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  1. Thanks for the lesson fellas 👍
  2. Well I’ll be. Did other makes do this? I know some Radial aircraft engines did this. is the Cole pressure fed ? Must make for some interesting crank wear and some talented bearing scraping.
  3. If you watch the video , turn the sound off. I know it’s St. Paddies day and all, but horrible music.
  4. I have to ask... do two rods share the same journal on the crank ??
  5. Poor thing has had a run in with a sedan. not sure I like it. I do kinda like the idea of the duel side mounts in the rear fender.
  6. You can get a pass through in line 6v fuel pump. Turn on pump from a switch to prime the float bowl for 5 or so seconds. Turn off pump and start your motor.
  7. I missed the red top. I have them at 6 volt on all my cars. But I did a quick google search and the red tops come in 12v as well. Who knew.
  8. I love 34/35 Hudson’s. get rid of those hideous white walls and you would have a nice car. this one has been obviously converted to 12 volts hence the alternator. The horn on the motor is modern so the car has a horn. The original horns are on the front. And are six volt. Hopefully not fried during the conversion.
  9. Not needed unless your driving in rain , mud or sand. Just keep it greased.
  10. Very similarly to the rims of my 46 Hudson pickup. They are 15” but the cars could be on 16” as well. Tire is a 7.25
  11. Not Essex. It’s not a boat tail but rather a blunt tail
  12. The one on the right looks to be aluminum. If it is it’s 17-16 Hudson. The left one is bronze and fits 20’s hudson super six.
  13. What a hideous abomination that is 😥
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