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  1. From an early age, I was determined to own and drive a 'classic' or 'special interest' vehicle, which before 1966 when Studebaker ceased making cars. My mom owned a 1950 Studebaker Champion at the time which only heighted my brand-awareness in the product and got me interested in the marque overall. Fast forward to when I finally turned 16 and got my drivers license, my first car was a 1964 Studebaker Daytona, which I still have, as by then Studebaker was out of the car business, and falling in the 'special interest' category for the postwar models. Craig
  2. It sure seems that way! 99% of everything you buy these days has a warning of some sort on the package, be it for not using it as intended or 'choking hazard if not chewed properly' or 'allergy alert' on food products. Craig
  3. We still haven't heard all the results of this one yet: Unfortunately, no amount of money can bring one who has died in a tragic accident back. Craig
  4. Defroster core missing the fan. Craig
  5. Both the Brunn(?) bodied Packard, and the Fleetwood bodied Cadillac Aerodynamic Coupe. Craig
  6. So was McLaughlin also a part of that club who made the successful transition from horse-drawn to self-propelled, buy building bodies for Buicks and Rausch & Lang in Canada. Craig
  7. I thought something like that only happened in the movies! Craig
  8. Or Mary Barra got into bed with k.d.lang. Craig
  9. Clean it up and sell it to someone who will restore it. I did that many years ago when I bought a '66 Studebaker that was supposed to be a 'parts car'. I put in a battery and drove it home, when I bought it, and after cleaning out the interior, the floors were much better than average for rust, so I found a buyer for it. Last I heard, it got restored. Craig
  10. Do they use much salt on the roads where you are? Craig
  11. Those 'no-clog' running boards would perhaps be more fitting on a truck. They'll be perfect for someone wearing workboots on a construction site, but not for a lady wearing high heels. Craig
  12. I also agree with some others. I would take the car back LESS a 're-stock' fee with one exception. You did not state how long ago he purchased it, but if it was me, I would offer 65-90% of his purchase price from you depending when, and how many miles he has put on it in his possession. Here is the exception: if it turns out he hasn't turned a wheel since the purchase, and it still remains in just as nice of condition the day you sold it to him, encourage him to put it on the market for 10% more than what he purchased it for since Springtime is not too terribly far off when ther
  13. I thought the Sapporo was phased out before the Challenger. Craig
  14. Thanks! I knew it was a Weyman body, but couldn't see enough of the front to surely identify the make. Craig
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