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  1. It looks very Hudsonish to me. It’s a straight rail frame so it would pre 27 I believe.
  2. I personally love two tone Hudson’s of this era. I’ll bet if you saw this car across the parking lot you would WOW nice car !
  3. This is simply not a site for cars that have been molested. Most users of this site get ill , sick or up set when we see cars like in the original post.
  4. With out confirming I’m going out on a lim that its a 24,25,26 Hudson. Its identical To what’s on our 25 Hudson coach.
  5. Looks to be very original. I’ve never ever seen that steering wheel before with that added ring. I see it has indicators mounted on top of the front fenders. I wonder if the extra ring on the steering wheel is an aftermarket turn signal? Love the floor mat !!
  6. Are those air cleaners correct for 54?
  7. Do as Carbking says. Set your metering rods to factory. You will also need to raise you float height to nearly an 1/8th Over factory settings as modern fuel has a way less Specific Gravity. ( you’ll be running rich at factory settings. ) . Then use a vacuum gauge to set you air screw to the maximum vacuum you can get. The adjust your timing to get maximum vacuum again. Then go back and do the air screw on more time. Then do the timing one last time to get maximum vacuum. Once this is achieved, retard timing by one column. a quality Vacuum gauge with a big dial is best. This method is by far
  8. Flathead Ford V8. someone here will give the year.
  9. The two on the right are 1927 Hudson’s. the two on the left are Hudson’s as well. Likely 1925 or 26 judging by the Fenders. these bus like cars were very common in NewZeland and Australia.
  10. I do as well on my 29 Hudson. This is a great thread by way. Your very lucky. Also , you must adjust your float height for modern fuels specific gravity is significantly less than fuel from when your carb was designed. Generally speaking ( not knowing your carb ) I raise the float height in all my cars almost an 1/8”.
  11. Hudson super six. Up to 23, possibly 24. right hand drive cars used this longer than left hand drive cars.
  12. 33 Hudson looks closer.
  13. My first car. I bought it before I had my licence in around 1979 or so. It also had the plastic still on the seats and was gold in colour. A very nice car. I always thought it had a 260 v8. drove it for years until my Dads Girlfriend borrowed it and stuffed the thing under a tractor trailer. 🥺
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