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  1. Actually, I figured everyone here had already heard it a million times. 😉
  2. The surprising thing isn't that the car is a basic, low-options car. The surprising thing is that it hasn't been "restored" yet with every option available in the catalog added to it in the process...
  3. You have three options. 1) Find a same year parts car with all the factory A/C equipment and transfer everything. Expect to have to pretty much disassemble the car to do this, but it looks most like factory. 2) Install an aftermarket under-dash A/C unit. You can either get a 1960s-vintage unit (like the old Mark IV) or a new reproduction of the Mark IV. This is the least invasive mod to the car, but also the least attractive. The compressor can be the huge, clunky York style, a GM A6 (or equivalent) with Buick factory brackets, or a new Sanden style with custom brackets
  4. These ads have been running around the interwebs for years now. No one can prove if they are actually real or just someone's Photoshop.
  5. The factory shifter absolutely has a detent feature. It's the curved part to the right of the stick in this photo. You press down on the ball to disengage the lock tab from the detent to allow the stick to move. You will need to remove the console to look at the mechanism and figure out what is wrong. I have two possible causes, both of which are the result of some prior owner incorrectly converting the car to a floor shift. The first is that there are two versions of this shifter, one with a detent for the two speed Jetaway trans (which would be the only AT offered in a 68 Cutlass) and one fo
  6. These are actually large-ish self-tapping bolts, as evidenced by the coarse screw thread in the brackets on the tank. AMK Products sells many of the OEM-style fasteners in bulk and in kits, but is primarily focused on the popular big-three models. https://www.amkproducts.com/bulk-fasteners-listing/?codeforlookup=7215
  7. The ST300 was used by Olds, Buick, and Pontiac from 1964-69. The dipstick tube should be the same on all of them. Most people replace them with a TH350, so there are probably a few laying around.
  8. Is the AM/FM a stereo (with the separate stereo adapter unit) or an AM/FM mono with the rear speaker? The short answer is that the 8 track harness has a male and female connector. The existing radio feed harness unplugs from the radio and plugs into the female connector on the 8 track. The male connector on the 8 track plugs into the radio. The 8 track harness also has two single wire connectors. One connects to the blue rear speaker feed wire that runs to the rear of the car. The other accepts the rear speaker output from either the stereo adapter (if you have AM/FM stereo) or fro
  9. ^^^THIS. It's a custom build, as evidenced by the less-than-stellar job fabricating the longer trim along the top of the door. You'll need to have new glass custom cut to fit.
  10. Rather than a half-fast repair, why not just get the correct switch base with brand new contacts. Fusick sells them. You have to carefully disassemble your old switch and reuse the knob and rockers. http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=9711651
  11. Craig at Mobileparts can also get items from Rare Parts, frequently at much better prices.
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