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  1. Thank you for the info, keiser31. I'll jot it down and take my notes to Columbus. Oh, my Charger is an automatic. Thanks again.
  2. How would I know for sure what carburetor was originally installed on my 1966 Charger? A former owner lost the original carb years ago; he installed an Edlebrock 4-bbl. The 361-cid V-8 was available with a 2-bbl only in '66. If I was to seek an original mid- to late '60's 2-bbl carb and intake manifold, how would I verify its authenticity? That said, I don't mind the 4-bbl carb on this car, but it must be stock, like the 4-bbl carb installed on the 383-cid engine option for this car. I'll be heading to the Mopar Nationals this weekend and plan to browse through the vendors and get me a genuine 1960's 4-bbl and air cleaner setup. I need help identifying the parts I want. Getting a right-side rear-view mirror is easy, the engine stuff is a challenge for me. Thanks, folks.