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  1. Different car. But they have in common that they were both restored by the late Terry Martin.
  2. Before the fire. DPL writeup says "The driver is Russell Huff, head of Packard experimental branch. The passenger is Milton Tibbetts, Packard's collector/protector of patents. This car, license plate 30122 NY, was repurchased from the owner for use in testimony in a 1910 lawsuit."
  3. Here's the Packard model C (#72) that was burned in the LA fire. It was restored, as was the 1908 model 30 runabout. How many other cars from the fire were restored?
  4. That's the car at the Henry Ford Museum, ex Monty Young.
  5. Another Packard fitted with Kegresse tracks.
  6. Coolidge motorcade at Yellowstone. Is the lead Lincoln custom bodied?
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