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  1. If you have an I phone, it is easy to upload pics to this site.
  2. I do. A lumber yard. sorry , but there are no kits for any Hudson / Essex. If you have the old wood to make patterns from , basic hand tools and skills is all you need for the later cars.
  3. Essex was not 20” in 1929
  4. Try any store in Canada since about 1913. It’s truly incomprehensible and utterly inconceivable that you all haven’t figured out the Robetson screw yet.
  5. R Holden , I’ve sent you a PM
  6. My 29 and 28 Hudson , same as above full retard , 1/4 throttle , full choke , 3 crank revolutions, push choke in half way and it starts every time when the choke is at the half way mark. Has been like that on the 29 for the 30 years if had it and for 25 years before that that my dad had it. every single time. But ... when it doesn’t it’s time to check the points or battery terminals and connections.
  7. Even Duct Tape can’t fix Stupid
  8. R Holden , send me a pm.
  9. The only thing I dislike are the way to small wheels and those hideous ww’s i would sell them fancy wheels to pay for the proper sized wires with black walls and re shape the rear fenders. JMO
  10. From my neighborhood today on Pender Island BC , Canada.
  11. Try pulling the bottom hose off the radar from the block and sticking your garden hose in the filler neck. Water should flow out a a good rate. If not , your rad is plugged or to effective for the age of your car.
  12. Do you know if your thermostat works ? when it was in , was it facing the right direction?
  13. Up draft or down draft ? I’ve done it to both. And the only negative is that on the updraft it takes forever to warm up an I get carb ice certain times of the year. (West coast of Canada). On the down draft I notice no difference. Fuel is much better these days and not so fussy on warm air, but as said above depends on where you live for warm uptime.
  14. Russian? French ? Love the stamped artillery style wheels.
  15. Hi Xander, hows your move going? This is just a reminder about the 46/47 parts we were discussing back in May. Paul