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  1. Those are pin drives and not lug nuts. Hudson went to lug nuts in 29. They could be for a 28 hudson but I’m not sure if hudson used 19” in 28. In 29 yes.
  2. The 254 8 over the 212 all day long , but the 262 and the 308 trumps all. I have the 8 in my 46 truck and love it. Peppy and fun to drive. Looks great under the hood.
  3. Third from left is a1930 Greater 8 Hudson.
  4. And not necessary with today’s fuel.
  5. Just North is the Napa Vally. A great drive. Lots to see and do. Another great drive is to head east. There’s a great road that ends up in Modesto. Nothing to see there but the drive is amazing.
  6. Just for your info 29 Hudson is the same.
  7. Thanks Xander, I’ll be waiting , good luck with your move. I also need the the strips that go down the A pillar that hold the welting / fabric in place. I need both Passenger and driver sides. Your truck looks amazing.
  8. Xander, would you happen to have the bottom grill bar centre joining clip ? The stainless clip that joins the the left and right side together?
  9. Medium rare 46-47 trucks you say? For those two years Hudson only made a total of 3000 commercial vehicles in total. That include some vans and some other oddities. So it’s unknown the true total of 46-47 trucks produced but, it under 3000.
  10. Measure bore top and bottom 90deg from crank. The wear will be side to side not for and aft
  11. Sir. i appreciate your offer to contact you personally. This site is dedicated to the preservation and discussion of many cars. If your truly interested in selling your car in front of this site which has some of the greatest combined knowledge all things that move or once moved you need to do better to get my interest. Prof and providence is key for the money you jokingly expressed. If its real show us. You have chosen the best place on the net to do so. What you've shown so far is weak for what you are offering. All be it simply beautiful . I have no intention of offending. if you have a gem, please tell us about it.
  12. I’m interested, but also confused. I have many Hudson’s of this Vintage. By your photos I don’t know what I’m looking at. Is it a basket case ? Is it restored? Is it a recreation of the one in the photos ? What do you call a recent over haul ? And by who ? I ask because some of the parts do not match up with the period photo of the car. And photos of the basket case car do not match with the photos of the restored car. Some more info and a set of photos of its present day condition would be very helpful.
  13. I’m thinking that’s an Essex Dover the hood sides and painted light buckets make it a 28.