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  1. A couple Packard 8 runabouts I'd love to connect to cars on the roster. First one was owned when the photo was taken (1960's?) by Art Kenniff of Southold, Long Island. It sports a 1926 NY plate. The other is a complete mystery but dual rear spares was not a common setup, which might help someone recognize the car.
  2. Apologies for the tint. A well protected Stoddard Dayton at an event in 1955.
  3. Thank you to all who have contribute to identify the cars! It's great to learn a bit about what happened to them over the decades. Here are a couple Rolls Royces in the 1950's, the first with Stan Tarnopol at the wheel, and the second a mystery (at least to me).
  4. More Popes. The 1910 at rest belonged to Bill Johnson of Rhode Island, and the 1909 belonged to the Remingtons of Rochester, NY. Does anyone know where these are today?
  5. Brass cars in California in the 1950's.
  6. Newer car that I'm sure someone will recognize...
  7. 1914 Lewis, I believe built in Racine, at a meet decades ago. Supposedly the car was discovered in Vermont. This might be the only example that survived, and I assume it's alive and well, somewhere.
  8. The '12 Simplex in the film was being driven by its original owner, Eleonora Sears. Sam Eliot owned the car in '39. I'm not a good judge of color!
  9. Does anyone know whose car had a small fire about 11 minutes into the film?
  10. The 1911 Stanley model 63 at Raceland was one of many cars entered that day by Cam Bradley. Subsequent owners included Austin Clark. We know the car's first owner resided in West Burke, Vermont. This photo is of a similar car taken during the Chelsea, Vermont Old Home Days parade in 1934, then owned by Max Hayward. No one seems to know what happened to Hayward's car. Did it not survive the WW2 scrap drives, or could it possibly be the model 63 that Bradley owned in 1939?
  11. It is a fabulous film, and it's interesting to learn what was of interest to viewers today from the posts. For a one day event, they sure squeezed in a lot of activity. I enjoyed seeing Frank Gardner, then a teenager, in his Franklin doing an admirable job on the teeter-totter. Was that a young Austin Clark overseeing that event, standing behind? Bradley and Waterman furnished a lot of cars that day.
  12. Thanks, Bob. I'll keep looking. I'm in touch with someone who has a similar car restoration project, a basket case, and would like to make contact with the current owner.
  13. It's wonderful to know the Parker Lozier has been rebuilt following that fire. Here's Francis Ludington's 1911 American Underslung model 30 (5 passenger ) at an event in New York City in 1959. Does anyone know its current whereabouts?
  14. V. R. Rainer of Portland, OR bought this 1910 White OO in 1947. There are almost 30 OO's extant, but linking this to a specific survivor has eluded the roster keeper for White steamers. Can anyone help?
  15. Another '13 Lozier I assume is still around. Photos from the 1950's, I believe, Alberta, Canada. Thank you Lozierman and others for helping ID cars from long ago.