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  1. Second car is a White steamer, a model A or B, built in Cleveland (but maybe it was in Springfield when the photo was taken).
  2. Another gem from DPL: "Packard 243, second series eight (produced 2/2/1925-8/1/1926), 8-cylinder, 85-horsepower, 143-inch wheelbase, 8-person faux cabriolet, by Van Den Plas, Brussels, for Max Sauvau. Grand prix winner Monte Carlo (March 1926), Nice & Cannes Concours d'Elegance."
  3. It's great to get input from others, as Walt points out, we are all learning and sharing. I probably should have posted what was with the photo when I found it: "John A. Malone, Milwaukee, Model 3-43 delivered 9/29/1926, mileage 69,496, motor has never been overhauled, note: special bumpers, running board step plates, dual spot lamps, dual rear view mirrors, Packard deluxe emblem, series of three horns mounted on headlamp cross bar, side glass ventilation panels." It's a DPL image.
  4. Packard 343 club sedan, with a few accessories. The gizmo up near the cowl vent has me perplexed.
  5. 1930 Packard 745 convertible victoria, Waterhouse body, taken to auto show in Paris.
  6. An interesting cross section of technologies: a rail car loaded with milled lumber next to oxen next to a Model T (registered to Earl Hastings, of Los Angeles).
  7. Having some fun in Contoocook, NH, 1917.
  8. A National touring with some interesting rubber.
  9. Some Packards had Truarc disc wheels, like this 1-26 sport model with California top.
  10. Third series twin six with Fleetwood body built for Marilyn Miller. The fenders appear to be Packard.
  11. A 443 Derham with 1929 NJ plates, a one year old car showing some signs of use (tires and goddess of speed have seen better days).
  12. Custom bodied Packards: a 443 roadster with Derham body and a 343 town car with Fleetwood body.
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