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  1. I was always told to use 1/2 trans oil and 1/2 water. Shake well in a squirt bottle. engine hot and squirt it down the carb but don’t let the engine stall. Pre warn you Neighbours and fire department cause the white smoke is unreal. If had good success doing this on old flat heads. It’s very important that when your done you pull the plugs and squirt some oil down the cylinders. The process above washes the cylinder walls down.
  2. A nice and mostly original example but the are expecting Hudson Money for an Essex. Price is double to much and then that’s still optimistic.
  3. PKFindlay, the hole centres that Zeke01 gave you are correct. If they don’t match to what you have then you clearly don’t have a hudson motor of the years you ask for. That carb was used right up to 1923.
  4. I’ll bet this is the same guy that plugs up Kijiji and Craigs list with page after page after page of the same wanted adds for high end cars. I used to report the adds all the time , but turns out that’s a waist of time. It baffles me. If I had a neighbour that had a DB4 under a tarp under a tree I sure as hell wouldn’t tell any one ( until it was mine of course 😜)
  5. The right hand drive car that keiser posted of is from NewZealand.
  6. Love your build . Keep us updated. Out of curiosity….. what’s the car in the background?
  7. With those hideous plug wires it obviously from a parts car and deemed scrap value. 🤣
  8. The webs to the oil pan make it a 262 or 308. Good find.
  9. For any one thinking about this over priced truck, those fenders are for a car. The cars didn’t have running boards out side the door. So those fenders will have a big hole in them won’t line up with the running boards as you see on the truck.
  10. Great video. I love the trucks. my 46 Hudson pickup came from his collection.
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