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  1. Or better yet, type 351M oil pump drive shaft into Google...
  2. They likely didn't have a choice. Norwalk just announced that they're not going to open at all this year.
  3. While I agree with you point, I don't appreciate being quoted out of context.
  4. Reading between the lines in the article, it sounds more like the parent company is using COVID as an excuse to lay off workers as a profit-increasing, er... cost-cutting move. Reality check: mergers and acquisitions never make business sense unless you ultimately plan to consolidate operations, which is business code for lay off people. And besides, GenX and company couldn't care less about boats. They're too busy looking at their phones.
  5. Look, we can debate the health risks one way or the other, but let's be serious here. A huge driver in this decision is the legal risk. It only takes one person to contract the virus and then sue AACA. The resulting lawsuit and drawn out legal fees would likely cause irreparable damage to the club's finances. I suspect that Carlisle Events' lawyers will figure that out in the next week or so as well.
  6. Again, irrelevant. Because the turn signal is what switches the rear lights from the brake light circuit to the turn signal circuit, the terminals for the front turn signal lamps are separate from those for the rear turn/brake lamps in the turn signal switch. This problem at the rear lamps is ONLY due to a bad ground at the rear socket, period. There is no other place in the car that the two circuits touch.
  7. That's irrelevant. He's asking about the tail lights, which do come on with the headlights.
  8. Isn't that what I said? The lifter centerlines are six degrees different. The cam lobe centerlines need to match.
  9. Your brother needs to stop listening to people who are uninformed. The bank angle refers to the angle of the LIFTERS in the block. Early 425s had the lifters at an angle of 45 deg from vertical. Later 425s and all 455s had the lifters at 39 deg from vertical. The only difference is in how the cam lobes are ground. This lifter bank angle difference has NOTHING to do with intake, heads, combustion chamber, or anything else. Those parts all interchange. "CBA" in this photo refers to "cam bank angle", but it's the same thing. Note the difference in the location of the hole relative to the lifter boss in the block casting. Olds used the same block castings and just machined the hole in a different place.
  10. The lighting problem is due to a bad ground at the socket, period. The 1157 bulbs used in the rear of your Buick have two filaments - the low wattage filament is for the tail light circuit and the high wattage filament is for the brake/turn circuits. These are tied together in the bulb at the ground side. If the ground is bad, the turn signal circuit grounds through the tail light circuit, so long as the lights are off. When you turn the lights on, there is now +12V on the tail light circuit and the turn signals can't ground that way, which is why the indicator stays on. The bad ground can be between the bulb and the socket, or between the socket and the housing, but the result is the same. For some reason people have a really hard time grasping the concept of the shared ground in 1157 bulbs. This is unrelated to your parasitic loss problem.
  11. joe_padavano


    That's what I started to write, but it occured to me that the likely reason for needing to drain the tank is to replace the electric pump. Been there, done that... I know that for me, the pump ALWAYS fails right after filling the tank... 🙄
  12. joe_padavano


    Disconnect the fuel line at the engine, point it into a tank, and use a compressed air hose at the filler to put a little pressure in the tank. Dial the regulator on the compressor down to 20-25 psi. Use a rag to help seal the air hose blow gun in the tank inlet. It doesn't need to be perfect.
  13. Why is easy. Two doors are cool, more-doors are boring family cars. 😉 Note also that this car has been tubbed and the rear axle narrowed for those tires. I suspect a Pro Street project where someone got in over their head and now is bailing out. I'd be wary of half-fast workmanship.