  11. It depends on the make, year, and model of car one is referring to. For example, when one states Cadillac "six window" hardtop, what comes to most people's minds are the '59-'60 models where two styles of four door hardtops were offered. And if one wants a "23 window" VW, it refers to a 1951-'63 Type 2 Bus, or a "21 window" from 1964-'67. And '30's Ford two-door coupe lovers have used the term '3-window' and '5-window' probably before I was born!! Craig
  12. It is a 194, the only 6-cylinder engine available that year. In 1966, the 230 (Super Skybolt) became available in addition to the 194. At first, the 230 was only available with an automatic transmission, but later in the year, it was announced the 230 was also available with 3-speed standard with and without overdrive.
  13. Here is a '66 Monterey with a manual transmission: https://blog.consumerguide.com/photo-feature-1966-mercury-monterey-two-door-sedan/ Craig
  14. The dead giveaway on the European coachbuilt cars are the semaphore turn indicators mounted on the windshield pillars. Craig
  15. You would be surprised what a digital 35mm negative or slide scanner can do. I bought a Nikon Coolscan 5000 a number of years ago for some 4000 negatives, and it produces excellent results. Some photos I scanned here-----> https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/6877-pictures-everybody-loves-pictures-ii Craig
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