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  1. That's no insect! There's a Minuteman ICBM concealed under that truck cab!!! Craig
  2. Are you seeking an all-steel two-door? If so, your clue to an 'original survivor' would be a brown one, at least for the early ones. That was the only color they came in. Craig
  3. Remember, the auction caters to the public who has a general interest in vintage automobiles, not marque specialists. Most everyone who is not into Buicks will know what their trademark 'sweepspear' is vs. 'Air Foil Styling' which was only used for a few model years. Craig
  4. Buy a container of Connolly 'Hide Food'. Best product for reconditioning genuine leather. Craig
  5. That's the prime reason B-J is so entertaining to many, just to see what insane prices some vehicles command. That '50's VW Beetle was a bargain compared to the 23-window Type 2 that sold there for over $200K a few years ago. Craig
  6. I do know Ford will paint a car or a truck a custom color, but its VERY expensive; especially for one unit. Then again, Porsche's 'Paint to Sample' paint program starts at something like a $4500 cost adder. One of those PTS Porsches here-----------> https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/stove-huggers-the-non-studebaker-forum/16241-interesting-items-at-the-british-car-show Not sure now, but Ford in the 1960's and 1970's had a Fleet catalog with something like 200 color chips inside in all colors of the spectrum, plus various shades of cream/tan/ browns and several shades of gray, including all the Federal Spec. 595 colors for GSA vehicles. One of these fleet orders that I know of were 97 1969 Cougars delivered to Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company. http://www3.telus.net/nowland/site/index.htm Craig
  7. I've run out of hands and fingers to count how many ultra-low mileage 1978 Corvette Pace Cars and 25th Anniversary cars are around despite them being over 40 years old now. Craig
  8. I have no idea where you got the idea I don't like Vacation, although Animal House is still my favorite of all the National Lampoon full length movies. No 1985 full-size Ford is worth $28K, regardless of its prominence; especially a CLONE like the one you linked!! Craig
  9. I like nearly all of the station wagons that are currently on the market as well as some from the past 20 years, including ones that were or are unavailable in North America. This includes the Peugeot 508 SW, Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo, Jaguar Sportbrake, Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon, Saab 9.5 Kombi, Europe-only Cadillac BLS wagon, Mercedes Benz and BMW Touring, etc. Craig
  10. A '79 LTD lacked style in the first place, and those silly modifications only make it look worse. I don't care that it appeared in National Lampoon's movie, 'Vacation' and wouldn't give anyone a nickel for it. Craig
  11. The owner of the Champion Spark Plug company thought a Cord looked 'naked' without exposed freestanding headlights so one was made for him. Craig
  12. Not for Porsche, with their 'Paint to Sample' option. https://www.collierautomedia.com/rare-shades-a-passion-for-porsche-colors/ If one wants it painted 1961 Chrysler 'Dubonnet', supply the formula, or the color chip, and they'll gladly paint it to match. Craig
  13. Unless you are really young, I bet you have! A '53 Chevrolet 150 was extremely common when they were new. They were very durable, and parts were always available, and as a result, many could still be seen on the roads in regular service well into the 1970's. Craig
  14. Its the middle of winter. Start your parts search NOW, for the correct 1936 components besides the drivetrain, including instrument cluster, steering column, etc. That way, you'll have it 'in stock' in your basement when you're ready for that stage of the restoration. Craig
  15. I would clarify they are not for a 46-48 Ford or Mercury Sportsman. Craig