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  1. 8E45E

    Ford Country Squire

    Only the LTD's, XL's, and Country Squire models had hideaway headlights that year, with a die-cast grille. Galaxie's, Custom/Custom 500's, and Country Sedans such as the subject car had the stamped aluminum grille with exposed headlights. Craig
  2. I really DON'T like to bring this up, but what about the Duesenberg that rolled over a few years ago where much furor was raised over the car not having seat belts as someone was supposedly killed? Did the car get restored? Craig
  3. 8E45E

    Ford Country Squire

    Back in the 80's, I told everyone my mom bought a brand new Vette. Only when they came over to visit, or she went to visit someone I mentioned it to, did they get to see her brand new Chevette. Craig
  4. 8E45E

    Ford Country Squire

    I definitely read 'Sedan' in the photo of the RH view. No lower-case letter 'q' is visible to me. Craig
  5. Yes it could. Here is one from France: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=62600 Makes me wonder if this interesting coachbuilder, Alan & Laiutard, bodied some American marques, just to keep on topic with this thread. Craig
  6. The 1912 Brooke 'Swan Car' certainly fits into that category, which I believe is now in a museum in Holland. Craig
  7. 8E45E

    Ford Country Squire

    Yes. Craig
  8. 8E45E

    Frank Sinatra's Final Car

    I believe the 'FS' edition was only for the 1982 model year, and came in Nightwatch Blue. It did come with a collection of 16 Frank Sinatra cassette tapes. Craig
  9. Do any of these six V16 Cadillacs at the very bottom of this page survive? https://www.newcadillacdatabase.org/static/CDB/Dbas_txt/v6optns.htm Craig
  10. 8E45E

    European radio frequencies

    I think all that's left are only three AM radio stations!! So there's probably nothing wrong with your radio. And you better like 'all talk', country, or religious, because that's all you'll find on AM these days! Craig
  11. 8E45E

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Some of Frank Lloyd Wright's engineering, including building on seismically active locations, such as in Japan were successful. Craig
  12. 8E45E

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    And there was Tom Mix's Cord and his accident: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?60147-Tom-Mix-s-Cord Craig
  13. 8E45E

    Where do you get rare parts ?

    You never find rare parts. They find you!! When you are least expecting, and where, that elusive rare part suddenly appears. Craig
  14. 8E45E

    1926 Big Six Clock Pic Wanted

    From a 1925 Duplex Phaeton. Craig
  15. How old would those judges be today?? Craig