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  1. The one on the right looks to be aluminum. If it is it’s 17-16 Hudson. The left one is bronze and fits 20’s hudson super six.
  2. What a hideous abomination that is 😥
  3. So there you go. You've discovered your tank vent. 👍
  4. I believe I see the Famed piano hinges of a Hudson / Essex. This looks to be a 1931 Essex. Hudson would of had louvered doors in the hood.
  5. It may not have an air tight seal on the cap. Try with very low presser to blow air in the the fuel pick up with the cap on. Release the cap after a few seconds and if air tight, the cap will pop off. It shouldn’t be air tight is my guess.
  6. Love this build Xander ! A very good concept. A step down Hollywood meets a 47. You should photo shop some 46-7 sales brochures and leave them on the back window shelf at a future Hudson meet you attend with this. Be fun to watch the Hudson folk point and look at each other. Just for s*^ts and giggles of course.
  7. It is most definitely a 28 Essex. The holes in the cowl for the side lights give it away. And yes we’re more money than a Chev because the body’s were were built way better. Try and and look to see how many early chevs are out there. There are thousands of Essex’s about because there is no wood in the body with exception of some tack wood for upholstery.
  8. I figured so. I was hoping it was a convertible sedan for a friends sake. Nice looking car.
  9. I took my drivers test at 16 in my Dads 1959 TR3. He built it up with intensions of racing it Westwood in the Fraser Vally. My test went very well as my instructor was thrilled.
  10. The first round of the Hudson 8 was inferior big time to the F head Super Six. Hudson , because of the depression, took the 29 Essex six and added two extra cylinders to it. It was not a very reliable motor. It improved slightly in 34 the again in through 36 to 38 I believe. It then turned into the loved 254 8 that hudson people love. It was last offered in 52.
  11. Out of curiosity, is the 29 with the white top a convertible sedan ?
  12. It’s most definitely a 29 Hudson. Body is likely a Biddle & Smart.
  13. For your info the single nickel plated are early 24 and to 22 and the double plated ones are late 24 to 26
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