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  1. A car I never saw, but have been asked about many times: this 1924 Mercedes was owned by Charlie Arnholm, who ran a motel in Barre, VT. He ran the car in the 50's and 60's, and probably parted with it by the early 1970's. Does anyone know where it is today, and maybe have a recent photo to share?
  2. 1911, with 4 bow top. License plate looks to be Illinois, and there's a monogram on the tonneau panel but both are illegible so I'm no help on identifying this car as to owner or engine number. Nice photos, thank you for sharing. TreeClimber, do you have any more information on the car's owner?
  3. A couple old gems being rescued from barns.
  4. That's why I posted it, hoping someone following the thread would recall the owner, or a car fitting that description in that location so we could add that name to the online roster page for a surviving car. Odds are the car is on the roster, but we've never known which car it is. The Stanley roster keeper and I have dozens of photos like these, of cars we know exist but for which we cannot make the connection without the help of others so another name can be added to the car's provenance. Clubs like A-C-D and RROC have had great records on ownership for a very long time, setting a kind of gold standard. For those of us working on other marques that got by comparison a late start, there is a lot of work to do and we need help. Hopefully others who have photos from decades ago will feel welcome and be motivated to post them here and reap the benefit of the collective knowledge of the followers, regardless of marque. I didn't set out to make this a thread limited to specific marques, but admit its focus has only been as broad as the photos posted and we just happen to have a lot of Packard and Stanley photos from 50+ years ago! We need others to share old photos and knowledge of specific vehicles to help make this work.
  5. Here are Park C. Skipper (L) and Jack Skelding (R) with Skipper's 1918 Packard and a 1931 (?) Lincoln, in Clearwater, FL in 1954. I'd love to know where the Packard went.
  6. The sidemount and bolt patterns on the wheels don't bode well for this to be a match, plus the cowl lights and band that were present in the 1950's and today on the Rhinehart car are absent in the 1960's era photo. I think we're looking at two different cars. Thanks for the old pix from the 50's!
  7. A 3rd series Eight Packard touring at the Old Car Festival in the 1960's. There are fewer than 10 known to exist, none with this paint scheme. Any ideas on whose this was back then, or now?
  8. Yes, a 1932 model 903 DeLuxe Eight sport phaeton. I'm sure it's still around, but do not know where it is today. Thanks for sharing some great photos!
  9. Some photos I believe were taken in the 1950's, for the Buick enthusiasts. Does anyone know who owned these?
  10. Clarence Huggins, with his back to the camera, was a larger than life character who had a Pope Hartford for at least 20 years, that he toured in frequently. Not sure where exactly this ended up, but I believe it's on the west coast somewhere. Clarence was a very dedicated member of the Profile Automobile League in NH (the PAL's), never camera shy, and always up for a gag. Here's an example from the club's magazine "Splash Pan."
  11. Erska, I think this car from the group of photos you posted a few days ago, was Art Austria's 1913 Simplex, a car that has a slightly different look now and has been shown at Pebble Beach in the not too distant past. I'm not doing well identifying any other from the group, but maybe someone will chime in.
  12. We might not ever nail the exact one you saw, but we'll have fun trying! This one you saw in Ohio was in one ownership in the Boston area for 50+ years, so I doubt this was on the Michigan tour you mention. Like the car in the first photo I posted after you described what you saw, this is a sport model, which was indeed more sleek that the phaeton. Bodies were made by Pullman, and the eight cylinder sport model was only available in the first and second series (1-36 and 2-36). To make things more challenging in your quest, Dustproof Grey was a common color scheme on those early 8's. I have photos of other cars that match your description but with different upholstery. To keep with the then and now theme, here's a "then" photo of the same car, taken in DC in 1945.
  13. Yes, a 1933 model 1005. I don't think anyone got back to Erska on this one, which is also a Packard, a 1928 six (5-33) touring.