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  1. The "S.S. Brook", my all-original 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood, named after it's original owner of 40 years, Dr. Karl Rex Brook, a family friend. He always drove Cadillacs, and special ordered this example of the last full-sized Fleetwood in late 1975, and kept it for many years.
  2. Thank you for sharing these great photos!..Enjoy seeing the French car shows that you post
  3. I had a neighbor who was a construction superintendent who bought a new '63 Ranchero in late '62, a 6 cylinder, manual column shift, similar to the one pictured He kept the truck until 1977, having put an incredible slightly over 700,000 miles on the truck, the truck having had two replacement engines as well as a rear end. When I was a kid, I used to ride around with him, going from job to job. I always said I'd buy a Ranchero if I could find a nice, clean original, but,as these were built as throwaway workhorses, the chances of that were pretty slim. But lucked into find an all-original,garage-kept light blue '61 with 29,000 miles in Wisconsin, which is in my collection today..
  4. Had elderly neighbors who bought a '55 Chevrolet new, a twin to the one pictured (from BAT). He did not drive, and, on the few occasions his wife drove the car, she rarely went over 25 mph. They would periodically ask my Dad to take the car out and "gun it" , to blow out the carbon buildup that would inevitably occur. I'll never forget seeing the smoke coming out of the back of the car that would eventually clear up. What a great thread this is!
  5. Had a neighbor,Warren Porter, who drove a '64 Imperial Crown, Sequoia Green in color..Thought that car was the most beautiful car ever, and I still think of that car to this very day..Mr Porter's nickname to all of us kids was "Moneybags Porter".
  6. Congratulations-really good looking car. Hope you have many miles of smiles..
  7. Hope to hear THIS undoubtedly interesting story
  8. The older I get, the more I appreciate these cars from the classic era. Long may they be preserved.
  9. "Very happy to see that you are reading our response to your important question. All the long timers here remember the road adventure I had , pictured above. Beginning February 2016 I drove 2,700 miles to and around Las Vegas. Enjoyed my time so much that I overstayed my budgeted time in Vegas, and had to leave the old thing in tended storage there in late June. I have had too many problems to be able to drive back, and I don’t relish the thought of having my car come home in a box. Hopefully, at long last, I may be able to drive back in the perfect weather of Spring next year. Point being, during the 4 months of a road trip, and staying in various different locations, my 1927 Cadillac was my ONLY driver, daily, nightly, urban and rural environments alike. From sightseeing, to running simple errands with it, I loved the experience. If I could, I would live like that for at least 6 months of most of the years of the rest of my life." This was from one of Carl's posts a few years back. Perhaps the "tended" storage might be a clue?..Perhaps at a storage facility in/near Vegas rather than a private garage???
  10. I'll bet that gave you goosebumps!
  11. I am also quite new to the forum, but want to express how much I enjoy this forum, and want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone here for making this a truly incredible virtual destination..
  12. Ford dealership in the Buena Vista section of Miami showing damage sustained from a hurricane. September 1928
  13. Andre Dubonnet pictured with his Ferrari Berlinetta
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