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  1. Miscellaneous photographs of the humble JosephMark Collection.
  2. Searching for a 1968 Imperial Crown or LeBaron hardtop sedan, not interested in coupes or convertibles. Another restoration project is not desired. Imperial is to be in very good condition, sound body, interior, and chassis, drivetrain fully operational and safely operable for a test-drive evaluation on public streets and highways. Original factory-installed air-conditioning is required. Buyer will inspect, evaluate, and test-drive your Imperial personally. A dark color exterior is highly preferred: dark green, dark blue, burgundy, black, et cetera. Original unres
  3. Thank you for the info, keiser31. I'll jot it down and take my notes to Columbus. Oh, my Charger is an automatic. Thanks again.
  4. How would I know for sure what carburetor was originally installed on my 1966 Charger? A former owner lost the original carb years ago; he installed an Edlebrock 4-bbl. The 361-cid V-8 was available with a 2-bbl only in '66. If I was to seek an original mid- to late '60's 2-bbl carb and intake manifold, how would I verify its authenticity? That said, I don't mind the 4-bbl carb on this car, but it must be stock, like the 4-bbl carb installed on the 383-cid engine option for this car. I'll be heading to the Mopar Nationals this weekend and plan to browse through the vendors and get me a genuin
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