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  1. |Fenders, radiator core support, headlight mounting, wire harness, and likely other things I'm not thinking of.
  2. In 1975 the Salon was available as either a hatchback or a four door. Yours appears to be an Omega S, not a Salon. The S package was available on the base Omega, which was offered in a two door, four door, or hatchback. The S package included the four spoke steering wheel and the SuperStock III wheels. See the writeup in the lower RH corner of this page from the dealer brochure. The second character of the VIN will be a "B" if the car is a base Omega and a "C" if the car is an Omega Salon.
  3. There were civilian trucks made in limited numbers for essential needs. They didn't have the chrome, however. There was a recent thread about this.
  4. The pickup could be 1941-46. Grilles were the same.
  5. The swap meet has been sliding towards earlier in the week for years. The last time I went on a Friday (some years ago), a large percentage of the vendors were packing up by noon. You see the same thing at Carlisle. Even many of the large commercial vendors are packed up and out the gate by noon on Saturday there.
  6. Apparently Glenn's [SARCASM][/SARCASM] HTML codes aren't working... 😁
  7. If it's this one, it's a model 161.21056. If no one here has a copy, there are a couple of Craftsman tool groups on Facebook.
  8. There was one at the Fall Carlisle auction a few years ago.
  9. Again error on my part, sorry. I didn't realize that Garage Forum only let members see images. I downloaded them to my computer and hard loaded them into my prior post. Third time's a charm. 😁
  10. Operator error on my part, sorry about that. They should be visible now.
  11. There's a whole lot of stick-welded cast iron farm equipment still being used. A good welder knows to use the proper nickel rods. The cast iron base on my floor model drill press was stick welded 20 years ago with no special heating or cooling and it's still working just fine.
  12. Our local Ace posted a sign that they will not warranty or replace Craftsman tools. Frankly, I refuse to have them replace my 1980s-vintage US-made with new imported versions anyway. The "crab claw" open end wrenches are just one reason why.
  13. I think we're curious how one can make "personal observations" without ever, you know, actually going into a store and observing. Look, no one gives a rat's patootie if you buy HF merchandise or not. Your money, your choice. It's just that some people find it curious that folks find it necessary to pontificate on line about topics with which they have zero actual hands-on experience.
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