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  1. If its got tires or ti......... Its EXPENSIVE!! At least the one with the tires won't get up leave on you and keep your house in the end! Craig
  2. How about a driver that reaches 100? Craig
  3. Don't a lot of higher-end cars have memory seats with 3 or more settings? If you want vintage, the 1957-8 Eldorado Brougham would be your only option with two different settings where you can be red and she can be green. Craig
  4. I believe Waltham made clocks with a similar appearing face for P-A, but with a few important differences. The reset/winder stem would be at the six-o'clock position so it would be accessible from below the dashboard, and it would be back from the clock face as opposed to being mounted on the rim, and a couple of inches longer in length. Craig
  5. Thanks! I couldn't see the tailgate stamping or the woodgrain trim clear enough in your photo to tell the year. Craig
  6. See my comments here---------->https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/stove-huggers-the-non-studebaker-forum/110181-i-need-a-gas-station-attached-to-me-69-charger-promo-vid when I provided the times of a new Dodge Challenger Demon vs. a '69 Charger. Craig
  7. I also like it's 'bigger friend'; that '65 Dodge wagon in front of it. Craig
  8. Much better than a 'chip' in the original paint!! Craig
  9. New York City had for years, VERY stringent laws regarding taxicabs. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some lighting law in place for taxicabs, including a warning light on the dash that a rear door is open, etc., but I don't think their taxi laws included any on headlight placement. Craig
  10. That would go back when they were still called 'Great' Arrow. here is a 1917.
  11. It is a dilemma I would have in owning a 1920's Pierce Arrow. The attached headlamps are iconic, but I really do like those bar-mounted ones. Craig
  12. Canadian headlight regulations have never been as strict as US regulations. For example, sealed beams were not 'law' in Canada as they were in the US, which didn't allow composite headlights until 1984. Various Citroens, Peugeots and Saabs in the 1970's were sold in Canada with their Euro-spec lenses utilizing the H4 bulbs. Therefore, I could not see Pierce Arrows being sold in Canada without the integrated fendertop headlamps. Craig
  13. I only wish a separate thread was started on this incident. What could, and should be an interesting thread has unfortunately deviated into a sad occurrence that we all must constantly remind ourselves to be aware of at old-car show, including not leaving one's car unattended, and making sure the venue has excellent security on site for the entire duration. Too bad a report of what some eff-ing lowlife did intruded and ruined the start of an excellent thread topic. Craig
  14. That was the problem GM had with the Typhoon and the Syclone. Both ran faster than the Corvette, but the small truck S-series had the only chassis that could handle the torque. Craig