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  1. Even better is the Wildflowers video featuring the '31 President: Wild Flowers 1930 - YouTube Craig
  2. It might be 'alright' as long as it wasn't in the title of this thread. The issue myself and others have here with his name being wrongly associated as being dishonest lumps this thread with other threads that truly are warnings and heads-up about dishonest individuals who actually are scammers on places like Ebay, et al. The title paints an improper impression of a highly respected vintage vehicle vendor who does impeccable work. Craig
  3. I agree as it gives an incorrect impression of the individual. By all the replies, he delivers a high quality product which is labor intensive, looking at the photos, his work is commensurate with what he charges. Craig
  4. I'll take your word for it. I don't have a height restriction for raising or lowering a top in my garage. Craig
  5. Some Deusenbergs received one or more new bodies in the first ten years of being built. And I believe one or two Ferraris were also 'updated' with new shells in the 1950's. Craig
  6. Yep, GM's arrogance cost them market share in the end. The Fiero was another 'get it right and cancel' Craig
  7. I believe toward the end of the production run, a little more emphasis was given to performance and handling with the d'Oro package in 1986. It was too late to make an impact and stop the sales decline. Craig
  8. As can the Miata and Ferrari be raised and lowered in a garage. Craig
  9. Yep, its the 'monkeys always look' mentality, considering Ford still offered a regular folding fabric top convertible from '57- '59. And its THE way from a distance at a show the owner gets noticed he owns the more expensive and more rare Skyliner. Even some who own convertibles that only were available as a retractable are displayed this way.
  10. So are Canadian Pontiacs according to some, who claim they aren't "real" Pontiacs built on a Chevrolet chassis. Of course by the late-to-mid seventies, with GM's efforts at 'brand dilution' with engine swaps with other divisions across the board, all GM cars became 'corporate' by their body style letters. Craig
  11. If I remember reading somewhere, (Motor Trend, 'In Retrospect'?), it stated factory luggage set for the Skyliner remained a prototype with only one set being made. I wonder if someone did see the actual blueprints and had a set made for their Skyliner. Craig
  12. As I mentioned in the HMN thread, there has been a bit of a staff shake-up within the organization, including Jim Donnelly as well. What happened to HCC writer Jim Donnelly? - General Discussion - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org) I do know Bob Palma will continue doing his regular columns in HCC, as was as an article or two in the new Crankshaft magazine as he is a paid contributor per article, not a staff member of either publication. Craig
  13. Maybe they're on their way to the local Tailors to have their trousers hemmed!! Craig
  14. Repainting a 'Plaidside' will be a piece of cake now with ABB's new 'Pixel Paint' applicator: https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/manufacturing-solutions/paint-process-automation/pixelpaint https://new.abb.com/news/detail/67469/abb-unmasks-the-future-of-customized-automotive-painting-with-pixelpaint
  15. That was during the notorious Roger Smith years in the 1980's. An insane amount of money was spent on both Saturn, and the GM-10/W-body cars, and while they sold well enough, they hardly recoupled their development costs, even over ten model years. Craig
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