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  1. Not a 60-61, but what about a mint 66 Windsor. 440. 4dr ? Very close to you.
  2. The spare tire is attached to the trunk. When the back half of the trunk opens you have kinda of a tuck box. My dad has the same trunk on his 23 Essex 4. We’ve only ever seen one other like it. This is now the third.
  3. That’s a very long stroke on that crank shaft.
  4. It would help it you show pics of the diff and front axle plus give the size of the wheels.
  5. They are know as Doodlebugs.
  6. This does it for me. A 27 hudson at the Reynolds Museum in Alberta
  7. A convertible on top as well as the bottom.
  8. Can you post a picture of your damaged block?
  9. Curious as to why you think it’s rare ? it’s not North American I would say. length? Width ? Serial # stamped on the chassis? Where are you from ? Where did you find it ? More info is needed to help you.
  10. I have friends that tear the engine to bits for one small oil leak or a tick. Thousands of dollars spent and time not driving. my 46 Hudson 8 truck has 12 thou taper in the bores , it’s smoked a bit, it’s a little noisy. I have new .30 over pistons to go in it. Have had for a while. I keep an eye on the bottom end. I‘ll drive it till either power loss is an problem or it’s to embarrassing. It’s also fun to just keep them going.
  11. If you have an I phone, it is easy to upload pics to this site.
  12. I do. A lumber yard. sorry , but there are no kits for any Hudson / Essex. If you have the old wood to make patterns from , basic hand tools and skills is all you need for the later cars.
  13. Essex was not 20” in 1929