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  1. Back then, paying cash for hotel rooms, meals, fuel, and nearly everything else was 'the norm'. I don't think one can rent a motel room these days without a credit card. Craig
  2. Sure enough, a nice '66 Custom showed up last night at the weekly A&W Cruise. Painted window frames, and no chrome strip across the dash were main giveaways.
  3. Yes, Big Bertha. And my current project, Moby Grape.
  4. They say being so close to the ocean, cars don't last long there: These tiny islands off Newfoundland are crowded with oddball French cars | Driving Craig
  5. Awesome garage tour! Someone in France has a great collection of vintage service station signs and merchandizing items. I like seeing what the French market had to offer the motoring public at one time. Closest we can get to France in North America is a ferry ride to St. Pierre & Miquelon of the coast of Newfoundland, but I don't think there are any collectors there. Craig
  6. If this is the case, I would not change the color. Rarity and documentation is in your favor, even if it isn't "you". Craig
  7. What is the year and make of the car? Is the car itself rare? Is it a rare paint combination that is seldom seen? (Along with that, is factory documentation still available?) Craig
  8. Again, nice selection of photos! I particularly like that '54 Peugeot 203 convertible. Craig
  9. Send an email with the serial/Commission number to these guys: Archive (britishmotormuseum.co.uk) Craig
  10. The Brooke 'Swan Car', which is now in the Louman Museum in Holland was apparently smuggled out of India. Brooke 25/30-HP Swan Car | Louwman Museum Craig
  11. I remember that horn feature a lot! I heard several of those going off here in Oil Country back in the early '80's!! Craig
  12. I'm not surprised. A good many RR 'shooting brakes' are not what they were bodied with originally. Craig
  13. By the 1960's Ozite became more famous for their indoor-outdoor carpeting, a totally synthetic product. I recall many front steps covered in this product when delivering newspapers, but my favorite was my mom's experience with it. My aunt and uncle in a different city had Ozite on their front doorstep, and they did not allow smoking in their house, and my mom stayed there to attend a wedding. On my uncle's next visit, he mentioned my mom went outside to smoke three times, as that was how many burn holes he found in his Ozite carpet by the front door!! Craig
  14. That phone was the factory offering in a 1991 Avanti. I think it was the Europeans who may have offered in-car telephones first, at least over in their home market. Mercedes Benz did offer them as a factory installation in the 600 models. And some of the Russian Zil had them installed at the factory. I have a 1970 Thunderbird brochure showing an interior photo with one in use, and the caption stated "Telephone available from outside sources.", meaning it was not a Ford accessory, nor made By Philco. Craig
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